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PM: Unfair Sanctions Worsened Syrians' Life, Government Keen to Meet Citizens' Needs

DAMASCUS, (ST) - The West unjust economic sanctions on Syria have blocked export-import operations and negatively affected the Syrian people's life, Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi underscored.

Al-Halqi, who was speaking at the 17th ordinary session of the people's Assembly's first Legislative Term, reiterated the government's keen efforts to meet citizens' needs and implement the plans set to alleviate their suffering caused by the siege.

"The Armed terrorist groups' attacks on production and services institutions caused great damage to national economy and to the every day life of the Syrians," the PM said.

He pointed out that, from the very beginning, the Syrian oil sector has been the target of unfair sanctions and terrorist attacks which hindered production and importation and caused a crisis as regards ensuring diesel oil and gas.

"A few days earlier, some national oil supply stations resumed operations. This will meet people's needs for diesel oil to a good extent," the Premier said, pointing out that there will hopefully be sufficient quantities of this material soon.


H. Moustafa