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SP 120 mln to be remitted to civil societies to aid affected people in Syria

The Syrian government is financially supporting the affected people across Syria and suggests allocating cash money for special cases.

As many as SP 120 million is reported to be given to 140 civil societies as an aid to meet needs of the displaced people temporary living in shelters and elsewhere, Labour and Social Affairs Minister said.

Dr.Jasem Mohammad Zakareya's remark was made in the High Relief Committee's meeting held on Thursday to review last-week achievements as regards humanitarian aid being offered to affected people.

The amount is scheduled to be remitted to the societies before the end of 2012, SANA reported.

Zakareya noted that the civil societies could allocate cash money as a financial aid to families that have special cases under supervision of ministry and sub-committees in all provinces.

In cooperation with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), the committee is closely watching the displaced families' situation and means of distributing food and health aid among them all over Syria.

The ministry asked all Social Care Houses to receive all urgent humanitarian cases and offer the best services to them.

State Minister for the Syrian Arab Red Crescent said that circles concerned are cooperating to solve transport's problems that hamper reach of aid to the affected areas.

The Relief Committee convenes regular meeting to evaluate carried out steps and present suggestions to ease the affected people's suffering in all sectors.

Basma Qaddour