$45 bln to reconstruct devastated real estates in Syria

The actual cost of reconstruction in Syria couldn't be defined in the absence of official estimates of real estates damaged during the crisis. However, initial reports point out that Syria would need at least about $45 billion to rebuild devastated real estates, mainly destroyed by the foreign-backed terrorist groups, all over the county.

A well-informed Real Estate Affairs academic source, Ammar Yousef, told the "Syria steps" website that some 300.000 houses have been reported completely destroyed and 250.000 ones have been partly damaged, while the infrastructures of 400.000 houses (water, electricity, and telephone networks) are in need for repair."

Mr. Yousef underlined the necessity of reorganizing areas according to new real estate bases which have nothing to do with that in the past.

"Six months are enough to rebuild random housing. We could depend on either Chinese, Russian, or Iranian companies that have good experience in building cities." Yousef said.

  Basma Qaddour