Cabinet approves proposal to form Syrian E-Payment Co.

DAMASCUS,(ST)-The cabinet approved Telecommunication Ministry's proposal to form the General Syrian E-Payment Company Commission.

According to SANA, the Wednesday's cabinet meeting focused on the current situation of power and national reconciliation.

It also discussed a bill for establishing the General National Archive Commission and asked Ministries of Culture, Telecommunication, and Justice to reformulate it to be reviewed in the next meeting.  

Another topic related to state workers was also reviewed.

In the meeting, Prime Minister, Dr.Wael a-Halqi, said citizens' suffering to ensure basic needs is to be gradually dispelled despite current circumstances.

He talked about efforts being exerted by the government to meet citizens' needs across Syria regarding bread, oil derivatives and power. 

Dr. al-Halqi also spoke of outcomes of the governmental delegation's visit to Aleppo and aid and funds offered during the visits to alleviate citizens' suffering in different sectors.