PA endorses 2013 state budget with SP1383 bln

DAMASCUS,(ST)_The People's Assembly has endorsed the 2013 state budget with a total of SP1383billion, recording an increase of 4% over the last year.

The endorsement comes aftercompleting discussion of the Budget and Accounts Committee's report on the bill of the state budget for the 2013 fiscal year.

During today's session, the MPs appealed for meeting citizens' basic needs, backing public sector, reconsidering financial system, and combatting corruption.

They underscored the necessity of the 2013 budget's contribution in improving GNP (Gross National Product) and income to notch up social welfare, according to SANA.

The MPs asserted that the budget's articles have to be able to limit unemployment, increase state workers' salary, improve education and health systems, and increase approbations of power and sewage sectors as well as municipalities.

Public sector helps enhance national economy to realize an independent national decision.

The budget has been approved in an exceptional circumstances and this requires cooperation between government and the PA to ensure citizens' basic requirements.

The MPs suggested forming a high-level strategic planning body in economic and financial fields to overcome obstacles that face means of ensuring citizens' basic needs.