Liquidity of hard currency is more than excellent, says CBS Director


Director of the Commercial Bank of Syria Ahmad Dyab has assured that the bank liquidity of hard currency is more than excellent and within acceptable limits of Syrian pound, and he expects more than SP 8 billion as gains.

Profits declined by SP 5 billion this year compared to last year because of Industrialists and investors’ activities stopped, closure of some branches of the bank in some places, terrorist acts and theft, asserted Dyab.

Distribution of ATMs will be a priority next year especially in safe places, and the bank will continue finance and guarantees of traders and industrialists and will finance the non-commercial operations of people by giving 5000 Euro per person to work on the stability of the local currency. The bank management will also commence giving loans to low-income people, the director added.

The Commercial Bank has stopped financing imports Because of some banking standards, he concluded.


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