Market of clean products in Swieda

 Every Saturday the Syrian governorate of Sweida witnesses a number of important activities ,including  a special market for clean agricultural products .

Many farmers from all the governorate`s villages exhibit their clean products in the market which hosts the citizens for six hours .

Clean agricultural products are completely natural .The farmers depend only on rain water for irrigation. The products  never come under any kind of chemical fertilizers or hormones .

The veterinarian Dr.othman Hamza, who is participating in the event said that the products are with international standards in the field of natural agriculture ,reiterating that they are clean from insecticides .  They remain fresh and new for many days after harvest.

The market also contains stands for special products that depend on recycling  environmental waste and food`s remainder including fruits peels  and wheat spikes . These products  are clean and cheap due to the abundance of its raw materials .

Another pavilion in the market is also specialized for manual industry including clothes and accessories.

The event is organized by the engineer Rima al –Taqi  and a number of the governorates` specialists in the field of clean agricultural products.

Nahla al -Maaz