Government’s Efforts to Alleviate Suffering of Terrorism victims in Aleppo Discussed

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Alleviating the suffering of the people of Aleppo is an urgent need and one of the top priorities of the Syrian government’s policy, said Prime Minster Wael al-Halqi during a ministerial meeting on Sunday, dedicated to tackling the economic situation in the country and ways of providing supply services to victims of the crisis.

The Premier stressed the need to take immediate procedures to back the steadfastness of the people of Aleppo and meet their basic needs, particularly bread, supply materials, gas, and oil derivates as soon as possible to ease the suffering caused by the armed terrorist groups’ attacks.

The ministerial meeting discussed ways of eliminating obstacles hindering the electricity and oil ministries’ efforts to provide Aleppo with electricity, gas and oil derivatives through safe routes and with the participation of civil society parties.

The meeting also tackled the situation of education in Aleppo and the efforts exerted by the ministries of education and higher education to provide students with alternatives that help them continue their study.    

 Discussing the situation of the relief efforts and humanitarian assistance provided to Aleppo, the Prime Minster asked the Ministry of Social Affairs and the State Ministry for Syrian Arab Crescent Affairs to prepare food baskets, medical kits, blankets, household materials  and send them to terrorism-hit families in Aleppo.

Coordination between government and national parties' representatives to enhance steadfastness

In another development, Premier al-Halqi stressed the importance of coordination between the government and representatives of the Syrian national parties to work as a team to enhance elements of the Syrian people’s steadfastness in the face of conspiracies and to consolidate national unity and reconciliation in order to get Syria out of the current crisis.

During his meeting with Secretary General of the Syrian Communist Party (Unified) Hanin Nimir and member of the Party’s Politburo, al-Halqi affirmed the need to reactivate the role that can be played by the National Progressive Front’s parties, people’s organizations, vocational unions and civil society organizations  in protecting public and private properties, undermining terrorism, and keeping the distinguished diversity of the Syrian society which is the  main defender of Syria’s security, stability and prosperity.

During the meeting, the economic situation and the living conditions of the Syrians were discussed, besides the government’s procedures to combat administrative and financial corruption and reform the public sector.  

For his part, Nimir commended the government’s efforts to enhance the steadfastness of the national economy  . “Syria is facing a political, military, economic and social battle,” Nimir said, praising the role of the Syrian army forces in confronting terrorism and restoring security and stability to Syria.

He reiterated the necessity of enhancing national reconciliation spirit among the Syrians so as to overcome the crisis.