PM: Syria's economy is immune

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Drawing up policies and strategies requires integration and cooperation between executive and legislative authorities , Prime Minister said on Wednesday.

Dr.Wael al-Halqi asserted that this integration is also significant to issue necessary laws related to meet citizens' basic needs and improve all services and development sectors to achieve sustainable and comprehensive development among all Syrian provinces.

The remark was made during a meeting with MPs representing Damascus countryside province.

According to SANA ,the meeting dealt with services and development projects in the province and demands to compensate the affected people as well as agricultural production requirements.

Dr. al-Halqi asserted that Syria's economy is able to confront challenges and unjust sanctions imposed on it, pointing out the government's great efforts  being exerted to provide food stuff and oil derivatives to citizens and improve performance of all sectors, particularly the agricultural production.

He praised the MPs positive role in unmasking conspiracy that aims to destabilize Syria and destroy its economy and infrastructure with the support of Arab, regional and western countries.

The PM hailed the armed forces' achievements against the foreign-backed terrorist groups, stressing that Syria will come out victorious and security will be restored to it.

For their parts, the MPs expressed keenness to achieve security and stability, reiterating their rejection to all forms of extremism and violence.

They stressed adherence to their national principles, hailing the sacrifices of the Syrian army to defeat the conspiracy.

PM meets Iran's Ambassador

On the other hand, the premier held talks with Iran's ambassador in Damascus, Mohammad Reza Shibani.

SANA reported that talks focused on means of enhancing economic, trade and industrial ties between the two countries to include various fields, particularly oil, electricity, health and agriculture.

The talks also dealt with the strategic relations between the two friendly countries and the current political developments.

The Premier noted that Syria's enemies are betting on the collapse of the national economy after the military failure of the armed terrorist groups.

The Iranian Ambassador, stressed his country's support to Syria, saying: "the two countries are able to face the challenges and defeat the enemy.

He cited the National Dialogue Forum recently held in Tehran, describing it as 'successful' as all sides called for preserving the national unity and reconciliation and rejected foreign interference in Syria's internal affairs.

B. Qaddour