Boosting Trade, Economic Ties to Encounter Sanctions, says Iranian Vice President

TEHRAN, (ST)-Iranian Vice President for the International Affairs Ali Saeedlou affirmed the importance and strategic relations between Syria and Iran, and the need for boosting them in the trade and economic fields to face challenges and unfair economic sanctions imposed on the Syrian people.
Lou's remarks came after meeting Subhi al-Abdullah ,the Syrian Minister of Agriculture on Tuesday.

"We are confident the Syrian government and people would overcome this fierce attack.. all cooperation agreements between both countries are under implementation and we will observe positive outcomes soon," the Iranian senior official said.
He condemned acts of terrorism and crimes perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups under the pretexts of democracy and freedom, saying " freedom and democracy won't come through violence and sabotage."
for his part, Minister al-Abdullah said that the agrarian sector was targeted by the armed groups in order to affect the livelihood of the Syrian people.
In a similar meeting with the Syrian delegation, Saeed Jalili, Secretary of the Iranian Higher Council for the National Security renewed his country's support with all its capabilities to Syria, as leadership and people, in the face of the US-backed Zionist plots aiming at striking resistance and looting the region's resources.

Earlier, Minister of Agriculture held session of talks with his Iranian counterpart, Sadeq Khalilian, dealing with the need for boosting cooperation in the fields of fertilizers, olive oil, citrus and others.
Minister al-Abdullah said that there is a surplus in the production of citrus, olives and olive oils and they could be exported to the Iranian market.