Syrian Electricity Sector Defies Terrorism

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Hardly a day goes by without  terrorist attacks against  electricity networks and supply lines of fuel stations , leaving the   electricity sector on top  of the list of key sectors vulnerable to  terrorists ‘ acts of sabotage and destruction.

“Costs of  damages against the electricity sector is estimated at 12 billion Syrian pounds. A sum  enough to illuminate all newly built villages in Syria  for three years”, said the Minister of Electricity Imad Khamis, who added  that some 2500 damaged electricity transformers, more than 12, 000 lighting pillars and more than 1000 tons of bare transmission lines were replaced..
Terrorists attacks are not limited  to the destruction of electricity networks, but to  stealing power transmission lines after cutting them , as (82) lines , main providers of  energy in Syria were damaged or stolen , with other 30 lines became inactive, as power transformers were stolen , and sold by terrorists   just for peanuts.  
Terrorist  acts are not the only reason  for the ill performance of the electricity sector in Syria, rather , the unfair economic sanctions imposed on the Syrian people have grave impact on aggregating the electricity crisis in the country depriving this vital sector from the ability to expand and be efficient.

Simultaneously, the sanctions were, but an incentive to reveal the hidden asset  in electricity workers and a challenge  for withstanding adverse  conditions and  overcoming work problems .
Workers in the electricity sector  spare no efforts  to re-operate stalled  electrical transformers since  years ago and  to rehabilitate electricity cables, counters, light poles and to ensure the availability of  spare parts , in the course of their relentless efforts  to meet electrical demands and withstand the sanctions.
Observers believe that terrorist groups attacks against services sectors in Syria, especially the electricity sector falls  in the context of perpetuated schemes to eliminate Syria  and undermine  citizens daily  needs, from a loaf of bread up to the industrial , agricultural, and developmental sectors  .

However, other observers consider terrorist attacks as an integral part of the evil  scheme aiming at undermining  Syria’s political, economic  and developmental successes, which all contributed  to the overall building the country in all walks of life.
Despite the ongoing attacks and violations over (20) months under the crisis in Syria, the electricity sector in Syria is still good compared with countries in the region. Workers in this sector  continue to sacrifice themselves for a noble goal to serve the home land with  50  electricity workers killed  by terrorists while on duty.

Syria Times