Exportation Promotion and Development Agency GD: We are working to establish "The Syrian Export House"


"The Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade considers  the Syrian exports a strategic means and a very important message to the entire  world that Syria is the country of civilization and  deep-rooted sublime values, General Director of the Exportation Promotion and Development Agency(EPDA), Ehab Esmandar said.

" the quality of the exported products reflects the  identity and the nature of the country they come from so there is no need to visit the country to know about it, the products that we receive from it will give us a clear idea about the cultural, social and economic components of it,"added Esmandar.

Regarding  (EPDA) work process, Esmandar made it clear  that the key areas the Agency is technically working at is linked to three axis . The first axis is the Marketing and Promotion one. It  Mainly based on the publicity and briefing others on the Syrian various and distinguished export products via basic channels such as holding the Permanent Show for the Syrian Products. Electronic marketing is also one of the most important activities carried out by the (EPDA) as regards the said matter.

The second axis is training and rehabilitation. This job is basically done by the Foreign Training Center and the Commercial Information Center. These two centers organize several courses for training and rehabilitating those who are interested in the field of export. A number of experts and specialists are brought to help exporters   overcome the difficulties hindering their work.

The last axis is the cost cut, which focuses on specific commodities which are of a certain significance for Syrian exports  where direct support is determined for these goods by reducing  their production costs.

" the agency has new ideas for strengthening cooperation relations with the Business Center so as to establish the Syrian Trade Center in the countries that we want to reactivate commercial exchange with,"clarified Esmander.

These centers consist of permanently showrooms for the Syrian products and showrooms for sale . He said that there is the idea of setting up a "Syrian Export House" in a number  of countries across the globe . It is  more comprehensive than the mall .It contains a permanent show location  for the Syrian products prepared for export and a restaurant  for Syrian food as well as  private facilities for Syrian cultural activities.

Mr. Esmandar pointed out to the Agency's seek to issue more studies on the targeted markets that contribute to the discharge of Syrian products as new or additional markets we add to the existing markets stressing that the Agency is interested in studies that serve researchers and interested exporters and anyone who wants to deal with the Syrian economy as a whole.

Amal Farhat