Economy Minister calls for meeting citizens' requirements

Damascus, (S.T) –How to go ahead in providing Syrian citizens with basic need at suitable prices in the light of current circumstances is the main concern of the government.

Dr. Mohammad Zafer Mihbek , Minister of  Economy and Foreign Trade, called upon parties concerned to identify basic needs of strategic importance and draw up a plan to ensure goods in markets to meet citizens' needs.

Addressing the Board of Directors of the General Establishment of Foreign Trade on Saturday, Dr. Mihbek said: "The establishment is playing a key role in importing and ensuring the internal markets' needs of all goods."

He asserted that the newly-formed board of directors has to adopt decisions that serve national economy through following up objective mechanism according to economic developments.

As a long-term goal, the ministry is planning to establish partnership with private sector to ease goods' movement, according to SANA.

For his part, the Establishment's Director General stressed that the staff is working around the clock to ensure citizens' needs despite blockage imposed on Syria.

Mohammad Hammoud pointed out that recent deals sealed to ensure food and non-food items.