PM inaugurates kafar Sousse services complex

DAMASCUS, (S.T) _ The Syrian government is going ahead in offering best services to citizens and carrying out development projects across Syria despite the terrorist groups' sabotage acts that target country's infrastructure, particularly power plants, oil and gas pipelines and water plants.

The remark was made on Monday by Prime Minister, Dr.Wael al-Halqi, during the opening ceremony of the SP165 mln-cost Kafer Souseh complex in Damascus, that consists of several services directorates.

"Syria will come out of its crisis victorious and stronger thanks to the armed forces' sacrifices and the Syrian people's steadfastness," said the PM.

He called on workers at the directorates to use up-to-date technology to facilitate measures before citizens, noting that similar complexes are due to be set up in other Syrian provinces.

On the other hand, the PM laid the foundation stone of the housing units' project in Bab Sharqi suburb in Damascus.

The said project is scheduled to contain 320 apartments.

Moreover, inspected works at another housing units project being carried out for those whose houses at illegal areas have been notified of demolition.

The SP380mln-cost project is a housing complex comprised of 12 floors with 120 apartments and shops.

"These projects came within the framework of the government's efforts to provide citizens with best services in all sectors, including that of  housing, through drawing up future plans and programs to carry out the largest number of housing units," said the Premier.

He indicated that the number of apartments in these housing projects is up to 1500, and they are scheduled to be delivered within next months.

Basma Qaddour