SP 972 mln allocated for the 2013 Daraa projects

Local Administration circles in Daraa province have set its capital expenditure budget at SP 972 million for the 2013 investment plan in all fields in the province.

Mr.Dahi al-Krad, Planning Director in the province, said: “projects in fields of education, health, culture, social affairs, sport are being carried out within the framework of the province's plan under signed contracts.”

From January 2012 through November, the expenditures on Education directorate’s projects estimated at SP20 mln out of SP 36mln. While that of technical services reached up to SP.178.5mln out of SP 820.2 mln.

"the health projects’ expenditures hit SP 44.8mln out of SP 105.6 mln.  However, SP12mln out of SP21.4 mln was spent on sport projects within the aforementioned period," Mr. al-Krad clarified.

"expenditures of the city council’s projects including that of road, construction, lightening, gardens, sewage, and extinguishing fire reached up to SP 11.6 mln out of SP 40 mln,"added al-krad.

He  asserted that ,until the beginning of December, around SP 85mln out of SP115.2mln was spent on agriculture Directorate’s projects, noting that water projects’ expenditures hit SP 180.4mln out of SP330mln.

In 2012, SP21 mln plus  SP4mln were allocated for the culture directorate’s expenditures , environment and social affairs’ ones respectively. But these approbations have not spent due to current crisis in  Syria .

Basma Qaddour