Cabinet approves new decisions, asserting need for direct communication with citizens

DAMASCUS, (S.T)_The cabinet reviewed on Wednesday current economic and services situation,  recent political development,  and national reconciliation.

As for current situation, Prime Minister asserted the necessity to follow up stages of carrying out service and development projects, and to communicate directly with citizens in all provinces to meet their needs. 

Dr. Wael al-Halaqi called on ministers to increase their visits to all Syrian provinces.

Besides, the cabinet approved a bill stipulated for amending articles No.15 and No.22 from the 2008 decree No.45 on setting up National Center of the Distinguished.

It also accepted the Syrian Commerce Chamber's proposal to postpone the election of he Boards of Directors for a year.

As for implementing agricultural plan, the cabinet endorsed a decision to tabulate due decennial interests on loans included in the article No.1 from the 2012 Law No.27 .

The said decision provides for paying loans by equal installments within 10 years. Due date of the first installment is defined a year following issuance of the relevant law.

It also provides for postponing unpaid due decennial interests to be paid with the first installment until September27, 2013 in accordance with the above mentioned law. 

Moreover, the cabinet called upon Health, Higher Education, Interior and Defense Ministries to meet their needs of medicine and equipment through locally manufactured products and to import other medicine and medical equipment that are not manufactured locally only from friendly countries.

For his part, Deputy Premier for Economic Affairs, Dr. Qadri Jamil, stressed that the economic situation is reassuring, noting the measures being adopted by the government to meet local needs of food stuff and petroleum derivatives.

Industry Minister presented a list of low- price goods produced by local establishments to be offered to the displaced people temporary living in governmental shelters across Syria .

In the other hand, the cabinet hailed the sacrifices of the army and the law-enforcement forces and their achievements on the ground to restore security and stability to Syria.

It underlined the importance of cooperation and unity between all spectrums of the Syrian society and the Armed Forces to confront terrorism .