Bolstering cooperation with Customs Union states stressed




DAMASCUS (SANA)- ” In a bid   to strengthen economic cooperation with the countries of the Customs Union represented by Russia, Belorussia and Kazakhstan, the needed files on signing an economic cooperation with  the Customs  Union have been recently accomplished."  Deputy Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade for the Arab and International Affairs, Dr. Hayan Salman confirmed.

"since the forces of production and the  market demands of these countries are similar, the exchange process will be done according to the principle of  swap or cash" Dr. Salaman stressed calling for reactivating the activities of the commercial attachés operating within the Syrian embassies abroad to be a link with these countries.

Salman said to SANA economic bulletin that the Ministry's Committee in charge is ready for holding meetings with these countries since that the  agreement will be put into force in the near future, adding that the ministry has discussed with the Kazakh and the Belarusian sides some aspects of cooperation .

In this respect, several meetings with some businessmen aiming at re activating the  Russian, Kazakh and  Belarusian joint Council have been held.

Regarding the feasibility of the comprehensive agreement with these countries, Dr. Salman affirmed that the agreement carries a lot of interests for the Syrian side; so there is no need to fear, pointing out that an agreement is carefully set  to join the free zones in this agreement . Lists were also prepared on the needs of the market from the goods that are produced in these countries and can be exported to Syria.

Talking on the importance of the Iraqi market, Salman stressed it as a strategic depth to Syria so there should be exchanges on all levels   between the two countries. Extensive correspondence has been done with the Iraqi side to deepen this cooperation, whether through barter or through monetary exchange.

Amal  Farhat