Turkey car bombs plot to derail Syria conference – Pushkov

The Russian Lower House’s foreign affairs head Alexey Pushkov tweeted Saturday that blaming the Reyhanli bombings on the Syrian government betrays a design to derail the proposed international conference on Syria and justify foreign military intervention in this Middle Eastern country, according toVoice of Russia, RIA.

Meeting in Moscow Tuesday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and US Secretary of State John Kerry agreed to convene an international conference which would resume attempts taken at last June’s Geneva conference on Syria to persuade the Syrian government and the opposition to sit down for talks.

On Saturday morning, two car bombs exploding in the Turkish town of Reyhanlileft 40 people dead and dozens of others injured.


Extremism, Terrorism in Syria Backed by UN Members Claiming Counter Terrorism- Al-Jaafari

NEW YORK (ST) _Syria's Permanent Representative to the UN Dr.  Bashar Jaafari stressed  countries that arm,  fund, train , facilitate the transit of terrorists to Syria and  provide safe haven for them are but  partners  in terrorism and in claiming the lives of Syrians,  calling on UN  Security Council to hold  governments of those countries accountable,  if it is  serious enough to implement its resolutions on fighting terrorism and drying terrorist funding sources .

 In a speech he made yesterday before the UN Security Council during hearings of  subcommittee on counter-terrorism al-Jaafari said : "  Current events have proved the merits of what we have always warned on the existence  al-Qaeda affiliated armed terrorist groups, including  extremists crossing the border and foreign mercenaries who are fighting the wars of others, targeting Syrians," adding , these practices  do not serve the interest of any Syrian , whether pro-government or opposition to it.

How can terrorism and sabotage  be in the interest of Syria and the Syrians

Al- Jaafari  questioned how can terrorism ,sabotage ,targeting hospitals and educational institutions, mosques ,churches , civil aircraft,  and diplomatic missions , stealing  of factories and the assassination , kidnapping of Muslim  and Christian clerics, looting and the destruction of monuments, museums, raking shrines and kidnapping UNDOF personnel, be   in the interest of Syria and the Syrians?.

He indicated  that  since two months Syria formally requested  inclusion  of "al-Nusra Front " organization , which is responsible for hundreds of terrorist attacks and suicide bombings in Syria,  in  the Committee's list of resolutions 1267 of  1999 and 1989 for 2011 for individuals and entities associated with Al-Qaida and is  still waiting for this inclusion, especially some UN Security Council Membesr recognized the terrorist nature of this organization being  responsible for more than 600 terrorist operations in Syria  only in one year.

Blocking condemnation of terrorist bombings resulted in the loss of lives of hundreds Syrian civilians

 Al-Jaafari indicated extremism and terrorism in Syria is  spread at the blessing and support of UN  Member States and Salafist Wahhabi , Takfiri and  extremist circles in  countries claim fighting  against terrorism ,  donate or finance    UN funds to combat terrorism and financing of the UN  anti-terrorism center .

 "Certain UNSC  Member States blocked nine times press releases condemning  terrorist bombings resulted in the loss of lives of hundreds of  innocent Syrian civilians ," Al-Jaafari added, regretting that  chairman of resolution No. 1267 Australian Ambassador ignored  reference to al-Qaeda terrorist activities in Syria, which are known  far and wide.

 He continued:  Although Syria had sent to the UN  Security Council over the last two years, more than 160 messages dealing with the spread of terrorism,  reporting acts of terrorism and brutal suicide bombings and despite statements and reports issued by the UN  and other countries , Western research centers and media institutions,   all point to the growing terrorist activities in Syria and the flow of terrorists from around the world into it, no practical action was  taken by resolution 1373 of 2001 committee  with regard to combating terrorism , dry up the sources of financing terrorism  in Syria , rather  it seems that Syria is the only country to implement resolution  1373 ,  as the first defense  line against the threat of terrorism.

" Resolution 1373 committee noted in its  current year work program to focus more attention on the Member States' implementation of resolution 1624  for  2005 and to develop strategies to deal with incitement to commit terrorist acts, whatever their motivations," Al-Jaafari noted, calling on the committee to  activate its work through the following..

 I.. Stop hostile media role sponsored by governments of certain  countries in order to incite terrorism in Syria  and spread extremist ideology, , religious strife and sectarianism for fueling the crisis in Syria and other countries in the region.

Secondly. Combat the exploitation of the Internet and social networking sites for inciting  terrorism among  young people, including young people of European  and American citizenships.

Thirdly .. Drying up sources of funding terrorist groups.

The Syrian  Permanent Representative to the UN stressed  that countries arming, funding ,training and facilitating  the crossing of armed terrorist groups to Syria and provide a safe haven for them are but  partners in terrorism and killing the Syrians  , noting that these practices do not only violate UNSC  resolutions on counter-terrorism, but inconsistent with Security Council resolutions 2042 and 2043 of 012 and  Geneva statement , in  stressing  the need to settle the crisis in Syria through "a Syrian-led political process."

 "UNSC  member states  always stressed the need to prevent the delivery  of weapons of mass destruction to terrorists and mandated resolution 1540  committee of 2004  the responsibility to  monitoring and coordination to ensure the commitment of States to the contents of the resolution by refraining from providing support to terrorists in  acquisition or manufacture of weapons of mass destruction," Al-Jaafari said ..

He regretted that UNSC Member States, including the permanent members tried to undermine meeting  the Syrian  request provides for sending  a neutral technical committee by the UN Secretary-General to investigate terrorist groups  recent use of  chemicals against civilians and military personnel in Khan al-Asal in  Aleppo

 The Israeli aggression indicates  direct link between its  state terrorism policies and  terrorist groups activities

 Al- Jaafari reiterated Syria's readiness to receive the UN technical committee to investigate Khan al-Asal incident immediately ,  according to the understanding approved in  the message of the UN Under-Secretary-General for Disarmament Affairs, dated 03/04/2013.

 He  emphasized that the Israeli aggression on May 5, which targeted  military  and civilian sites in Damascus and its countryside was a new evidence  on the direct link between the policies of the state terrorism of Israel and activities of terrorist groups and foreign mercenaries who targeted  several military sites several in conjunction with the Israeli aggression.

"The UN Security Council is demanded  to shoulder its responsibilities in condemning states supporting terrorism posed on  Syria and in forcing  these states to stop their destructive practices and respect due obligations under international law and the UN Charter,"  Al-Jaafari said  .

 T. Fateh

Al-Zou'bi: defeat of terrorist groups 'game-changing' factor

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Information Minister underscored that the defeat of armed terrorist groups on the ground is behind the current change at political arena which clearly manifested in statements followed the US-Russian meeting in Moscow.

Omran al-Zou'bi was speaking on Friday as he met the visiting world peace delegation headed by Mairead Maguire.

The minister, as SANA reported, elaborated on what is going on in Syria, the role of some regional and international states in the conspiracy, and losses of media sector in the crisis so far.

'Qatari entity '

Al-Zou'bi told the delegation: "the events in Syria have proved that al-Qaeda organization and al-Nusra Front are intelligence tools for Qatar and Saudi Arabia," noting that Qatar is the "only entity" which officially opens offices for Talban movement, Nigerian Boko Haram organization, and the 'Syrian opposition coalition'  which shelters al-Qaeda and al-Nusra Front.

This requires, he added, holding Qatar accountable before the UNSC as it breaches the UN resolution No.1373 which bans sheltering terrorists.

Terrorists' supporters

The minister, in addition, clarified that the Turkish government shelters terrorists while foreign ministers of France and Britain supply terrorists, who destroy churches and mosques and steal antiques, with arms.

"Syria is the last secular state in the region," al-Zou'bi said.

 He added: "The Syrian Arab army fights thousands of non-Syrian terrorists and targets their hideouts after defining them. If the Syrian state wanted to eliminate the terrorists from the very beginning of the events, it would do that. But the cost would be hundreds of civilians".

Media sector losses 'SP 2.5bln'

Talking about national mass media, the minister said that media war, Syria has been facing, is based on preventing the country from the modern technology necessary to broadcast facts about what is really going on in Syria.

"Losses of media sector reached up to SP 2.5bln due to terrorist attacks on media centers. Besides, the terrorists abducted and assassinated several reporters," al-Zou'bi said.

The world peace delegation, who concluded its visit to Syria today, included 16 activists and reporters from Australia, the US, Canada, Brazil and Lebanon and members of Syrian Popular Committee for National Reconciliation.

Basma Qaddour

Russia, UK Have Common Interest in Stabilizing Syria - Putin


BOCHAROV RUCHEI,SOCHI(ST)-Russia and the United Kingdom have common interest in preserving Syria’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, Russian President Vladimir Putin said after talks with British Prime Minister David Cameron,according to RIA Novosti.

The UK premier arrived in Russia’s Black Sea resort city of Sochi on Friday to discuss a wide range of issues, although it is expected that Syria is likely to top the agenda.

Putin said at talks, which were initiated by Cameron, the sides discussed the options for a positive development of a situation in Syria and also “a number of joint steps” to settle the ongoing crisis.

The Russian leader said Moscow and London have “common interest in a speedy end to the violence, the launch of a peace process and the preservation of Syria’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.”


Al-Qaradawi is a traitor

The leader of the Islamic Movement in Palestine has rejected supports for an Israeli plan to exchange lands with Palestinians.

Sheikh Raed Salah denounced Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the head of International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS), for his fatwas (religious decree), and Qatari Emir for their support for Israeli land swap plan. “Al-Qaradawi is not Palestine’s representative; he does not have the right to issue fatwas about Palestinians; he issues fatwa on sanctioning Quds, but travels to Gaza under the support of the Zionists. He is like one who seeks the help of the enemy to damage his brother,” Salah emphasized.

“Neither Qatari Emir nor anyone else in the world would impose the land swap plan on us. They had better go and swap their own lands, and do not interfere with Palestinian lands, since these lands are Islamic waqf,” he added.

“I call for any Arab Muslim to come to pilgrimage to al-Aqsa mosque. God bestowed the Prophet with the Miraj while the mosque was under Roman influence, now, how would al-Qaradawi sanction  pilgrimage on al-Aqsa, but himself travels to Gaza under support of the Zionists,” Salah explained.

“If I were in Gaza, I would reject al-Qaradawi,” he added.

Source: Palestine  news