US refusal to condemn Damascus terror act frustrating - Lavrov Russia,China Eye-To-Eye On Crisis In Syria (2)


Moscow is frustrated with Washington's refusal to support a UN Security Council resolution condemning a terrorist attack staged in Damascus on Thursday.

"It leaves us frustrated because until recently all members of the [UN] Security Council with no exception were always committed to resolutely condemning any terrorist attacks, irrespective of who staged these terrorist attacks, where and his motives," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at a press conference after talks with his Chinese counterpart Yang Jiechi.

Russia and China said on Friday they saw eye-to-eye on all the world's problems including the crisis in Syria, as the Chinese foreign minister was in Moscow to prepare a visit by new leader Xi Jinping later this year.

Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi confirmed after talks with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov that Communist Party chief and president–in-waiting Xi would visit Russia after he is confirmed as head of state in March to succeed Hu Jintao.

Russia and China have stood shoulder-to-shoulder throughout the two-year crisis  in Syria

"Russia and China have united positions, and promote these united positions in negotiations, on the situation in the Middle East and North Africa, including the crisis in Syrian, Afghanistan, the Iranian nuclear programme and other crises," Lavrov said at a news conference alongside Yang.

"On all these cases, we and our Chinese friends are led by one and the same principle – the necessity to observe international law, respect UN procedures and not allow interference from outside in domestic conflicts and all the more the use of force," added Lavrov.

Yang, who held a closed-door meeting with Putin the day earlier, said that the two countries' bilateral relations were of huge importance for the world as a whole.

"We believe together that Russia-China relations do not just have major importance for our countries but have an influence on ensuring peace and development on the planet as a whole."

The 2013 BRICS summit will bring together the leaders of Brazil, China, India, Russia and South Africa for the first time on the African continent, a region where Beijing's influence has greatly increased over the last years.


AL-Jafaari re-Elected Rapporteur for UN Committee on Colonialism

 NEWYORK, (ST) _ The Special Committee on the status of implementation of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples elected Dr. Bashar Jaafari, Syria's Permanent Representative to the UN unanimously as its rapporteur.

Al-Jaafari election as a Rapporteur of the Committee for 2013 was made during its meeting held Thursday morning at the UN Headquarters in New York in the presence of the UN Secretary-General.

Ecuador Permanent Representative was elected as a Chairman of the Committee and the Permanent Representatives of Sierra Leone and Cuba as deputies for the Chairman.


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Russia Condemns Terrorist Bombing in Damascus

MOSCOW,(ST)-Moscow has condemned the terrorist blast that hit district of al-Mazraa in Damascus, urging all countries that could influence radicals in Syria to make extremists lay their weapons down.

Russia's Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashvich Thursday that an end to violence will pave the way for an extensive dialogue in Syria based on the Geneva Communiqué on Syria, according to Voice of Russia.

The diplomat also send condolences to the families of the victims.

Meanwhile,Russian diplomats haven't been hit by an explosion .The hit wave smashed all windows in the building, embassy 's press attaché Timur Pechatnikov.


Al-Halqi Hails Iraq's Stance On Ongoing Events In Syria

DAMASCUS, (ST) – "Syria and Iraq have deep-rooted relations and still they are continuously developing in various fields in the benefit  of the two countries, "said  Prime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halqi

Al-Halqi remarks came during a meeting  held on Thursday with a delegation of the Iraqi Arab Journalism Association for Supporting Syria.

" Iraqi's  stance on the current events in Syria is appreciated," added al-Halqi.

Al-Halqi briefed the delegation on the measures taken by  the Syrian Government as regards  preparing  the preparatory stage of the political program to solve the crisis in Syria. "the government has held a number of meetings with several  parties and activities to pave the ground for an-all out  national dialogue conference ,"underscored al-Halqi.

"The Syrian Government welcomed  ,al-Halqi went on to say,all initiatives aimed at solving the crisis politically and maintaining Syria's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity in line with rejecting all forms of foreign interference in its internal affairs and discarding violence and terrorism,".

The Premier also briefed the delegation on the armed terrorist groups who are systematically sabotaging the infrastructure of the national economy through targeting power plants and oil pipelines, hospitals, schools and healthcare centers.

For its part,the Iraqi delegation voiced  solidarity with Syria against the conspiracy .



Iraqi Media Delegation Voices Support for Syria

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Speaker of the People's Assembly Mohammad Jihad al- Laham  on Wednesday received An Iraqi media delegation at his office in Damascus.

"Syria has always been and still is a stronghold of Arabism, nationalism and pan-Arabism, "underscored the delegation members

"the targeting of Syria came in the framework of the international imperialist attack aimed at dividing the region into cantons in service of the Zionist entity, "added the delegation.

They voiced Iraqi people's standing by Syria, state and people, expressing their confidence that Syria will emerge from its crisis stronger and more invincible.

Al-Laham made it clear that  the national dialogue is  the main basis of the political solution program to solve the crisis in Syria.

"terrorism that hit Syria aims at destroying the people, devastating the state and the institutions and undermining Syria's pivotal  role in the region.

" Syria will remain committed to resistance and the Palestinian cause will remain the central cause for it,"Al-Laham underscored.