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Jalili: terrorists inching closer to Europe

TEHRAN, (ST)- " the Syrians will not only pay the price of a war on Syria but also the European people ,"said  Secretary of the Iranian Supreme National Security Council, Saeed Jalili.

Speaking to  Euro news, Jalili made it clear  some parties' insistence on adopting an erroneous treatment of terrorism has led terrorists to spread thousands of kilometers away from Afghanistan and inching closer  the Europe's  borders, that definitely  should cause concerns for the European people.

"Iran's cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is unprecedented as Iran has provided the Agency with the highest possible level of cooperation, "affirmed Jalili.



Erdogan's Reckless Policy

It is obvious that Turkey's  Justice and Development Party(JDP) played the greatest regional  role in  the conspiracy against Syria. This appeared clearly in the continued cooperation with Israel, which has not stopped from the very beginning of Syria's crisis. And Erdogan  cannot  deceive  his people and the people  of all region any more especially  through his verbal hostility to Israel.

Erdogan  and  Davutoglu created the  idea of" the Conference of the  Friends of Syria ". In fact,  it is  their  "conspiracy" against the Syrians was foiled by the strong strikes of the brave Syrian army against terrorists.

Actually , US and Israel are satisfied with the only  role of Turkey  in the crisis in Syria. Furthermore, they exert great efforts to dominate the southern borders of Syria by pressing on  Jordan to open its borders for weapons, armed groups and to open its airspace for Israeli warplanes.

 It seems clearly that  the US began to review its policy  on more than one level despite its double standard policy towards the crisis in Syria. That the US went recently to rapprochement with Russia to find a peaceful solution  in Syria  weakened  Erdogan's  stance  by revealing  his wrong "personal" policies " towards Syria.

Turkey's Erdogan has not estimated the strength of  the  Syrian army and the incomparable steadfastness of Syrians.

 Thus, Erdogan's reckless policy loses international support and Turkey has no place in the upcoming dialogue about the crisis in Syria, and the recent terrorist bombings in the Turkish border city al-Rihaniyya is but a product of the policy of supporting terrorism in the region as a whole.

Ahmad Orabi  Baaj    

Edited& Translated: M. Wassouf

Lavrov: Syrians Should Decide Government's Fate

MOSCOW-Russia and the US have agreed that the fate of the Syrian government is in the hands of the Syrian people. “The US has signed an American-Russian initiative dated May 7, which sets no preconditions whatsoever,” the Russian foreign chief stressed, according to Voice of Russia.

Mr. Lavrov backed this approach and reminded that the Geneva communiqué dating June 30, 2012 stipulated that the power transition was to preserve all existing political institutions.

The Russian foreign minister also said it was “counter-productive” to set a fixed deadline for the Syrian peace conference. John Kerry earlier said that some Syria mediators believed the settlement could be reached in a matter of days or weeks.

Sergei Lavrov stressed however that more time was needed to take such important decision. “Conferences that are supposed to bring peace to nations are known to last months, even years,” he pointed out, citing the Dayton conference and peace talks on Lebanon that took some 14 years to conclude.

He also urged to give Iran a seat at the Syria negotiating table. “It would be only right to allow Iran to take part in the peace talks as an ‘external participant’ considered the leverage it has in the matter,” Mr. Lavrov said.

Russia’s chief foreign official called for all sides to the Syrian conflict to show restraint when handling the peace settlement. He said the May meeting with Secretary of State Kerry paved a way for the conference which only needed the go-ahead of the parties concerned.

The Syrian government appears to be committed to peace talks, Lavrov said, adding some of opposition forces had nevertheless come up with prerequisites of their own.



Lavrov Discussed Iranian Role in Syria Peace Talks

MOSCOW-Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov revealed on Sunday that he had discussed Iran’s possible involvement in a conference to resolve the crisis in Syria, when he met his US counterpart John Kerry early in May, according to RIA Novosti.

The Russians and Americans agreed during Kerry’s visit to Moscow to set up a conference of international players to end the crisis  in Syria. Moscow wants to involve all the nations which took part in the Geneva conference on Syria last summer, and says without Iran’s participation the conference cannot succeed.

Saudi Arabia and Iran were not involved in the Geneva talks, Lavrov recalled.

 “Our American partners blocked Iran, and the Saudis were not invited as ‘compensation’ for the absence of Iran,” Lavrov said in an interview with Rossiiskaya Gazeta to be published on Monday.

“If we admit that Iran has a very solid influence on what is going on, then it is obliged to be represented in the negotiations as a participant in the ‘external ring’ [of neighboring states],” Lavrov said. “I said this to John Kerry. He kind of agreed with this, but said that a number of states in the region were categorically opposed to this.”


Mikdad,Dardari Discuss ESCWA Projects in Syria

DAMASCUS, (ST)_"Syria has accomplished remarkable achievements  as regards economy and infrastructure over the past period before the onset of  the ongoing crisis plus the conspiracy targeting Syria's historical and cultural landmarks, "said  Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Dr. Fayssal Mikdad.

Al-Mikdad's remark was made during a meeting with  Director of the Economic Development and Globalization at the UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), Abdullah al-Dardari .

During the meeting,al-Mikdad and Dardari discussed the ESCWA's project for rehabilitating infrastructure in Syria in various sectors.

Al-Mikdad underscored  that Syria is looking forward to ending violence and starting national dialogue, and is determined to start reconstruction in harmony with restoring security and stability.

He  underlined the negative impact of the unjust sanctions imposed on Syria and the necessity of exerting efforts for lifting sanctions.

Al-Dardari ,for his part,said that the ESCWA's project identifies the current challenges and offers the available options for assisting  the Syrian government in mobilizing resources after the end of the crisis.