Iran: Supporters of Syrian Nation Should Pay Heed to Assad's Peace Plan


TEHRAN (ST)- A senior Iranian official stressed that any country which claims to be advocate of the progress and well-being of the Syrian nation should support President Bashar al-Assad's peace initiative.

Senior Presidential Advisor Mojtaba Samareh Hashemi made the remarks in a meeting with Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal al-Miqdad in Tehran on Sunday.

He said that Assad's peace plan matches the six-point peace plan the Islamic Republic unveiled recently.

On Sunday, Assad voiced his readiness for dialogue with the opposition and political parties in Syria. The Syrian leader also proposed general elections, adoption of a new constitution as well as a national reconciliation conference.

"The Syrian president's new initiative clears the way for a stronger presence by Syria in politics and in resolving (ongoing) problems, and I believe that anyone who claims to be a supporter of the Syrian nation and its progress must support this plan," Samareh Hashemi stated.


President al-Assad has outlined 'important initiative', says Zinin

MOSCOW,(ST)_ Russian Professor has said President Bashar al-Assad's speech delivered today is important and includes initiative to halt violence. 

Professor and Intellectual at the International Relations University of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Yuri Zinin, told SANA reporter: "The President's speech contained a very important  initiative to halt violence in Syria and avoid deteriorating situation."

He sees that regional and international powers have to listen to this speech to end foreign meddling in Syria's affairs, noting that the  continuation of meddling would increase number of victims and it would be difficult to stop violence then.

The professor hoped that the whole world would read the speech carefully and correctly.

He cited that the speech is addressing all Syrian citizens including those who really seek democratic changes. 

"President al-Assad has not left out, in his speech, voicing thanks  to Russia, China, Iran and other countries that stand by Syria and defend principles of justice and right in international relations," Zinin said.

He added that Syria has turned to be a target for a fierce aggression launched by international terrorist forces that flew- like ravens- from all over the world and alighted on the Syrian land which has a great history.

President al-Assad delivered on Sunday a speech at the Opera House in Damascus in which he set out a plan including national dialogue conference and a new government, but demanded regional and western countries stop funding and arming terrorist groups in Syria first.

The President said that Syria is in a state of war in every sense of the word, adding that:""The nation is for all and we all must protect it."

Basma Qaddour



Erdogan Questioned by Supporting armed groups in Syria

The Turkish Republican People's Party demanded today questioning Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu in Parliament due to the presence of Turkish officials providing assistance to armed groups in Syria.

The MP for that party to the legislature, Bidar Lutfi filed a parliamentary questioning note, whose content was released by media today,according to Prensa Latina.

The text requires that Erdogan and Davutoglu clarify the role of Turkish officers in the conflict, for their assistance to what so-called" Free Syrian Army " and explain news about the arrest of several Turkish soldiers in Syria.

Several reports substantiate the arrest of two senior officials by Damascus authorities, and several of our intelligence agents, the note said.

They should be asked about how those officers came to Syria, if they were cooperating with the terrorist network Al Qaeda and whether the Turkish armed forces carried out covert operations in the neighboring country, the document claimed.

Press reports show that Turkey, bordering with Syria, is one of the countries in the region that supports irregular groups fighting the Syrian government, through financial and logistical assistance, and allowing the passage of mercenaries to that nation.


Installation of the Patriot system in Turkey in line with defending zionist entity ,says Mehmanparast

Iran Foreign Ministry Spokesman stated that the installation of the Patriot missile system in Turkish soil is in line with defending "Israel".

In an interview with Al-Manar news channel, Ramin Mehmanparast, Islamic Republic of Iran’s Spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs discussed the installation of NATO missile defense system in Turkish soil,according to MNA.

 “Iran believes that Western countries and NATO have set up the system in Turkey to protect the Zionist regime; so that in the case of an Israeli adventurism against Iran and Iran’s reaction, Western countries would use the missile system to defend "Israel",” he added.



Tunisian protestors deplore recognition of 'Doha coalition'

TUNISIA,(ST)_ More than one hundred Tunisian citizens have protested against their government's recognition of  the Syrian opposition's  "Doha coalition".

The protestors, on Saturday, gathered in Habib Bourguiba Street in Tunis' capital, waved Syria's flags and raised banners slamming conspiracy hatched against Syria.

They chanted slogans supporting the Syria's steadfastness in confronting aggression against it, stressing the conspiracy seeks to destroy resistance and brings the Arab peoples to their knees.

For more than two hours, the protestors shouted slogans hailing Syria and its leadership, deploring attitudes of the west, Turkish PM RecepTayyibErdogan and Emir of Qatar against Syria, which is the last fortress in front of the Israeli enemy.

The Tunisian activist, Naela Rahim, who organised the protest, told SANA reporter: "the Tunisian citizens, who responded to the call for taking part in the protest, have denounced the Tunisian government's stance towards Syria since the beginning of the events."

She added the protest aims at backing Syrian leadership, the Syrian Arab Army, and the people of Syria.

"The Arab region, as a whole, is witnessing a well-hatched conspiracy to destroy our countries to protect Israel's security and enhance west interests in the region and the world as well," the activists said.