Syria strongly condemns Iraq deadly bombings

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Syria has strongly condemned a series of explosions hit cities across Iraq yesterday.

An official source at Foreign and Expatriates Ministry on Tuesday said: "Syrian Arab Republic strongly denounces deadly wave of bombings hit Iraq yesterday," asserting that such heinous crimes are to be added to the bloody record of the armed terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq.

Syria offered condolences to the Iraqi government and people, calling on the international community to fulfill its role in combating terrorism and pursuing those who support it.

"The Syrian Arab Republic underscores its support for steps being taken by Iraq to enhance stability and security in it (Iraq)," the source said.

At least 25 Iraqis have been killed and more than 200 others wounded in a series of early-morning explosions in cities across Iraq.

B. Qaddour    

Occupation Main Beneficiary

Noam Chomsky ,an  American philosopher and researcher , expressed US policy towards Syria in few words:" Make Syrians fight each others for a long time," This is the  real policy  of  the US Administration after the second World War to control the world.

Hence, the ugly face of all parties participated in the crisis in Syria became more obvious through political and military escalation.

With this in mind, Erdogan's  government has strongly contributed in supporting  terrorists logistically and facilitating their entering to Syria  , because the aim of this global conspiracy against Syria  is not only to  topple the Syrian government, but also to destroy and divide Syria.

However, interests have been  interlocked with contradictions in Syria's two-year long crisis, because Israel  is the main beneficiary of weakening the important role of Syria in the region. This was obvious in  Herzliya conference held recently in Israel.

Asking for forming an American-Zionist-European axis which includes countries of the Middle East and Arab region  is but to give  Israel an active role in drawing the future of the region as all.

In other words, the increasing of escalation and bloodshed of Syrians  under the pretext of democracy and the so-called Arab spring, is just to make a new soggy-Zion.


Ahmad Orabi Baaj

Edited and translated by: Maysa Wassouf 

President al-Assad Congratulates President Maduro on winning Venezuela presidential election

DAMASCUS, (ST) – President Bashar al-Assad on Monday congratulated  President Nicolas Maduro on winning  presidential election  of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

President al-Assad expressed confidence that Syria and Venezuela will continue strengthening their bilateral cooperation in the interest of the two countries and peoples.


Al-Halqi speaks about imminent positive results on the ground

DAMASCUS,(ST)_The ministerial committee entrusted with implementation of the endorsed three-stage political plan exchanged with members of the Arab Socialists Movement's politburo view points to make national dialogue a success.

Prime Minister, Wael al-Halqi, who chairs the committee, spoke about positive outcomes of the meetings held with different Syrian spectrums including opposition inside the country and abroad and the armed groups that determine to lay down weapons.

He underscored that a group of gunmen, who laid down their weapons, determine to take part in restoring stability and security to the homeland.

On the other hand, al-Halqi briefed the movement's members on economic situation and measures being adopted by the government in all sectors to pave the ground for holding the comprehensive national dialogue.

The gathering ended in bringing about common view points to back dialogue process.

On January, 9th, the cabinet endorsed the political plan outlined in President Bashar al-Assad's January 6th – speech.

The ministerial committee includes Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Ministers of Information, Justice, National Reconciliation, Transport, Industry, Red Crescent Affairs, and People's Assembly Affairs.

Basma Qaddour

Maysaloun: Landmark of Evacuation

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ As it is very common with colonialists, the French and British betrayed the Arabs and plotted against them  during the  First World War between 1914 and 1917 and  the betrayal was crystal clear  in  Sykes-Picot and San Remo  agreements  and later in Balfour Declaration.

The French were in a hurry to occupy Syria after the war,  feeling the  insistence of the Syrians to establish their  modern state. This was manifested in the fact that just months after  getting  rid of the Ottoman colonialism,  preparations started  for the Syrian National Conference  and a foundation conference to draw a  constitution for the country was held on  July 13 , 1920, when the French armies  moved towards  Damascus-through Lebanon led by Gen. Guru  who thought he  will enter Damascus without a fight.
As the  French troops moved  towards Damascus , Syrian defence Minister  Youssef al-Azmeh  made up his mind to go out to Maysaloun and fight  the French army with a few  number of soldiers who were  the nucleus of the recently founded  Arab army besides  hundreds of volunteers who decided to defend national honor and dignity.

The battle Maysaloun in July 24, 1920 was but a  declaration of the beginning  of the battle for independence as with the  occupation of the  first meters of the Syrian territory , the first Syrian  martyr in the battle of evacuation sacrificed himself so that  Maysaloun became  a  vivid example that embodies man 's belongingness to his land  .
The Syrians will always remember last words of martyr Youssef al-Azmeh to  King Faisal after asking him to take care of his daughter Laila .. Sublime honor will be  unharmed just  through sacrificing oneself.


T. Fateh