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Media Source: Saud al-Faisal is insignificant to talk about Syria

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ A media source has said failed states and regimes shoulder responsibility for the Syrian bloodshed during the aggression which Syria faces, stressing that the Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal is insignificant to talk about Syria and Syrians. 

"The Saudi Foreign Minister is not authorized to give lectures about nationalism, Arabism, and Islam as he lacks these values," the source said, adding that only Syrians have the right to decide the future of their country.

"It is a shame that the Qatari Hamad dictates the kingdom's policies to the Saudi Foreign Minister," the sources concluded.


Sayyed Nasralah: US-backed takfiri plot threatens region


BEIRUT,(ST)_Secretary General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hasan Nasralah, has underscored that the US seeks to have hegemony over the region through the Takfiri plot which it backs and funds.

In a speech he delivered on the occasion of the 13 anniversary of Resistance and Liberation Day, Sayyed Nasralah said: " Syria has became a battlefield to impose a political plot drown up by America and its allies in the region ..Syria has backed resistance, so this resistance can not remain a mere bystander." 

He added that if Syria fell in the hands of America, Israel and the Takfiris, the future of Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and the whole region would be dark.

"What is going on in Syria is very important to Lebanon… . Since the very beginning of the crisis in Syria, we said that some of popular demands are right and there are positive and negative features," Sayyed Nasralah said, noting hat dialogue is the only way to realize reform.

He made it clear that what is going on in Syria has nothing to do with reforms or revolution of the people against the 'regime'.

Opposition rejects dialogue

Sayyed Nasralah, in addition, cited that the Syrian leadership has accepted to sit on the table of negotiation while the opposition has rejected this and insists on its stance until now, in the hope that the regime will be toppled in a short time.

"The takfiris and gunmen have entered Syria after being granted the necessary facilitations…this matter did not bother those who met in Jordan under the name 'Friends of Syria', Sayyed Nasralah said,  adding that those who are fighting in Syria affiliate to the so called ' The Islamic State of Iraq' organization  which have claimed operations against Iraqis from different sects.

He asked: ''Does the outside opposition have any leverage over the armed groups which have captured some areas?'', noting that everyone knows that Takfiri thinking dominates the armed groups that are being supported by some Arab states.

"If the takfiri groups control Syria or Syrian provinces, particularly those adjacent to the Lebanese border, Lebanon and all the Lebanese people will be at risk," he said.

Sayyed Nasralah stressed that the US works to prevent Syria from possessing air-defense systems while it sells billion-worth arms to other Arab states because there are guarantees that these arms are not to be used against Israel.

B. Qaddour

May 25th "National Resistance Victory Day"

The Israeli army's humiliating defeat from south Lebanon on May 25, 2000 after 22 years of occupation has been described by the Israeli "yediot Ahrronot" newspaper as "the day of humiliation" while it was  justified by the Israeli General Shaul Mofaz as "a withdrawal that doesn't impinge on dignity".

Actually, national resistance had vanquished Israel's occupation forces and its agents without negotiations and without conditions on May 25th which has been designated as "Day of National Resistance' Victory and Liberation of South Lebanon".

On 1978, the Israeli occupation forces, which invaded south Lebanon under the pretext of removing the threat of armed Palestinian existence in south Lebanon, had expanded its occupation of the Lebanese territories and reached Beirut, Lebanon's capital, in 1982.  

Israel had occupied 125 Lebanese villages and subjugated 33 of them to dictations of militias which were called "Lebanon Free Army" under command of Saed Haddad before calling it "Lebanon South Army" under command of Antwan Lahd.   

So, the Lebanese youths carried weapons and formed what is called later "Lebanese National Resistance" to fight what was described then as the "legendary army that can not be defeated".

How resistance defeated Israel

During the first half of 2000, The Lebanese national resistance had carried out hundreds of qualitative operations against the Israeli occupation forces' sites and forced them to withdraw from south Lebanon.

Several months ahead of Liberation Day, sites of occupation forces and militias were stormed and a decisive blow was delivered to the Israeli occupation forces in January 2000 as Israel's agent Aqel Hashem was assassinated.

Few hours after the assassination, the resistance fired two missiles on a military convoy causing the death of three Israelis and injuring others.

In February, the Israeli TV unveiled an urgent plan to evacuate the Israeli soldiers from south Lebanon within few days after the resistance targeted an Israeli patrol near Blat town in which 9 soldiers were dead and injured.

In April and May, the resistance inflicted heavy losses upon the Israeli occupation forces through destroying the Armata site and killing 6 Israeli agents as well as carrying out al-Bayada operation.

Day of victory

On May 25th at 6:43 a.m(local time)the Mercedes of the Israeli General Benny Gants crossed the Fatima gate 93 on the Lebanese-Israeli border and followed by vehicles and soldiers carriers to the occupied Palestinian territories leaving a barb wire for which they had paid souls and money.

One minute later, Israel closed its border with Lebanon after withdrawing its last soldier from there.

As many as 1200 Israeli soldiers had been killed during the Israeli occupation of south Lebanon which lasted for more than two decades. 

The Liberation of south Lebanon and west Beq'a from Israel under leadership of Sayyed Hasan Nasrullah, secretary General of Hezbollah, and in cooperation with national resistance groups that formed in 1982 to resist occupation is not enough to the Lebanese resistance as it seeks to complete victory through liberating Shab'a Farms and hills of Kfar Shouba from Israeli occupation forces.    

The May victory, in fact, is a result of integration between resistance and some political forces in the region including Syria which protected the resistance from internal and external conspiracies.

Basma Qaddour   

No Genuine Data that Syrian Authorities Use Chemical Weapons: Patrushev

MOSCOW- There is no evidence that Syrian authorities use chemical weapons against armed groups in Syria, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev said, according to the Voice of Russia website.

"The United States and some other countries have recently been stating their concerns over the use of chemical weapons in Syria. "We still do not have any real evidence and facts of its use by government forces," Patrushev said.

" Syrian authorities every time refuted suspicions of our Western colleagues and stated publically that they do not use chemical weapons in their military operations. However, we have not heard similar statements from the illegal armed groups," he said.

Russian journalists have proof Syrian gunmen used chemical weapons

According to the same website, Russian journalists who were on assignment in Syria have handed the United Nations Secretariat videos showing chemical weapons attacks committed by armed groups in Aleppo on March 19. This was confirmed by the Assistant spokesman for the Secretary General of the UN Farhan Haq.

He said that the information will be passed along to Oke Selstemu, the head of the group of experts investigating the possible use of weapons of mass destruction in Syria.

In late March, Damascus notified the UN Secretariat of the chemical attacks carried out by armed groups.

In a report, RTR journalist Anastasia Popova confirmed the use of toxic substances in Khan al-Asal area of rural Aleppo. Apart from footage of the event, there were eyewitness accounts, reports from doctors who took care of the dead and injured and statements from experts from the University of Aleppo.

The Syrian government has requested the United Nations to conduct an honest and transparent investigation about the use of chemical weapons by armed terrorist groups in Aleppo.

H. Mustafa

Lifting Arms Embargo on Terrorist Groups in Syria Worsens Crisis: Austria

 VIENNA- (ST)- Austrian Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger has called on the European Union not to lift arms embargo on armed terrorist groups in Syria and instead start a political process to establish peace in the Arab country, according to Press TV.

During a Friday interview with The Associated Press in Vienna, Spindelegger said that a supply of more weapons into Syria "could worsen the crisis, threaten a US-Russian peace initiative and create more divisions in the UN Security Council".

"We believe there are enough weapons in Syria," Spindelegger said. "We support a cease-fire, not weapons deliveries."

He stressed that the EU's arms embargo on armed terrorist groups fighting against the Syrian government should be extended also to maintain the safety of UN peacekeepers in the Syrian Golan Heights.

Lifting the EU embargo "would give us real problems on the Golan Height," Spindelegger noted.

Spindelegger stated that the UN peacekeepers could be targeted if European Union foreign ministers meeting in Brussels on Monday decide to allow EU states to send weapons to the armed groups in Syria.

 So far European foreign ministers have failed to reach an agreement on whether to lift an arms embargo on the foreign-backed terrorist groups in Syria.

Austria, Germany, Sweden and other states have expressed concerns that arming the militants would spread the deadly conflict, but France and Britain are pushing the 27-nation bloc to allow EU members to ship weapons to the armed groups.

The crisis in Syria has dragged on for over two years, and many people, including large numbers of Syrian soldiers and security personnel, have been killed in the foreign-sponsored terrorism.

The Syrian government has been stressing that the chaos is being orchestrated from outside the country, and there are reports that a very large number of the armed groups members are foreign nationals.

According to reports, terrorists from 29 different countries are fighting against the Syrian state in different parts of the country.

H. Mustafa