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The ministerial committee in charge of implementing the political program has followed its meetings and consultations over the past few days with different parties, national, political and social forces, which represent the various components of the Syrian society. It is expected that the result of those consultations for the formation of a national approach that encompass those national and social forces within the crucible of a single national permit launching dialogue between the Syrians .... all Syrians on the basis of citizenship and patriotism.

Despite the attempts of terrorism to disrupt this national path, but they did not succeed and will not succeed and what happened of terrorism made the Syrians more united. The terrorist attack in al Mazraa area in  Damascus could not hinder the progress of the preparation of the dialogue and did not reduce the space to talk about dialogue between the Syrians. Consultations and activities between parties at the meeting with the ministerial committee continued on how best means to take the Syrians to safety and achieve a society of equality and justice, where the Syrians see in dialogue the beginning of the light that leads to what we want as citizens and institutions.

The majority of Syrians has an increasing conviction that those who call themselves opponents abroad to enjoy what they see on the screens of murder and criminality against their compatriots to shut up, no longer Syrians would like to hear their hypocrisy and lies. Honest citizens, they majority of the Syrian people, know well and do not want to be represented by them and their ilk, there is no illusion about the limited vision of their disciples, or listen to them.

The Syrian people, who seek to negotiate with its components and constituents will never hold talks with killers, make dialogue only on the basis of citizenship and belonging. Who does not have such patriot factors, the Syrians believe that those killers do not represent them or to be partners in making a dialogue.

In the political scene, the Syrians were not surprised of the United States current trial to disrupt the Security Council resolution condemning the terrorist attack in Damascus. It is very expected, especially the United States is considered one of the most  countries supporting terrorism in modern history.

It is not the first time that the United States impedes a resolution to condemn what is happening of terrorism in Syria, and certainly it will not be the last ... This is not surprising, because the intersection of U.S. interests with terrorism and the terrorist groups is still the mainstream. The United States is still pursuing a policy of dual employment of terrorism and its recent assistance to terrorists is a conclusive evidence.


Ahmed Orabi Ba'aj

Translated by: Sh. Kh. 

Political plan-committee meets national media's representatives

DAMASCUS,(ST)_The ministerial committee tasked with implementing the endorsed political plan has debated with representatives of the national mass media proposals to enhance national dialogue and media's role in explaining the ongoing crisis in Syria before public opinion. 

Prime Minister, Dr.Wael al-Halqi, who chairs the committee, said: "reporters and intellectuals play a pivotal role in enhancing culture of dialogue in society, helping government complete constructive and democratic dialogue process and confronting extremist thinking."

In the meeting held on Saturday, al-Halqi underscored the national media's key role in unmasking the false campaign being backed by some Arab countries, in cooperation with the Turkish government, to foment sedition in region and the world and divert their people's attention from what is going on in their countries.

He clarified that ruling families in the Arab countries involved in the crisis in Syria and extremist government, who are agents to the US and Israel, oppress their people and plunder their wealth.

As for development process, the premier said: "the government pays great attention to the economic and social causes reported in the national media in view of the fact that they contribute to build modern Syria, start process of reconstruction, enhance national unity and restore stability and security."

He stressed that the government is able to confront all economic challenges caused by unjust blockage and terrorist acts that target the Syrian  people's capabilities.

"The government is adopting serious measures to combat corruption at administrative level."

Committee held 25 meetings

The premier briefed the national media's representatives on outcomes of 25 consultation gatherings held between the ministerial committee and the Syrian people's components.

For their part, the reporters voiced their support for the political plan outlined by President Bashar al-Assad on January, 6th, 2013, highly appreciating the ministerial committee's efforts in this regard.

The reporters raised several questions about national dialogue and presented proposals, SANA reported.

Government respects opposition

In a separate meeting with a delegation representing the committee formed in Tehran conference to follow up national dialogue, the PM said: "the government respects and appreciates the opposition inside Syria and abroad that is keen to share in building the country without foreign meddling."

Talks dealt with preparations for holding dialogue meeting in Damascus by the end of this month.

The ministerial committee includes Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Ministers of Information, Justice, National Reconciliation, Transport, Industry, Red Crescent Affairs, and People's Assembly Affairs.

Basma Qaddour

Foreign Ministry: UN has to condemn the attacks of the armed terrorist groups on civilians in the forces' disengagement area

The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry has addressed two identical letters to head  of the UN Security Council and the UN Secretary-General on the detention of 21 UNDOF observers by an armed terrorist group from Jamleh village near the forces' disengagement area in the occupied Syrian Golan on March 6, 2013.

“The Syrian government has fully cooperated with the UNDOF command through a one-sided ceasefire as a step to ensure security and safety of the UN forces” the Ministry said, expressing its surprise when informed that the armed men moved the detained observers to Jordan instead of releasing them unconditionally and handing them over to the force command, which in turn will encourage the armed groups to repeat such an incident.

“As the Syrian government renews commitment to its obligations based on the Disengagement of Forces Agreement and to enabling the UN forces to implement their mandate in the occupied  Syrian Golan, it would remind of the repeated attacks recently against the UN forces by the armed terrorist  groups that will in turn benefit from  the UN disregard of their dangerous activities and become active in the action area of the UN forces due to the  logistic support they receive from the Israeli occupation forces which constitute a clear violation of the 1974 Disengagement of Forces  Agreement”, the Ministry added.

“The Syrian government also holds "Israel" responsible for the threat imposed by the armed groups to the safety of UNDOF forces and staff,'' the ministry reiterated.

The Ministry underscored that the Syrian government has repeatedly warned against repercussions of these terrorists’ presence in the disengagement area, underlining the urgency of the UN clear condemnation of these terrorist and armed attacks on the civilians, getting the terrorist groups immediately out of the area and prevent their infiltration into it.

The Ministry also highlighted the necessity of holding the countries backing the armed groups responsible for their activities, adding that the disregard of their presence in the forces’ disengagement area will threaten security of the region in general and the UN forces in particular.

Inas Abdulkareem 

Beijing Supports Any Peaceful Solution To Crisis In Syria

BEIJING,(ST)-"China respects the wishes of Syrian people. China maintains contact with both the Syrian government and opposition parties to encourage dialogues and a peaceful solution, while continuing to provide humanitarian support."said Chinese  Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi.

Jiechi's remarks were made during the first session of the 12th National People's Congress press conference on March 9.

Commenting on China and Africa relations ,Yang Jiechi said China and Africa are good neighbors and brothers and Xi Jinping's planned visit will give a new boost to the relations.

Yang said we are living in a global village and countries need to stick together in the same boat rather than crowding each other out.

Yang said China is going to host the APEC leaders meeting next year and all preparations are well underway.

The growth of China-Africa cooperation is in keeping with the wishes of African people. China has made an important contribution to the fast development of Africa amid economic crisis.

Yang said China urges all parties to view China-Africa ties in an objective light, respect African people’s choice, and promote more exchanges and fewer accusations.

As for the Korean Peninsula, Jiechi said:"China doesn't want to see the tension on the Korean Peninsula. UN resolution opposed DPRK's nuclear test and reaffirmed the support to resume Six-Party talks. China believes sanction is not the end to resolution and it can't fundamentally address the issue".

China calls for all parties to stay calm, help ease tension, stick to dialogue, foster mutual trust, work jointly, and bring about enduring peace. China is ready to continue to work with other parties and international organizations to achieve the goal.


Shaaban criticizes role of western countries

Criticising the role of western countries as regards crisis in  Syria, President Bashar al-Assad's Special Envoy Bouthaina Shaaban Friday sought support from India and other BRICS members for a 'political solution' to establish peace in the country,according to IRNA.

'There is international dimension to this crisis. We feel now that Qatar and Turkey are the spearhead of war against our country and I can't go into detail but I think the government of Turkey wanted "Muslim Brothers "to govern Syria and wanted "Muslim Brothers" to take the political lead.'

'There are Russia, China, India and Brazil, the BRICS countries who at least are introducing reason into what is happening in the international community,' pti reported quoting Shaaban, who is also Presidency's Political and Media Advisor, told reporters here. She said they want violence to end. 'That's why we want Brazil, Russia, India China and South Africa to make a very strong decision in the forthcoming meeting of the BRICS and support a political solution in Syria,' said Shaaban.

'Some think that Syrian government will agree to the West and then the West is going to say yes Syria should be a very good country and we should help Syria.

'I think we have to be very clear. Those who started this war want the destruction of Syria, what we and the BRICS countries want is to save Syria and to save the Syrian people,' She said.

Finding fault with the western countries over their anti-Syrian government stance, Shaaban said that she does not know 'how they can get this idea sitting in Paris or London that they can ask the government  of a sovereign country to step down in this manner'.

Shaaban, who is touring the BRICS countries to garner support for Syria, claimed that she has received positive signs from the Indian government over the issue.

'I did meet the External Affairs Minster and the national security advisor.... Indian government is also very keen for the violence to stop,' she said.

Asked about Al Qaeda's role in the crisis in Syria , Shaaban said, 'Everyday you see flags of Al Qaeda, you see the people of Al Qaeda in the black butchering people.... There is definitely huge presence of Al Qaeda.'