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Syria inching Closer to Achieve Victory,Says al-Zou'bi

DAMASCUS, (ST) –"the regional ,US and Israeli vicious plot  against  Syria has reached its last chapter, "said Information Minister, Omran al-Zou'bi

Al-Zou'bi's remark was made on Monday during a reception held by Top News Network under the motto  " the Two Victories' Day" in Dama Rose Hotel in Damascus.

 "undoubtedly, We are on the right track and inching closer to achieve the ultimate victory," underscored the minister ,adding that the anticipated victory will be definitely for Syria that embraces the whole Syrians.

"The political solution simply means that all Syrians-hand-in-hand-agree on creating a bright and great future for their beloved country. Furthermore, the political solution means that the Syrians  agree on common denominators that protect the homeland and its constitution, sovereignty, independence and army, "affirmed al-Zou'bi.

Dr. Fayssal Mikdad ,the Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister, made it clear that Syria's battle is against the international and regional enemies, adding that "Syria is exposed to an Israeli war diametrically and carried out  by the U.S. European and Arab tools."


Syria insists on probe over Qatar's role in UNDOF abduction, says al-Jaafari

MOSCOW,(ST)_Syria's Permanent Representative to the United Nations has underscored his country's insistence on conducting an international investigation over Qatar's role in abducting UN peacekeepers in the Syrian Golan.

Bashar al-Jaafari told the Russian NOVOSTI Agency: "A person from Doha, Qatar's capital, had called abductors of UN peacekeepers and explained to them what they have to do and how to act."

This piece of information, he added, is confirmed in an e-mail officially sent by one of the UN mission's members in Syria to the UN headquarters and forwarded to the UN Secretary General.

Al-Jaafari regretted the UN inaction towards what he raised before the international organization on May 16th in this regard.

"The Qatari intelligence is locked in abducting the UNDOF members in the Syrian Golan," he said with conviction, stressing that the armed terrorist groups in Golan receive instructions from the Qatari intelligence and help Israel.

Recently, the UNSC adopted a non-binding resolution supporting terrorism in Syria and hindering international efforts being exerted to bring about political solution to the ongoing crisis in it.

The draft resolution was presented by Qatar which funds and supports terrorism in Syria.

Basma Qaddour    

Lavrov, Kerry in Paris to Discuss Preparations for Geneva Conference 2

MOSCOW- Lavrov and the US Secretary of State John Kerry are meeting this evening in France to look into the specifics of the upcoming “Geneva conference.2” in a push to find a peaceful way out of the crisis in Syria according to the Voice of Russia Website.

Neither Russia nor the US has so far named an exact date for the anticipated talks. It was previously announced that the conference could take place by the end of May. The meeting was then postponed until at least mid-June, diplomatic sources said.

The new conference will be a redo of last year’s global Geneva meeting that drafted a peace roadmap for Syria.

Lavrov and Kerry are to meet on Monday in France for the sixth time this year, and Syria will once again be a top issue on the agenda, with the main challenge expected to be the list of participants and opposition’s attendance.

Russia’s Lavrov has also named the second issue with the talks: ensuring that key regional players, especially Syria's neighbors, are present in order to broker an effective and lasting solution to the crisis.

Damascus has already agreed to take part in the talks. Syria’s Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem said the government always believed that “dialogue among the Syrian people is the solution to this crisis,” adding that “nobody and no force in the world can make decisions on behalf of the Syrian people, as they alone have the right to do that.”

CSTO foreign chiefs agree on Syria, Iran

In the same context, foreign ministers of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) have signed a joint declaration, outlining their common stand on the Syrian issue and other international topics.

"CSTO foreign ministers have signed a statement on key international issues, summing up their stance on the crisis in Syrian , Iranian nuclear program, Afghanistan, Nagorny-Karabakh settlement and other matters of concern,” Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Monday.

He said a gather-up of CSTO foreign ministers and secretaries of local defense councils today looked into ways to boost common defenses and coordinate their peacekeeping efforts.

H. Mustafa

Mikdad Meets UNFPA Regional Director, PLO Delegation

DAMASCUS, (ST)_Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Dr. Fayssal Mikdad met on Sunday with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Regional Director for the Arab States, Mohamed Abdel-Ahad and a delegation represented the PLO .

Mikdad discussed with Abdel-Ahad the UNFPA activities in Syria where the latter expressed appreciation for the cooperation between the Syrian government and the UNFPA.

"the UNFPA is  interested  in discussing the cooperation aspects and coordination mechanisms with the Syrian government, "affirmed Abdel –Ahad, adding that the UNFPA  is ready to offer further  services concerning the  reproductive health, the safety of mothers and children and reducing infant mortality rates.

Dr. Mikdad ,for his part, lauded  the UNFPA's activities  in Syria.

" Syria has achieved high rates in health services in general and the mothers' and children's protection in particular. Furthermore, Syria will continue to offer services irrespective of  the armed terrorist groups' vicious acts as they relentlessly targeting  the health sector (hospitals, clinics and infrastructure),highlighted Dr.Mikdad.

Mikdad Reaffirms Syria's Support to Palestinian People

Dr. Fayssal al-Mikdad voiced  Syria's support to the Palestinian people's struggle  for realizing their legitimate rights , as the ''Palestinian cause is engraved in  the heart of every Syrian.''

Mikdad's remark was made during a meeting with  the Palestinian  Liberation Organization (PLO)  executive committee headed by chairman of the Refugees Affairs Department at the Committee, Dr. Zakarayya Ibrahim Salim al-Agha.

"the Palestinian people deserve full support till they realize their legitimate rights  and establishing their independent state, with Jerusalem as capital, "affirmed Mikdad.

Mikdad made it clear  that attempts to destroy and fragment Syria are due to its principled and firm stance on the Palestinian cause and the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Talks also dealt with the Syrian government's measures to meet the needs of the Palestinians in the camps.

"attempts of the armed terrorist groups to drag the Palestinian camps into getting involved in the ongoing events in Syria are intended to distract attention away from the Palestinians' main cause, namely their right to return, "underscored Mikdad.

The delegation ,for its part, briefed Mikdad on  the latest Palestinian political and internal developments, wishing more progress and prosperity for the Syrian people .

"Syria would emerge from the crisis as it has always been; an important Arab bastion that backs the Arab causes, especially the Palestinian cause, "asserted the delegation.


Syrian people has chosen political plan as salvation, asserts al-Halqi

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Prime Minister has reiterated that all Syrian spectra support the implementation of the three-stage political plan to resolve the ongoing crisis in the country.

Dr. Wael al-Halqi made it clear that the destiny of what he called 'the great Syrian people' is to be decided by the Syrian people themselves.

His remark was made during a meeting held between the ministerial committee entrusted with implementing the political plan, which he chairs, and the Syrian Social National Party (SSNP)'s politburo members spearheaded by the party's secretary general Issam al-Mahayre.

According to SANA, today-gathering revolved around political and economic situation in the country and common viewpoints on which the ministerial committee and political and social parties have agreed so thus.

The SSNP's members underscored the party's adherence to resistance principles and unity of the Syrian society, describing that national dialogue as a" national duty" because it leaves no room for foreign meddling in homeland's internal affairs and serves national interests.

Saudi remarks decried

On the other hand, the attendees denounced the recent remarks made by the Saudi Foreign Minister. They advised Saud al-Faisal to attach great importance to destiny of his country's people who is persecuted by a wicked ruling family.

The attendees asserted that the Syrian people is able to surpass the crisis and rebuild the country.

On January 9th, 2013, the cabinet endorsed the political plan outlined by President Bashar al-Assad's January 6th-speech. 

The ministerial committee contains Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Ministers of Information, Justice, National Reconciliation, Transport, Industry, Red Crescent Affairs, and People's Assembly Affairs.

Basma Qaddour