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Syria, Venezuela endeavor to combat global terrorism

Damascus, (ST) –"undoubtedly,the Syrians are determined to defeat the Zionist, imperialist projects aiming at targeting Syria sovereignty and unity, "underscored Speaker of the People's Assembly Mohammad Jihad al-Laham

Al-Laham's remark was made during a meeting  held on Tuesday  with Venezuelan National Assembly Member Saul Ortega.

 "Unifying Syria-Venezuela stances internationally is very important  to confront  the international terrorism and support the people's just matters  ," added  al-Laham .

Al-Laham also referred to the importance of getting acquaintance with what is really going on in Syria and covey a true image of the events to the Venezuelan friendly people.

Ortega,for his part, said that the Syrian people are struggling against the powers of international imperialism in order to preserve Syria sovereignty and independence as the victory of Syria is an important matter to Venezuela," .

 Ortega meets Miqdad

Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Fayssal Miqdad also met Ortega on Tuesday .

Al-Miqdad made it clear that it is very important for popular and parliamentarian diplomacy to communicate among peoples, stressing  the  parliamentarian's role as regards   conveying the true image through to  their peoples.

MP Otega reiterated Venezuela's support to Syria, lauding  its steadfastness .

"I'm confident  that Syria will eventually win against the conspiracies targeting the region," asserted Ortega

Furthermore, Otega lauded the unity of the Syrian people in face of the western conspiracy which aims at subjugating Syria and facilitating the U.S.-Israeli hegemony on the region.

"Syria highly appreciates the fraternal and firm stance of Venezuela which stood by the Syrian people during the difficult circumstances," underlined al-Miqdad.

Al-Miqdad also  highlighted the friendship relations which were established by President Bashar al-Assad and late President Hugo Chavez and will continue with President Nicolas Maduro.

During the meeting, the Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister briefed the guest on the ongoing events in  Syria and Syria's vision for solution according to the political program proposed by President Bashar Al-Assad early this year .

"Syria's victory will be a victory for all those committed to their countries' sovereignty and independence," affirmed al-Miqdad.


President Al-Assad Issues Law No.12

Damascus, (ST)-President Bashar al-Assad on Tuesday issued law No. 12 for 2013 .

The law stipulates  that the monthly reward which is offered to the excellent students of the basic and secondary education to include the first three outstanding students nationwide for the Sharia preparatory certificate and the first outstanding  student in each Syrian city in the Sharia secondary certificates.


Al-Halqi to Yazigy: clergymen play key role in preserving Syrians' unity

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Prime Minister has said that the conspirators are trying to target the national economy after  failing at the military and political levels.

Dr. Wael al-Halqi has underscored  the political outrage over the ongoing crisis in the country which indicates the desire to bring about suitable solutions.

He was speaking as he met with Patriarch Yohn X Yazigy of Antioch and All the East.

 According to SANA, the gathering today dealt with the role of Muslim and Christian clergymen in mobilizing capabilities to preserve the Syrian people's unity through promulgating the culture of love and tolerance as well as explaining the real image of religions.

The premier cited that the current circumstances promote an opportunity for the Syrians to reconsider the economic and educational policies to bolster their steadfastness vis-a`-vis any emergency. 

"Government is relentlessly working to ensure the factors of steadfastness," he said, pointing out that an economic, political, media and social war are being waged against the country.

For his part, the patriarch said: "Despite the circumstances, the Syrians are giving lessons to the others on unity, perseverance in achieving victory, and protecting their homeland."

He stressed that the three-stage political plan outlined by President Bashar al-Assad is the only outlet to restore peace and security to Syria.

The Patriarch separately met Awqaf (Endowment) Minister and the Republic's Grand Mufti.

The talks focused on the Takfiri and provocative calls and Fatwas issued to serve the western agenda. 

Basma Qaddour  

3,500 tons of weapons already sent to " rebels" in Syria , says Lord Ashdown

Lord Ashdown, the former Liberal Democrat leader, spoke out against arming "rebels" in Syria and called for pressure to be put on Qatar and Saudi Arabia to cut off funding for arms.

Lord Ashdown described the rebels as “not a fit and proper collection of people for us to be providing arms to”. 

“They do not need arms. It is an unchallenged figure that 3,500 tons of arms have been shipped in by way of Croatia with the assistance of the CIA, funded by the Saudis, funded by the Qataris, going almost exclusively to the more jihadist groups,” the former international high representative for Bosnia said in a debate.

 “I know where those weapons are coming from. They are the weapons left over from the Bosnian war. They are being shipped out in large measure through Croatian ports and airports and I can tell you they are making vast sums for corrupt forces in the Balkans.”

Britain and France favor arming the "rebels", while in a change of policy Washington recently announced it would supply direct military aid to opponents of the Syrian government.

  Lord Ashdown said he knew of “no occasion” when a route to peace was to provide more weapons.

 “If it is the case that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are today funding the very "jihadists" against which we are fighting, why are we not using international pressure, the United States, the European Union, to persuade Saudi Arabia and Qatar to stop, to prevent this?” he said.

“It seems to me we should not stumble towards arms when there is diplomacy still to be played out.”


Source: the Daily Telegraph


Egypt's army gives parties 48 hours to resolve crisis

Egypt's army has given the country's rival parties 48 hours to resolve a deadly political crisis.

The army would offer a "road map" for peace if President Mohammed Morsi and his opponents failed to heed "the will of the people", it said.

Given the inability of politicians from all sides to agree until now, it seems unlikely Morsi can survive in power, says the BBC's Aleem Maqbool in Cairo,according to BBC.

On Sunday millions rallied in cities nationwide, urging Mr Morsi to quit.

Protests continued on Monday, and eight people died as activists stormed and ransacked the Cairo headquarters of the" Muslim Brotherhood", to which the president belongs.

The head of the armed forces described Sunday's protests as an "unprecedented" expression of the popular will.

The statement by the minister of defence and army chief, Gen al-Sisi, was worded carefully.

It did not say the president must go. The army, with troops in strategic positions across Cairo, is saying the government and opposition have 48 hours to agree a way forward or it will intervene with its own plan.

The reality is they have never given up their critical role behind the scenes, which includes huge economic power.

No matter which way Egypt goes - and there could be some very rough days ahead - the army will never want its own power diluted.

In a statement read out by a spokesman on state television on Monday evening, Gen Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said the army would not get involved in politics or government.

The opposition movement behind the protests, Tamarod (Rebel), welcomed the statement, but said it would continue demonstrations to force Mr Morsi out.

There were scenes of flag-waving jubilation in Cairo's Tahrir Square, where Tamarod supporters believed the statement spelt the end for a president they accuse of putting the Brotherhood's interests ahead of the country's as a whole.

As five helicopters flew over the square with huge Egyptian flags hanging below them, the crowds chanted: "The army and the people are one hand."

But a senior member of the' Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)" rejected the military statement.

 The opposition movement had given Morsi until Tuesday afternoon to step down and call fresh presidential elections, or else face a campaign of civil disobedience.

On Saturday, the group said it had collected more than 22 million signatures - more than a quarter of Egypt's population - in support.

Meanwhile, the al-Watan website said the ministers of tourism, environment, communication and legal affairs had resigned in an act of "solidarity with the people's demand to overthrow the regime".