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HDNational Reconciliation is Syrian State Project

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ "National reconciliation is the very project of the Syrian State  , in which everyone  should participate," said Minister of State for  National reconciliation Dr. Ali Haidar,  explaining that the ministry supports all civil and popular initiatives on the ground.

In an interview with Syrian TV Tuesday  night, Haidar said : "The file of the  kidnapped , the detainees and absent is the preoccupation that the  ministry of reconciliation deals with,  calling on all citizens to cooperate with the ministry and to provide preliminary information about  arrested or detained  persons as a result of the current events.

Dr Haider added that the increasing kidnappings are but crimes, through which the kidnappers seek blackmailing for material gains, and not for political reasons.

He denied accusation  of  certain  security services of such kidnappings ,  warning all citizens  not to believe the kidnappers claiming  to belong  to military or security  sides when showing  security or  military cards  because these cards  were stolen from   martyred or kidnapped military and security men , besides the terrorists  forge identity cards.

He also underlined the duty of the Syrians to provide information helping in the release of the kidnapped, as a humanitarian issue par excellence.

He continued that the crisis in Syria affected all walks of life, pointing out that addressing these effects requires emergency plans that must cover everything, especially the basic needs of citizens such as bread and fuel, stressing that reforms must go hand in hand with accountability.

"I assure all who bet on the collapse of Syria economically, that Syria is still strong and able to sustain for a long time because of the solidarity of its social structure." The Minister stressed.


Jamil speaks to RT about crisis in Syria

MOSCOW,(ST)_Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs sees that the political solution to crisis in Syria is 'inevitable' sooner or later.

Dr.Qadri Jamil told RT on Tuesday that the political solution is the only way to solve the crisis in Syria, adding: "those who believe that it is possible to apply the Tunisian, or Libyan, or Egyptian experiences on Syria do understand neither history and geography nor Syria's civilization."

Syria has always been 'invaders' cemetery', said Jamil.

As for Russia's stance towards crisis in Syria, Deputy PM said: "since the very beginning, this stance was balanced and objective and calls for dialogue."

He added that the Syrian government is adopting the same stance through the political plan endorsed to resolve crisis in Syria.

Jamil reminded of remarks made by ex-UN Envoy to Syria, Kofi Anna, in which he unveiled reason of thwarting his task as some countries do not abide by what they say.

"Sometimes, the west was talking about the need for bring about a political solution and doing the opposite; however, some Gulf countries are still calling for military solution, which is no longer acceptable."

He stressed that the mediator (UN envoy) must be honest. 

On the other hand, Jamil raised the problem of turning deaf ear to the acts of terrorist groups, including the blacklisted al-Qaeda-linked Jabhat al-Nusra, in Syria.

"The countries that support terrorism seeks to fuel sectarian conflict in Syria and the region as well," Jamil said, noting that Jabhat al-Nusra clashes with armed groups as each has a project that has nothing to do with building modern Syria.

He warned against spreading chaos in Syria through terrorist groups, such as Jabhat al-Nusra. 

West's  crocodile tears

Talking about western sanctions, Jamil said: "These sanctions are but collective punishment to the Syrian people, both pro-government and opposition, for its stances and history."

He asserted that the sanction caused a humanitarian crisis which the Syrian government is working to avoid it.

"No one has counted the citizens killed by the US-European sanctions so thus," the Deputy PM said.

He asked: "Why humanitarian aid does not reach the Syrian displaced people's camps abroad?" adding: "No one can claim that it is difficult to reach there."

"The miserable situation of the hundreds of thousands of the Syrian displaced citizens abroad unmasks crocodile tears of the west over the Syrian people," Jamil said.

Fabius 's remark

Commenting on the French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius 's remark on crisis in Syria, the Deputy PM sees that there is a difference between this remark and the precious ones.

"Fabius has started to see facts which he was ignoring. This is a beginning to recognize inevitability of the political plan," Jamil concluded.




Al-Halqi issues decisions to ease solving crisis in Syria

DAMASCUS,(ST)- The Syrian Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halqi  today issues a decision to form subcommittees in every governorate to be tasked to laying down the necessary mechanisms for calling the national opposition and all political forces, vocational unions and popular organizations including the civil society, religious and economic commissions to began open consultative meetings for discussing the form and context of the national dialogue conference.

The decision provides that the committee begins its action immediately and submit periodical reports about results of the contacts and consultative sessions and the carried out activities to the Prime Minister and to define participants from the governorates in the national dialogue conference.

The subcommittee will be chaired by the governor and include  members of al-Baath Party Branch Secretary in the governorate , chairman of the governorate's council, police chief and representatives of the reconciliation committee at the People’s Assembly and the State Ministry for the National Reconciliation Affairs.

The decision comes as an implementation of the political program for solving the crisis in Syria and of the decisions taken during the sessions held on 8 - 9 January 2013 regarding laying down the mechanisms and executive steps of the political program.       

Al-Halqi also issued a decision providing for forming a committee to supervise the return of Syrian displaced in the neighboring countries through the crossing borders who were obliged due to the current circumstances to leave their houses and countries and to facilitate the necessary logistic and administrative measures.

The committee will  be headed by representative of the higher committee for relief and its membership will include representatives of the national security bureau, the ministries of Foreign Affairs, Expatriates, Justice, Interior, the State Ministries of National Reconciliation, Red Crescent Affairs and representative of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Organization.

Obeida Mohammad 


Syria slams 'terrorist' attack on Algerian gas field

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Foreign and Expatriates Ministry strongly condemns recent terrorist attack on a natural gas field in Algeria.

SANA quoted Walid al-Moallem, Foreign and Expatriates Minister, as saying in a letter to his Algerian Counterpart, Murad Medelci, that Syria has followed with interest the Algerian Army's achievements in confronting the terrorists who attacked the economic plant to cause problems in the brotherly state, Algeria."

The FM asserted solidarity of Syria's people and leadership with the Algerians in combatting terrorism, adding: "This battle against terrorism in Algeria or Syria is inseparable."

He asserted that Syria is facing the same terrorist gangs that seek to shred the Arab nation.

"Syria strongly decries all parties that are funding and arming these terrorist groups," the FM's letter concluded.

On Wednesday, al-Qaeda-affiliated group attacked a gas field in southern Algeria which reportedly produces 9 billion cubic meters of gas a year(160,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day), more than a tenth of the Algeria's overall gas output.



Al-Halqi chairs HSRC meeting

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Syrian government underscores importance of partnership between private and public sectors to finance scientific researches.

Prime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halqi said on Sunday that there is a need to find additional sources of finance scientific research through partnership between public and private sectors.

In a meeting with the High Scientific Research Commission (HSRC), the premier said: "The government accords great importance to scientific research and ensures all its requirements (technical and financial ones)."

He asked concerned ministries and establishments to cooperate with the commission and implement proposals of technical and scientific development through national policy to encourage innovation.

"National Policy for science, technology and innovation upgrades level of scientific activities, link research commissions with services and productive establishments, and develop  a suitable  environment to knowledge economy and improve citizen's living conditions," the PM said.

According to SANA, today's meeting tackled financial and administrative report of the commission plus new ideas to push process of scientific research forwards. 

It was attended by ministers of Higher Education, Finance, Telecommunication and Information Technology, Agriculture, Education, and Industry, and heads of all circles concerned. 

Basma Qaddour