Democracy of Relegation

Protests which have recently broken out in "Taksim" square in Istanbul have dropped the mulberry leaf behind which the Neo-Ottomans shelter. Those claiming to spread Democracy over the Turks as they tend to believe that the own Turkey and not only winning the elections they once had.

They forgot or have relegated into oblivion that Turkey had an intellectual, ideological and multi-ethnic diversity.

Mention should be focused on the fact that the other half of the Turkish people have other opinions and views no matter what Erdogan brags about achievements and successes. These things could have been done by other governments too. All achievements made so far are already attributable to the Turkish people.

What happened in Taksim square, the freedom square was an expression of public wrath not to hinder the construction of a mall or a public garden, it was merely the straw that broke Erdogan's back.

The demonstrations exposed him and his party's political malpractices right before the eyes of the Turkish people. These demonstrations aimed at preventing Erdogan from tampering with the public freedom which he and his partner Uglu pursued since the so-called Ergenekon case where Erdogan prosecuted his antagonists the thing that culminated in the resignation of many officers denying the authoritarian policy.

The demonstration in Taksimsquare was not the only incident but there were hundreds of others in several Turkish towns. It was preceded by massive revolts, the most prominent of which compiled over 1000 Turks cascading from different walks of life on Dec. 13, 2012.It hinged on Silivri court where hundreds of military personnel, party leaders , parliamentarians, journalistsand ex-judges were charged with plotting a coup d'état against justice and development party under the name of Ergenekon conspiracy.

Is There a better relegation than what Erdogan and his party claim ?!


Ahmad Orabi Baaj

E & T by: H. Shamout

Turkish Criminality, Western, Arab Conspiracy Did not Undermine Syria – Jafaari

Pennsylvania ,(ST)_ Syria's permanent representative to the UN Dr. Bashar Jaafari,  that neither Turkish criminality nor British , French  and Arab Gulf conspiracies could affect Syria, which has been steadfast all the time , even  under the blockade and economic sanctions. 

In a seminar at the Syrian- American Forum  in Pennsylvania , Jafaari  explained that the secret of the success of Syria  steadfastness in this big crisis is the Syrian  man , who is the treasure of Syria 's geopolitical position in the world.

 " They left no way to annoy us , however,  they  failed and  now they are looking for new solutions  because of their bad calculations, and  not because they changed their attitude towards us,"  Jafaari added  stressing  that everyone  now rethink their calculations   because they discovered they were wrong,  and did not lead  to what they sought of changing the rule in Syria, undermining Syria  or handing it   to extremism and terrorism funded by petrodollars.

Jaafari questioned  where is  national work and  what is  the relation between improving  the situation in Syria  with  kidnapping bishops and  killing the elderly, destruction of airports, radar networks, schools, hospitals,  drug laboratories and dismantling labs and  smuggling them to Turkey.

 T. Fateh 

National economy 'immune' despite challenges, says al-Halqi

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Prime Minister has designated the national economy as 'immune' and satisfy the needs of all citizens, noting that government is still offering free health service and educational services despite challenges.

Dr.Wael al-Halqi's remark came Monday during the opening ceremony of the Physicians Union's extraordinary general conference.

The premier underscored that the improvement of health care measures and setting up many hospitals over the past years proved the political leadership and government's interest in health sector.

He briefed the conferees on economic and services situation in  light of  the current circumstances Syria is going through, stressing that the country is facing a global war at economic, political, military, diplomatic and intelligence levels.

The 2013 wheat production estimated 2.5m ton

Al-Halqi said: "Economic sector is being targeted in order to abort its competitiveness at all levels…this year, wheat production is estimated to be 2.5 million ton.. the strategic wheat reserves could meet two years of the country's demand."

Employees salaries hit 'SP 497 bn'

He added that the government is to expend SP497 billion as salaries for state employees this year and continue providing citizens with all basic services free. "Therefore, the armed terrorist groups systematically target the infrastructure of these sectors (education, health, power) and devastate the  service establishments in order to undermine state's components."

Reason for targeting medicine facilities

Al-Halqi made it clear that the Turkish government purposely gave the order to target the Syrian medicine facilities to protect Turkish industry.

"Syria was totally self-sufficient in medicine production and was exporting medicines to 57 states all over the world. However, Turkey was producing 65 million ton/ year and its needs reached up to 40 million ton, so it was looking for markets to sell its products," he said.

CBS issues real exchange rate

As for foreign currency reserves, al-Halqi reiterated, once again, that Syria has good reserves, adding: "the Syrian pound has hit a record low against the Dollar due to the economic sanctions and embargo imposed on the country. The real exchange rate is issued only by the Central Bank of Syria."

Concerning compensation being paid for affected people, the PM said: "So thus, as many as SP6.4billion out of SP30 bn has been spent."


He, in addition, affirmed that the government allocates SP 512 bn for subsidizing basic items in 2013. "Despite current circumstances, Syria will never relinquish subsidization."

Al-Halqi concluded that the government is working on bringing about a formulation to improve citizens' livelihood and ease the crisis' impact on them.

Basma Qaddour 

Two Suicide Bombings Hit Damascus

DAMASCUS, (ST) –Two suicide bombers Tuesday morning blew themselves up in al-Marjeh square in Damascus. Fourteen people were martyred and scores wounded.

A Damascus Police Command source told SANA, that two suicide bombers blew themselves up today morning near a police department, claiming the lives of 14 people and wounding 31 others some of them have serious injuries. The explosions also caused material damage.

The source pointed out that parts of shredded bodies were collected at the scene and put in two bags.

H. Mustafa

Syria Ready to Solve Issue of Egyptians Involved in Events: Al-Mikdad

DAMASCUS, (ST) - Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Faisal al-Mikdad has stressed Syria’s readiness to find a solution to the issue of the Egyptians who had got involved in Syria events.

Al-Mikdad, who was speaking on Monday to an Egyptian media delegation visiting Syria, welcomed efforts that may be exerted by  the Egyptian media or civil society organizations to explain what is really going on in Syria to the Egyptian public opinion, so as to put an end to the anti-Syria media campaign and the fabrications being promoted  by some parties to urge some misled Egyptians to join the armed terrorist groups in Syria.

Al-Mikdad’s meeting with the Egyptian delegation focused also on the situation in Syria, the developments in the Arab region and the Western challenges aiming to fragment the Arab region in order to serve Israel’s hegemonic schemes and undermine the Palestinian cause.

The Deputy Foreign Minister stressed the historical relations between the two peoples of Syria and Egypt , and affirmed the important role of media institutions of both countries in serving common interests.

For their part, the Egyptian journalists asserted their keenness to  preserve Syria’s sovereignty and independence. They voiced solidarity with the Syrian people in the confrontation of the terrorist campaign which has been targeting Syria with the help of some western countries and their tools in several Arab states.

Members of the guest delegation, who condemned the Arab League’s suspicious role in the conspiracy against Syria, expressed their willingness and determination to uncover the targets of the West and Israel-backed aggression which Syria is facing on behalf of the whole Arab nation. They affirmed that this aggression aims at weakening the Arab nation and undermining its sovereignty and independence.

H.  Mustafa