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Putin vows to defend UN’s key role in Middle East

As the Syrian conflict continues into the second year, there is evidence that turmoil in Libya, which has lost track of its military arsenals, has aggravated the situation in Mali and subsequently provoked the recent terrorist attack in Algeria, Vladimir Putin stressed.

 “These unfortunate circumstances force Russia to keep defending the rule of law and the central role of the United Nations,” Mr. Putin said.

The Russian leader vowed that his country, as a permanent member state of the UN Security Council, “feels responsible for maintaining global security and is set to cooperate with its partners in order to address global concerns."

President Putin also pointed out that Russia was a staunch supporter of a peaceful settlement though political dialogue who respected the right of other nations to sovereignty, territorial integrity and equality ,according to Voice of Russia, RIA.

 “I believe it is the only viable attitude in the world where threats and challenges are on the rise,” he added.

Putin's remarks came during receiving  credentials of 19 new ambassadors of 19 countries.

The credentials were presented by ambassadors of Spain, Cuba, Mexico, Serbia, Australia, Estonia, the Philippines, Sudan, Egypt, New Zealand and other countries.


Armed opposition groups Attack Religious Sites in Idlib and Lattakia,asserts HRW

 BEIRUT,(ST)-Armed opposition groups appeared to have deliberately destroyed religious sites in many areas in  Northern Syria, in November and December 2012, Human Rights Watch said following investigations in Latakia and Idlib governorates. An armed group destroyed a husseiniya in Idlib governorate, and two churches in Latakia governorate were looted. In all three cases evidence examined by Human Rights Watch suggests, and witnesses stated.


Russian Foreign Ministry: no plans to evacuate Russians from Syria

MOSCOW,(ST)-The First Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Andrey Denisov has asserted that Russia is not planning to evacuate its citizens from Syria, denying the fact that the issue of transferring Russian ladies and children on board of the Russian Emergency Ministry airplanes is related to the bad circumstances in the country.

In a statement quoted by the Russia today website, Denisov said that the airplanes of the Russian Emergency Ministry headed originally to transport a load of humanitarian aid, medicine and food stuff to Syria according to a Syrian official demand. “As the airplanes arrived the country there were some people want to leave the country with their children , so we expressed our readiness to transport them”, Denisov said, confirming that there are no talks about comprehensive evacuation.    

A source affiliated to the Russian Embassy in Damascus has recently announced that these airplanes will today transfer about hundred Russian citizens in Syria according to their demand. “ There are ongoing talks just about transporting people who want to travel freely to Moscow, especially those whom their houses are destroyed”, the source added.  

“People who will fly to Moscow today are from the Russian permanent residents in Syria not from members of the Russian Diplomatic Commission working in the country”, the source pointed out.

The Russian diplomatic source asserted that the direct air flights between Moscow and Damascus are regular and incessant at an average of two flights a week.

 Inas Abdulkareem  

Syria briefs UNSC on new 'terrorist crime' against citizens

 DAMASCUS,(ST)_Syria restates  in a new letter sent to the UN Security Council need for blasting terrorism wherever to prevent its spread .

SANA reported that Expatriates and Foreign Ministry addressed on Tuesday two identical letters to the International Security Council's Head and the UN Secretary General about a new terrorist attack perpetrated by the blacklisted al-Qaeda- linked Jabhat al-Nusra against citizens in Salamieh city in Hama province.

The terrorist crime caused the death of at least 32 citizens, leaving more others, including women and children, wounded and destroyed the national hospital in the city.

"It comes in revenge on Salamieh city's citizens who refused terrorism and insisted on preserving their city's security," the letters read, noting that this terrorist act is not the first in this city.

Other cities in Syria, as the FM says, have witnessed more terrorist attacks. One of them targeted a school in Nawa city (in Daraa) where the terrorists attacked the school and stole diesel oil which was being used to heat students' classes.

"Throughout the 2013 school year, the terrorists have threatened to target all Syrian schools because they want education process to be stopped," the FM said, stressing that the terrorist groups are proud of using children to carry out heinous terrorist acts.

Facebook shows these terrorist acts.

Turkey's involvement

The FM underscored that Syria, once again, reminds that these terrorists, who boast of not having identity and nationality, are infiltrating from the neighboring countries, particularly from Turkey, via borders.

"Turkey has opened its borders to all terrorists to enter Syria without conditions, and the Turkish government is providing them with weapons, which they are using in their terrorist attacks against the Syrian people," the letters read.

No denouncement!!

It added that the terrorist acts and those who are supporting them are governed by the relevant UN resolutions as regards combatting terrorism, stressing that not implementing the resolutions means a decision to spread terrorism and foil the UNSC efforts to combat it.

The FM appealed to the UNSC to denounce  the terrorist acts not only in Syria but also all over the world. In addition, it called upon countries that hinder the UNSC from performing its tasks to reconsider their stances that do not serve security and stability in Syria and the whole world as well.

Basma Qaddour




President Al-Assad plan, good opportunity for national talks- Larijani

 Speaker of Iran's Majlis (Parliament) Ali Larijani said Tuesday that the recent plan proposed by President Bashar Al-Assad is a good opportunity for holding dialogue among different Syrian groups.

Larijani made the remarks in a meeting with Hezbullah member of parliament Walid Sukkarieh who is leading the Lebanese delegation to Khartoum, Sudanوaccording to IRNA.

The meeting was held on the sidelines of the eighth General Assembly meeting of the Islamic Inter-Parliamentary Union.

Stressing that the Syrian problem has no military solution, Larijani said Iran is against any military intervention in Syria. Those countries which financially support opposition groups in Syria and dispatch arms to them should be responsible for the bloodshed in that country.

As to Iran's stance on Syria, the Majlis speaker said Tehran believes that democracy should be pursued in that country.

Lebanon plays a significant role in the region, thanks to its resistance movement, Larijani reiterated.

For his part, the Lebanese official said the western states are trying to sow discord among regional states in order to achieve their own objectives.

He further hoped that the Syrian people would witness peace as soon as possible, stressing that no country has right to meddle in internal affairs of Damascus.