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Zakharova: Syrian Army retaliating against attacks launched by terrorists in Idleb on its positions and neighboring towns

MOSCOW, (ST)-  The Russian Foreign Ministry's spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova has announced that the displaced people remaining in the Rukban Camp and al-Tanf area near the Syrian-Jordanian borders have not been evacuated, because the American occupation forces and the US-backed terrorists positioned there are preventing them from leaving.

In a briefing on Thursday, Zakharova said that the implementation of the United Nations plan to evacuate the remaining residents of al-Rukban camp has been postponed for five months because of the refusal of Washington and the US-backed militants to give necessary safety guarantees."

 "We believe that the real reason for the plight of the camp is the American occupation. This problem cannot be solved by sending humanitarian convoys only, especially since the assistance does not reach the displaced, but remains in the hands of the militants, whereas those displaced people receive all humanitarian and health support when they leave al-Tanf area to the lands under the government's control," Zakharova added .

Car bomb kills a number of Turkish occupation soldiers and mercenaries in northern countryside of Raqqa

Raqqa, (ST)- A number of Turkish occupation soldiers and terrorists were killed in a car bomb attack near Hammam Al-Turkman village in the northern countryside of Raqqa.

SANA correspondent, quoting local sources, said that a car bomb exploded near the village of Hammam Al-Turkman, located in Tel Abyad area of the northern countryside of Raqqa, killing a number of Turkish occupation soldiers and mercenaries from the terrorist organizations that control the village.

Military source: A large number of " al-Nusra Front" terrorists attacked army units stationed south and southeast of Idlib

Units of the Syrian Arab Army operating in the Idlib countryside clashed today with terrorist groups that attacked military posts in the liberated countryside of Ma`rat al-Numan.

A military source told SANA that al-Nusra Front terrorists launched a violent attack at dawn today.

The source added that the terrorists were able, through the use of various types of weapons including booby-trapped vehicles and under a heavy fire cover, to penetrate some of the army's positions in the direction of Al-Teh-Abu Harif-alSamaka.

Middle East Council of Churches calls for lifting the economic blockade imposed on the Syrians

BEIRUT, (ST)- The Executive Committee of the Middle East Council of Churches has renewed its call for lifting the unfair economic blockade imposed on the Syrian people.

In a statement on Wednesday, the Committee said that the suffering of the Syrian people because of the war and the siege necessitates exerting all efforts to lift the sanctions, help the Syrians, who were displaced because of terrorism, return home and continue confronting extremism and terrorism in Syria.

The statement reiterated that Christians in the East are deeply-rooted in their land and they will continue to adhere to their homeland, heritage and identity.

Syrian-Iranian cooperation to rehabilitate damaged schools and support vocational education in Syria

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Prime Minister Imad Khamis discussed on Wednesday with Iran's Education Minister Mohsen Haji Mirzaei means to boost economic, social and educational cooperation and coordination and to build and invest human resources for reconstruction.

Khamis said that the Syrian government has accorded special interest to requirements of human sources development and to confronting the repercussions of the terrorist war on Syria which targeted the moral and cultural values of Syrian youths.

The government has been keen on rehabilitating schools in the areas liberated from terrorism, on developing scientific research system and on providing requirements of vocational education, according to Khamis.