Two people killed and dozens injured in Egypt

Two people were killed and dozens injured in street fighting on Wednesday north of Cairo between supporters and opponents of Egypt's president, hours before Mohamed Mursi was to address the nation, according to REUTERS.

With Egypt gripped by fears of a showdown between "Islamists" and their opponents, security sources said 90 people wounded in the city of Mansoura after hundreds of men were involved in rock-throwing street skirmishes. Witnesses also heard gunfire.

There was also fighting in the nearby Nile Delta city of Tanta, though casualties appeared to have been less severe.

Similar outbursts of violence, often prompted by one side or the other staging rallies, have hit towns across the country in recent days. At least two men died last weekend. The opposition plans mass protests this weekend, calling for Mursi to resign.

He shows no sign of doing that and is expected to blame the deadlock that has aggravated an economic crisis on resistance from those loyal to his ousted predecessor Hosni Mubarak.

Fears of a violent stand-off in the streets between Mursi's supporters and a broad coalition of the disaffected have led people to stock up on food. Long lines of cars outside fuel stations have snarled roads in Cairo and other cities.


Russian FM hopes US will clarify its position on Syria next week

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov hopes that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will clarify Washington's stance on Syria at a meeting in Brunei on July 1-2.

"The meeting with John Kerry will be held on the sidelines of the East Asia Summit on 1-2 July in Brunei," Lavrov said ,according to Voice of Russia, TASS.

"We expect more clarity as to what is the U.S. position with respect to our joint initiative on Syria [Geneva II Conference]", the Minister added.

Unfortunately, however, at this stage, there is no way to offer a specific date for the conference, Lavrov continued.

"It is clear that for now we do not see the possibility to offer a specific date for the conference. First of all, this is because the opposition is not ready at all to participate in it without its 'preconditions'. In this respect we rely on the efforts of our Western partners, especially the U.S.", Lavrov asserted.

The Russian FM also noted that the "National Coalition', which is trying to persuade Russian counterparts in the West, is not the only representative of the 'opposition". There is also opposition inside Syria: the National Coordination Committee, the Supreme Council of the Kurds.

"They also need to be represented in the dialogue", Lavrov said.

"Of course, foreign players must be invited to take part in the talks, especially the neighbors of Syria. Iran, a country which along with other Gulf countries has the most real and direct impact on the situation that is unfolding in Syria, also has to have a voice during the conference," Lavrov concluded.


Cabinet forms a committee to follow up economic situation

DAMASCUS, (S.T)_ The Wednesday-cabinet meeting had several topics on the table including political and economic situation, governmental shelters and terrorist groups' sabotage acts.

Opposition meeting

The ministers underlined the importance of national meeting to be convened this month in Tehran between national opposition , social and political sides.

This meeting aims to overcome the current crisis on the basis of rejecting both violence and foreign intervention in Syria's internal affairs.


Moreover, the participants discussed the situation of industrial establishments and measures being adopted to protect them from terrorist groups.

They noted that a number of establishments' owners intend to open new branches in other provinces to go ahead in production.


In addition, they agreed on forming a committee headed by Local Administration Minister to study the carried out works related to reconstruction of areas damaged by the terrorist groups.


At the beginning of the meeting, the cabinet congratulated President Bashar al-Assad on the occasion of the new Hijri Year and the 42nd anniversary of the Correction Movement led by the late President Hafez al-Assad.

Dr.Wael al-Halaqi, Prime Minister, talked about the meanings of the Hijri Year and Islam message that calls for tolerance and co-existence, noting that Islam prohibits the brutal crimes being perpetrated by the Takfiri terrorist groups in Syria.

Then, he spoke about the Correction Movement's achievements in all sectors that have been enhanced under the process of development and modernization being led by President Bashar al-Assad.

Besides, the cabinet hailed the Syrian Arab Army's steadfastness and unity with our people in confronting the US-Gulf conspiracy and pursuing terrorist groups to restore stability to Syria.

Basma Qaddour


Doha's 'bubbles' and 'clinically dead' Opposition




Some Arabs' hectic, but futile, efforts have been exerted at the orders of their master, the USA and some Western countries, as to create a new gathering for the 5-star hotel Syrian opposition. The participants were pulled from their ties to come to Doha. Days and nights of discussions and conspiracies among the participants, most of whom have nothing Syrian, but unfortunately place of birth. Albeit, they share common goals in rejecting dialogue, asking for foreign intervention and claiming to represent the Syrians, who are nowadays fighting inside their country in defense of Syria. The enemy which the Syrians are fighting was itself invented, groomed and exported to them by the same foreigners and outside opposition figures. Thus, a deformed opposition council was made with a registered mark of slavery to the USA and affiliations. Yes Madam Secretary, Clinton, your orders were executed.

According to different readings, such a deformed invention in Doha is doomed to failure, as was that of Istanbul. Real opposition is here inside Syria, defending Syria's sovereignty, integrity, reforms, peace and security. That is why this opposition is referred to as national opposition. Apart from  Arab league's- Gulf Petrodollar League- evil bids to add the more of fuel to the crisis in Syria, some legitimacy to an illegitimate neo-born, this very foundling infant is illegitimate, given the genes analyses, which belong to Qatari, US, Saudi, Turkish, western and other sperms!

Doha Council represents but a small portion of Syrians, who, for different personal interests, accepted to knell down to earth before their draconian masters.  “The legitimate representative of the Syrian people” is but the Syrian Government, which does join some of the national opposition and reconciliation figures. Let all the participants in the blood shedding of the Syrians invent whatever deformed entities; the final say is here on the ground, for the millions of true Syrians.

The defense of Syria, as Minister Omran al-Zou'bi of Information clearly stated yesterday, is the national destiny and no power in the world whatsoever can defeat Syria, given the presence of the Syrian hero Army and the Syrians' belief in their Cause. The national opposition is opposition in political work and differences with this opposition are for Syria and not against Syria, and in respect for the national sovereignty symbols: the Presidency of the Republic, National Flag, National Anthem and the Syrian Arab Army and Armed Forces. Doha's anti-Syria 'bubbles' and non-national 'clinically dead ' opposition do fear of voting ballots and of the Syrian Public Opinion judgment.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim




Syria 's Modernized Democracy built on UN resolutions, Geneva Statement : Moscow




MOSCOW,(ST)- " One who thinks of modernizing Syria democratically , while honoring  its sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, should do so under the provisions  of the UN Security Council resolutions and Geneva statement", said  official spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Lukashevich on Monday.

"We believe that our prime mission is to work to stop violence , save lives and launch the political process in Syria." Lukashevich said in a statement quoted by  Russia Today (RT) site.

 On the efforts made by international and regional sides to form new clusters and entities for the so called Syrian opposition, the Russian official stressed  that this issue is for Moscow   linked  to "the willingness of members of these coalitions to settling the  dispute by the Syrians themselves without outside military intervention and through dialogue and negotiation within the framework  of the  Comprehensive Agreement stated in the final communiqué  of the International Working Group meeting in Geneva."

He noted  that Moscow continues  contacts with the Syrian government and all spectrums of the  Syrian opposition in order to convince them  adopt such a constructive attitude.

For his part,  the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov said that efforts to unify the "Syrian opposition" will be useful in one case, which is the  willingness to start dialogue with the Syrian government.

Gatilov wrote in his page on the social networking site Twitter "The unification of the Syrian opposition may be useful in the event of their joining the political dialogue with the government as stipulated in Geneva statements."


T. Fateh