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Moscow Never Hides Its Legitimate Arms Sales to Syria - Lavrov

 MOSCOW- Russian Foreign Minister Sergi Lavrov has announced that Moscow has never tried to hide its arms sales to Syria, because it is implementing the contracts which have been signed time ago. He stressed that any country has the legitimate right to have defense capabilities which are not prohibited by any international treaty.

Russia Today quoted Lavrov as saying to the British "Foreign Policy" Magazine that "those contracts are mostly about providing the Syrian government with anti-aircraft defensive weapons, and it is absolutely clear that Syria needs legitimately defensive capabilities because the threats are not invented, but they are quite real."

He added "any country has the legitimate right to have defense capabilities which are not prohibited by any international treaty, and we are not violating any."

He called for focusing on the other side and to take into consideration reports about the opposition being armed by offensive weapons, and by the weapons which have been also infiltrated from Libya.

"I believe that it is much more important to take a better look at the other side of the drama because the opposition is being armed by offensive weapons, by the weapons which have been also infiltrated from Libya, including MANPADs, which is a very dangerous weapon. And we have to take this information into account against the background of the leaders of the (Free Syrian Army) making public statements that airplanes, including civilian airplanes, and airports, including civilian airports, will be legitimate targets. This is very dangerous," Lavrov said.

The Russian Foreign Minister renewed Russia's call for halting violence in Syria and launching dialogue without any preconditions, referring to "some positive changes" which occurred on the part of those who have been denying any possibility for dialogue.

He added that this positive change occurred not only in the stances of Washington, Paris and other European capitals, but also in the stances of the Arab countries which are now saying things they did not say before, namely that there must be beginning of a dialogue."

H. Mustafa

Scores Martyred, Wounded in Al-Marjeh Terrorist Blast

DAMASCUS(ST)-  At least 14 Syrian civilians were martyred and more than 100 were wounded in the terrorist bombing which hit al-Marjeh area in the heart of Damascus Tuesday morning, according to an official source, citing an initial toll.

The source, said that the explosion, which took place in a traffic-busy  area, also caused serious material damage

 A media source reported that the foreign-backed and financed terrorism has committed a new massacre against Syrian civilians at the commercial and historical center of Damascus.

Yesterday, a terrorist bombing targeted the convoy of Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi in al-Mazzeh area in Damascus, claiming the lives of innocent people, wounding scores and causing material damage.

H. Mustafa



Pampered Kids!

British MP George Galloway , who is well known as supporter to Arab just causes, has strongly warned of what he called"  Turkey's Erdogan " .

Galloway described Erdogan's  recent "gifts"  to the Kurds like "Trojan Horse" of the famous Greek Mythology, which is seemingly so useful and beneficial, but its interior is  absolute damage and great trick.

The late Turkish leader Necmettin Erbakan had described the leaders of  Justice and Development Party as " pampered kids"  to Imperialism and international Zionism.

In this sense, the JDP's anti-Israel stance is but a big lie to exploit Arabs and Muslims' feelings, the thing which serves the US interests in the region.

Frequently, Erdogan classified himself as the second president of the Great Middle East project, worth mentioning that the first president of this project is Shimon Peres.

Undoubtedly, US has promised the JDP with political support of western allies, besides economic and financial support from Gulf States.

Turkey's Erdogan and his party aimed at establishing federal system joining the Kurdish part of the north of  Iraq and Syria, hence Turkey will become the hero in the Muslims world that has a great power in the region at all. This  encourages Erdogan and Davutoglu participating illegally and immorally in the conspiracy against Syria.

Due to the Syrians steadfastness and  the honorable achievements of the Armed Forces in the face of terrorism and terrorist groups, the US and its allies' dream about the new Middle East project has failed.


By Ahmad Orabi Baaj

Edited & translated: M. Wassouf 

Al-Halqi: Terrorist Blasts Prove Armed Groups' Bankruptcy

DAMASCUS, (ST) - Following the assassination attempt which targeted him Monday morning in Damascus, Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi stressed that the terrorist bombings, taking place in Syria, evidently prove the bankruptcy of the armed terrorist groups and their supporters after the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army within its plan to rid Syria from terrorists and restore its security and stability.

Al-Halqi, who was speaking during the scheduled meeting of the Economic Committee at the Cabinet headquarters, condemned the terrorist bombing which targeted his convoy on Monday in Mazzeh area in Damascus.

The blast claimed the lives of innocent people and caused scores of injuries as well as serious material damage to public and private properties.

The Premier stressed that such heinous acts of terrorism are being escalated countrywide because of the Syrian people's insistence to implement the President Bashar al-Assad-proposed political program to solve the crisis being the only secure way to start a reconstruction and development process in the country.

"These terrorist bombings are to strengthen our determination and firm will to keep working hard to rebuild Syria and restore security and stability to the homeland," said al-Halqi.

He commended the economic committee's role in drawing up the necessary economic plans and programs that contribute to enhancing the strength and immunity of the national economy in the face of all internal and external challenges.


H. Mustafa

Syria Events Aren't, Will Never Be Civil War, says al-Zou'bi

 "What is going in Syria isn't and will never be a civil or sectarian war," stressed Information Minister Omran al-Zou'bi.

The minister, who was speaking to "Russia Today" Channel last night, said that comprehensive national dialogue is the only way out of the crisis in Syria, pointing out that the government has put forward a political program to solve this crisis.

A-Zou'bi added that the program included political initiative as well as economic, social and reform views that rid the country of conflicts and help it start a constructive post-crisis era. In addition, the program provided guarantees to opposition parties and figures who want to take part in the national dialogue to pave the way for national reconciliation.

"The invitation is open to all parties to take part in consultative meetings in Syria in preparation for launching national dialogue," the minister said, referring to positive and relatively acceptable responses by some opposition forces inside and outside Syria.

"All will realize at the end that national dialogue is the only option and that betting on time, developments on ground, political pressure and foreign intervention is but a waste of time and a big loss to the country," al-Zou'bi added.

Some opposition parties reject dialogue

The Information Minister affirmed that the Syrian government is ready to discuss open and transparent national solutions through conduction a national debate at the highest level, "but some opposition parties reject dialogue as they realize that their representation on ground is weak and this is why they resort to escalate their political, economic and media war against Syria."

Al-Zou'bi went on to say that Syria has been exposed to a media war that constituted a major element of the all-out aggression on the country.

This media war had succeeded at the very beginning in achieving  a strategic goal which is "demonizing the Syrian state, institutions and leadership" by blocking the transmission of the Syrian satellite channels and by launching  a campaign of fabrications and lies against Syria.

H. Mustafa