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More evidence of close connection between Erdogan's regime and Daesh terrorists

RAQQA, (ST)- New evidence has surfaced to document the close connection between the Turkish regime and Daesh terrorist organization and to stress the sinister role that has been played by this Erdogan-led regime in sponsoring terrorist organizations and using them in implementing its aspirations in Syria and Iraq.

Local sources in Raqqa countryside revealed that during their aggression on the Syrian territories in the northeast of the country, the Turkish regime forces were in direct coordination with hundreds of Daesh terrorists who along with their families were located in a number of camps set for them by the US occupation forces and some of their allied groups.

European Parliament "emphatically and unreservedly" condemns Turkish Aggression on Syrian Territories

 BRUSSELS, (ST)- President of the  European Parliament David Sassoli has condemned the Turkish aggression on the Syrian territories, stressing that it poses a threat to the region's stability and security.

“We emphatically and unreservedly condemn Turkey’s military action in north-eastern Syria. This constitutes a grave violation of international law, undermines the stability and security of the region as a whole, bringing further suffering to people already affected by war, as well as obstructing access to humanitarian assistance,” Sassoli said, according to a press release by the European Parliament.

Russia, Iran Hold Consultations on Situation in Syria

MOSCOW, (ST)- Russian and Iranian diplomats have discussed during a meeting  in Moscow the developments in Syria's northeastern region in the backdrop of the Turkish aggression, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Thursday.

In a statement posted on its official website, the ministry said "the two sides stressed their conviction that "achieving lasting and long-term stability in the northeast of Syria and the region in general can only be possible through the restoration of the country’s sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity."

The two sides' consultations also dealt with the political settlement in Syria, focusing on the preparations for launching the work of the Syrian Constitutional Committee in Geneva, the ministry added.

Syrian Parliamentary delegation meets IPU president and French and British MPs in Belgrade

The Syrian parliamentary delegation, that is taking part in the Inter-Parliamentary Union's meetings in Belgrade, has met the president of the IPU Gabriela Cuevas Barron and the participating French and British delegations.

According to the press release of the Syrian People's Assembly [Parliament], the head of the Syrian delegation Najdat Anzour briefed Barron on the latest developments in Syria and the dangerous effects of the Turkish attack on the northeast of Syria.

Syria: Turkish Aggression on Syria Inspired by Erdogan’s Expansionist Dreams

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Despite wide international condemnation, the Turkish regime insists on pressing ahead with its blatant aggression on the Syrian territories in a flagrant violation of all international laws and conventions, an official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said on Thursday.

Syria stresses that the Turkish aggression on the Syrian lands has been inspired by the illusions and expansionist dreams of the President of this regime Recep Tayyib Erdogan. The aggression affects Erdogan’s position as a guarantor of the Astana process on political settlement in Syria, puts Erdogan on equal footing with the terrorist groups he has been supporting and deals a heavy blow to all efforts aiming at solving the crisis in Syria, the source said.