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Peace Negotiations in Devilish Mask

American Jewish Australian Martin Indyk, who served as USA ambassador to Israel, strongly defending it when he was working at "AIPAC" and then at  Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Therefore, he was appointed to represent Washington's  solicit desire to characterize pre-negotiation results.

Regional and world political circumstances have served US and Israel, giving them the chance to eliminate the Palestinian case by taking advantage of the Arabs sinking  in the so-called " Demolishing Spring" drawn by anti-Arab forces. Thus, they swooped on the Palestinian case to impose their so desired solutions

Through the American enthusiasm, John Kerry, "chairman of American diplomacy" has made a series of visits to the occupied territories and petrodollar countries, since the U.S. is  urging to complete the negotiations as soon as possible, to impose a solution whatever form or way to solve postponed complex problems. Consequently, no one will dare any more approaching those problems as Jerusalem issue, sovereignty and the right of return, but in an embellished diplomatic manner.

Obama in Kerry's mask, is trying to show good intentions by resuming negotiations and diplomatic statements which are completely free of good will, and reveal Washington's desire to reach a solution that will topple the Palestinian cause, ignoring all the degradations of this oppressed people throughout history.

Washington's desire to erase the Palestinian cause, associated with Arabs' hypocrisy  who permanently assume their false loyalty to the Palestinian people  return to its homelands.

At this time, the American hypocrisy is still continuing by providing advocacy for Israelis to increase the settlements in exchange of some prisoners release, who have already ended their period of unjust sentences. It is well known, that America will not reward the Palestinians at the expense of Israelis.

Though, political chaos is spreading all over most of Arab countries, Israel is unable to pass its sinister scheme. In addition to another dilemma  that Palestinians are facing represented by their disability to execute Israeli requests. As a matter of fact, Israel's goal is to liquidate Palestinian rights remaining under the so-called  "Peace negotiations". Nonetheless,  Palestinian cause liquidation is a far-off goal,  even though under Saudi- Guarantee.

Ahmad Orabi Ba'aj

E & T : H. Shammout 

Al-Halqi calls on all displaced to come back home from the neighboring countries

Damascus (ST)-Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi renewed calling  on all the displaced citizens in the neighboring countries who were forced to leave their homes due to the terrorist acts to come back home to prevent being exploited.

Chairing the Cabinet's weekly session on Tuesday, al-Halqi stressed that Syria accommodates its entire people and that the government is ready to embrace all the displaced people and ensure decent residential places for them.

Al-Halqi pointed out that the government is incessantly working to control the increase in prices and to ensure services and living prerequisites in all governorates, outlining the measures taken by an ad hoc economic committee to boost the national economy capacities and to preserve stability of the Syrian pound exchange rate.

For his part, Minister of State for National Reconciliation Affairs, Ali Haidar, pointed out  that thousands of displaced Syrians in the neighboring countries have started  returning home, particularly from Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan.

The Cabinet approved a draft law to establish the Higher Judicial Institute at the Ministry of Justice and another one to amend Article 205 of Labor Law No. 17 for 2010 pertaining to setting up labor courts in the provinces.

The Cabinet also endorsed a draft law to establish electronic copying offices at the Justice Ministry and all judicial bodies and courts as a step to automating judicial and administrative work and coping with the developed hi-tech procedures.


Syrians must run dialogue themselves, says al-Zou'bi

TARTOUS, (ST)-"Based on preserving  its sovereignty as a free and independent state, Syria is ready to resolve the crisis politically .Furthermore, Syria is ready to take part in Geneva 2 conference  on condition that dialogue will be run by the Syrians," underscored  Minister of Information Omran al-Zou'bi .

Al-Zou'bi's remark was made during a meeting he held on Tuesday with political, cultural and youth activists plus  reporters.

 "actually, the opposition is only obsessed with   toppling the state simply because they have no political plan, clarified al-Zou'bi.

The minister made it clear that  while Syria  is working to knock out the US and Israel –affiliated armed opposition ,it is keen to see an active national opposition as the opposition reflects the government's mirror and vice versa.

" the Syrians wouldn't accept any political solution unless it endorsed by  H.E President Bashar al-Assad, "underlined al-Zou'bi, adding   that the political solution must  go in line  with confronting terrorism and there is  a possibility to hold a dialogue with those who are ready to lay down their weapons.

As Syria is currently facing unprecedented war, the Minister called on the  Syrians to be hand-in-hand only to overcome aggression  and consequently win the war against their enemies

"Local media ,to a great extent, resembles the Syrian Arab army who are doing their utmost in fighting terrorism. The national media has proved that It is a media of confrontation, steadfastness and going forward as regards upgrading the media discourse ,"al-Zou'bi highlighted.

" three radio stations have been recently launched, while preparations are underway to launch two new TV channels in Lattakia and Aleppo,"affirmed the minister. 


Dempsey Acknowledges Control of Al-Qaeda Terrorists over "Armed Opposition" in Syria

OCCUPIED AL-QUDS- Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey has acknowledged the control of al-Qaeda and Jabhet a-Nusra terrorists over the so-called "opposition" in Syria.

Israeli well-informed political and media sources quoted Dempsey as saying in his meetings with Israeli officials during his visit to occupied Palestine within a tour which also contains Jordan, that "the United States watches the ongoing events in Syria through the satellites and that it has concerns over the control of what is called Jabhet al-Nusra and al-Qaeda over the armed opposition in Syria."

Dempsey reiterated the US commitment to supporting Israel and to supplying the Zionist entity with its needs of advanced weapons in order to preserve what he called "Israel's military supremacy" in the region.

He pointed out that America is ready to "defend" Israel in case it is exposed to what e described as "danger", but at the same time it may hesitate in providing full support if Israel launches a military adventure without pre-coordination with America.

The Israeli sources pointed out that Dempsey had asked the Israelis not to make any military adventure against Iran and not to embarrass America, particularly because the US is currently busy arranging the withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan and following up the situation in Syria, Egypt and Iraq.

H. Mustafa

Al-Quds Day

The Palestinian Cause has always been one of the political constants of the Baath Arab Socialist Party throughout its history of struggle. In fact, (BASP) reflects the political nature of the Syrians where the Palestinian Cause is considered as a core issue in their national ideology.

Thus, Palestine Office was created since the birth of the Baath Party, this office was in line with  those offices which formed the organizational and struggle structure of the Baath Party.

Moreover , it is obvious that any member of the party(BASP) could not get a  full membership unless he had carried out a military operation inside the Arab occupied territories.

The Palestinian cause has always been present  in all the Baath Party conferences , because it's not just the cause of the Palestinians, but it is the most fundamental issue  of every genuine Arab who sincerely believes in this cause irrespective of his creed .

Jerusalem is a holy land owing to the existence of al-Aqsa mosque , Dome of the Rock and the Church of the Resurrection . Therefore it is considered the spiritual capital of hundreds of millions of the followers of the three heavenly  religions. Besides, Palestine is part and parcel of the history of Syria, which has been riven with division by the notorious Sykes-Picot agreement .

 Al-Quds Day is an occasion to remind those who suffered the political dementia that Jerusalem is the holy occupied land. It  should remain in the conscience of everyone. There must be sincere calls for jihad aimed at restoring all holy lands  in the Arab countries not aiming at destroying nations and instigating sedition and sectarianism.

The anniversary of al-Quds Day should be shifted from an annual ceremony into a resistant collective work devoted to unite the Arabs' goals. Thus gun should be aimed  toward the Zionist enemy who is behind the conspiracy that triggered the conflict in the Arab countries.

The Zionist enemy being pampered by the United States and some of its allies of the region, is relentlessly endeavoring to create all kinds of conflicts in the Arabic and Islamic countries .

History necessitates  all the Arab and Muslim leaders to unify their stances  to confront  the conspiracies against the Arab  societies, especially Syria. While the heroic  Syrian army is proudly waging a historic confrontation battle against the US-Zionist project which exploits the Takfiri mercenaries to destroy the region .

 Syria is honorably leading the project of the Arab resistance not only to defend its territories and principles, but also in defense of the Arab ideology from the Ocean to the Gulf.


Dr.Khalaf al-Miftah


E&T: Maysa Wassouf