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Russia expects all parties that can contribute to Syria settlement to take part in Geneva-2 - Putin

Russia expects all parties that could make a positive contribution to the settlement of the crisis in Syria to take part in the upcoming Geneva-2 international conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin said. "We'll be doing all we can so that the conference helps arrange dialogue and to stop the senseless bloodshed," Putin said at a ceremony of accepting credentials from the ambassadors of a number of countries on Thursday.

"The international community's efforts to prepare the conference on Syria should be actively supported," he said.

"We expect all parties capable of making a positive contribution to the crisis  settlement to take part in" the conference, he said,according to Voice of Russia, RIA, TASS, Interfax.


Geneva II, humiliating defeat for Syria’s enemies

The convening of the upcoming Geneva conference on the crisis in Syria constitutes a humiliating defeat for the enemies of Syria, especially those who are still betting on the destruction of the Syrian state. The Syrian people have gone through the hardest times over the past nearly three years of the crisis created by the US, its European allies and regional and Arab tools to devastate Syria, undermine its resistant role in the region and implement an American Zionist agenda that guarantees colonialist interests and perpetuates the Israeli occupation of the Arab territories.

The Syrian people have managed to get closer to victory in the ferocious battle against foreign-sponsored terrorism. This triumph is the result of the Syrian people’s unabated resistance, high awareness towards the global conspiracy being hatched against their country, national unity and categorical rejection of the foreign intervention in their internal affairs.  The victory was achieved thanks to the strong belief of the majority of Syrians that the people of Syria are the only ones who decide the future of their country. The majority of the Syrian people believe in a Syrian-Syrian dialogue that drags Syria out of the whirlpool of bloodshed and instability. The Syrian people are looking forward to holding the international conference on Syria “Geneva 2,” because they have a clear vision based on their cherished aspirations. If Geneva 2 isn’t held at the scheduled time, the United States and its allies must be asked why it failed to form a delegation from the opposition. The Syrian government is doing its best to ensure that Geneva 2 will produce results that meet the aspirations of Syrian people. The final decision will be made by the Syrian people and no force on Earth can compel them to accept any ready-made solutions put in the dark by the enemies of Syria.  Those in the opposition who believe that they’re going to “Geneva 2” to seize power are delusional. The opposition delegation which will attend Geneva Conference should reject interference in Syria’s internal affairs, reject terrorism, and work for creating the bright future Syrians. The Syrian government's position is committed to participating in Geneva 2 and keen on making it a success based on the government's commitment to the higher national interests of the Syrian people and state. Inter-Syrian dialogue inside the country will take place, whether it originates from Geneva 2 or not, and if the opposition and its supporters abroad abort the conference, then dialogue will take place among Syrians in Syria itself and produce positive results. The state has a political plan and a national conference will be held in Syria in conjunction with the Syrian Army’s continuous work to carry out its constitutional duties of defending the Syrian people and eradicating terrorism gatherings in various governorates. If all put the interests of the Syrian people and the country as the only goal, then all parties will reach a unanimous agreement to uproot terrorism from the country and restore security and stability to it. The goal is to reach a roadmap for the future with the Syrians. However, there are certain regional and international forces that are exerting strenuous efforts to derail the convening of Geneva conference by all possible means.  Recent news reports said that secret meetings have been held over two weeks in Paris and Riyadh with the participation of USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia, France, Turkey and Qatar with the aim of disrupting the political efforts aiming at solving the crisis in Syria through holding Geneva Conference.

The reports said that the meetings seek hindering political solution in favour of launching an aggression on Syria with Saudi and Qatari funding and US-Israeli intervention. The reports also said that the Foreign Minister of Al Saud Saud al-Faisal and Saudi Spy Chief Bandar Bin Sultan are leading these communications with US and Israeli officials to adopt a plan to make the US wage an aggression on Syria and undermine all efforts being exerted to resolve the crisis peacefully.

News reports also confirmed that Saud al-Faisal has met with Israeli Mossad official in Paris to concoct a new episode of the conspiracy against Syrian people, especially after the realization of the US and the majority of its allies that it is impossible to solve the crisis in Syria through military actions. The reality of events in Syria has made many countries reconsider their stances and policies with the aim of correcting the grave mistakes committed against Syria and cleaning their image lest they would be questioned by their peoples and history on their distorted policies throughout the crisis in Syria. Bandar Bin Sultan, the Saudi Spy Chief, is responsible for enhancing the security and military relations between Riyadh and Tel Aviv to press ahead with the Saudi endeavours to destroy Syria and incite sectarian wars in the region. Of course, Israel is the main beneficiary of the sinister Saudi projects in the region. For this reason, Israel accepted to co-ordinate stands with Al-Saud concerning Syria and other states in the region.

Many media and intelligence reports have revealed the role of the regimes of Qatar and Al Saud in a series of crimes and terrorist bombings in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq through their unlimited financial and military support for terrorism and the takfiri armed groups operating in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. Moreover, the Saudi shameful involvement in supporting terrorism extended beyond the borders of the region, when the Saudi-backed takfiri terrorist groups carried out two terrorist explosions in the Russian city of Volgograd. Those who carried out terrorist bombings in Russia are the same people who commit bombings in Syria and Iraq and have the same political and financial identity. The state responsible for these bombings is known and must be held accountable for its crimes. But the double standard policy adopted by the international community prevents such justifiable trial as some permanent members of the UN Security Council supports the Saudi devastating policy in the Middle East.

News reports also said that Bandar, chief of the Saudi intelligence, has taken part in a meeting in Israel to discuss possible improvement of relations between Iran and the West with Israeli premier and French president. According to Lebanese al-Hadath website, the meeting, which was held in Tel Aviv, attended by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, French President Francois Hollande and Saudi spy chief.

The recently-unveiled Israeli-Saudi alliance is a natural extension of the harmful Saudi role in the region.  Last month, the British The Sunday Times reported that Israel was working with Saudi Arabia on coordinating plans for a possible military strike on Iran, with Riyadh prepared to provide tactical support to Israel. According to the paper, Riyadh had agreed to let Israel use its airspace in a military strike on Iran and cooperate over the use of rescue helicopters, tanker planes and drones. Saudi Arabia has been provoking the crisis in Syria by supporting Takfiri terrorists fighting against the Syrian government and people.  The Saudi regime is involved in instigating people to terrorism and sending the terrorists to Syria under the pretext of Jihad, including the sex jihad. Those issues became confirmed starting from the statement of the Saudi foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal who admitted twice in Cairo that Saudi Arabia is arming the opposition. From the very beginning of the crisis, the foreign minister of Al Saud considered supporting the armed terrorist groups as a religious duty. What’s ironical here is that over the past sixty-six years, no one in the ruling Saudi family considered fighting Israel or supporting the states fighting it as a duty!

Syria has repeatedly warned of supporting or instigating for terrorism practiced by Al Saud regime in violation of the international resolutions, and since the beginning of the crisis, it has sent scores of letters to the UN and Security Council affirming that the Saudi regime is involved in the atrocities perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups in Syria. But the UN and its affiliated bodies have been abstaining from condemning the Saudi disgraceful role in the crisis in Syria, because the US itself is behind directing Al Saud and other Arab and regional tools to aggravate the situation in Syria through supporting the armed terrorist groups operating in Syria.

Western and Arab supporters of the so-called Syrian opposition coalition have been urging it to attend the event while divisions have plagued the foreign-backed Syrian National Coalition, because its groups are affiliate to Saudi, French, Qatari and other Western and regional states that are trying to push the crisis into more escalation and prevent reaching to any peaceful solution to the crisis. For this reason, every faction of the so-called opposition put a certain condition for attending Geneva Conference in implementation of instructions given by the states sponsoring them and offering them financial and military support. Those in the opposition who think that they can change anything on the ground using foreign funds and weapons are delusional and must reconsider their views. Those who propose preconditions don't want Geneva 2 to be held; rather they want destruction in Syria to continue and they want its state to fall, despite the fact that the conference is an opportunity that all Syrians must seize to save their country, fight terrorism and decide the future of their country away from foreign diktat.

Only the Syrian people can determine the fate of the country and decide on the outcome of the forthcoming Geneva II conference. The Syrian people are the only ones who have the right to decide on Syria's future, and any solution or agreement must have the acceptance of the Syrian people, and reflect their desires and interests. Any imposed solutions prepared in dark rooms by some Western and regional states will be categorically rejected by Syrian people, because they will never accept anything that endangers their sovereignty and free will. Any agreement reached at Geneva will be put to referendum by the Syrian people and if not approved, it will be worthless and meaningless and cannot be implemented.


Al-Jaafari: No Political Dialogue Without Stopping Terrorism and Violence

NEW YORK,(ST)-The  permanent envoy of Syria to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari said that it is no  secret that the takfiri Wahabi terrorism is of Saudi origin, adding that many of the so-called "al-Nusra Front" and the "Islamic Front" terrorists  are Saudis. 

In an interview with "al-Mayadeen net", al-Jaafari considered the sponsorship of Saudi Arabia to "the international center for combating terrorism" is one of the biggest scandals of the UN.

Al-Jaafari added that Saudi intelligence collaborates with its Turkish counterpart to move al-Qaeda from Yemen to Syria, asserting that  the "Islamic front" is a Saudi intelligence invention.

Al-Jaafari added that Syria will arraign Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar through hundreds of documents and letters it deposits at the UN which condemn these countries and will be used at the expedient time.

He affirmed that there would be no meaning to the political dialogue if violence and terrorism had not stopped.

"The UN support to Iraq with weapons, and the UN Secretary General and the UNSC support to the Iraqi government plan in al-Anbar refer to big shift towards comprehensive combat of terrorism and its sponsors in the region", al-Jaafari affirmed.  

He added that it is impossible to set the necessary factors for holding Geneva 2 conference unless there was an international consensus of all participants to stop violence.

He stressed that the Saudi involvement in Syria is indelible, starting from the statement of the Saudi foreign minister in Cairo that Saudi Arabia is arming the opposition, adding that nine terrorists, among which 5 Saudis, of the so-called "Islamic State in Iraq and Sham" were killed by the Syrian army last Friday.

Al-Jaafari pointed out that superpowers, and even the regional countries are well aware of the fact that organizations like "the Islamic State in Iraq and Sham," and Jabhat al-Nusra do not think of establishing a democratic state in Syria, saying that the so-called "Islamic Front" was invented by Bandar bin Sultan, his brother and the Saudi intelligence, wondering how could they sit at the negotiating table pretending to represent the Syrian people while they are fighting each other.

Al-Jaafari went on saying that Syria called for listing the "Islamic Front" among the entities sponsoring terrorism. 



Lavrov, Kerry agree to meet at Syria conference in Montreux

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will meet with US Secretary of State John Kerry on the sidelines of the Syria conference in Montreux on January 22, the Foreign Ministry said.

The agreement was reached during a telephone conversation between Lavrov and Kerry on Wednesday, January 15,according to Voice of Russia.

"The minister and the secretary agreed to keep in touch and to meet on the sidelines of the Syria conference in Montreux on January 22," the ministry said.

According to the statement, "under discussion were international issues, including the preparations for the peace conference on Syria, measures to facilitate the humanitarian crisis in the country, and the settlement of the situation around Iran’s nuclear programme".

Besides, Russia’s Foreign Ministry emphasized that it is necessary to strictly observe the earlier reached multilateral agreements, avoiding any misinterpretation in this field and forced unilateral measures.

US confirms Kerry’s participation in Geneva-2

The US State Department has officially confirmed Wednesday that US Secretary of State John Kerry would take part in the international conference on Syria.

Spokesperson for the US State Department Jen Psaki said that John Kerry will stay in Montreux and Davos (Switzerland) from January 21st to 25th.

"In Montreux US Secretary of State will take part in the ministerial-level international conference on Syria, organized by the United Nations, which is also known as the Geneva-2 conference", Psaki said.


No delegation of Syrian "opposition" formed for Geneva-2 is main obstacle for conference - Russian Foreign Ministry

The lack of the Syrian "opposition" delegation formed for the Geneva-2 conference is the main obstacle for holding the forum, the Russian Foreign Ministry said. "No clarity with the arrival of the opposition to the talks in Switzerland is causing more and more concern justified. As of now, essentially namely this circumstance is the main obstacle for launching the conference, which is aimed to stop bloodshed and suffering of Syrian civilians, to find a way to resolving the long-lasting conflict in this country," Russian Foreign Ministry Press and Information Department Director Alexander Lukashevich said in a statement on Wednesday.

"Preparations for the international conference on Syria in the Swiss city of Montreux are reaching the final and very important stage. The Syrian government confirmed its participation without preliminary conditions in this important forum and provided the composition of the delegation long ago," Lukashevich said,according to Voice of Russia.