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Attempts to apply outside pressure on Syria counterproductive - Lavrov

Moscow said that the attempts of external forces to dictate recipes of the future political structure for Syria would not lead to stable peace in the country.

"Only Syrians themselves can determine the structure of the country's future. The attempts of external forces to engage in social engineering and to dictate the recipes of political structure to other nations are counterproductive," .

Such actions "will not lead to stable peace and national accord," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, the Voice of Russia correspondent Artyom Kobzev reports.

Absence of Iran at Geneva-2 will not help in fighting terrorism in Muslim world

The absence of Iran in the Geneva II peaceful conference on Syria will not contribute to fighting terrorism in the "Muslim" world, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

"The absence of Iran will not contribute to the efforts on ensuring the unity of the Muslim world, including in fighting terrorism, which is a threat to all of us and all Muslims as well," Lavrov said .

Russia supplies to Syria nothing that could destabilize regional situation Russia supplies to Syria nothing that could destabilize regional situation, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

Situation around Geneva-2 conference does not add authority to UN

Situation around Geneva-2 conference does not add authority to UN, Russian Foregin Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

Neutralization of terrorist threat in Syria should be Geneva-2 priority

Terrorists related to "Al Qaeda" are currently the main threat to Syria, and Russia suggests Geneva-2 should elaborate ways of their neutralization, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, the Voice of Russia correspondent Artyom Kobzev reports.

"A major problem, which has been aggravated during the crisis in Syria, is a surge in extremism and terrorism. Most serious politicians admit that operations of terrorist groups related to "al-Qaeda" present the main threat to Syria nowadays," he told a press conference in Moscow on Tuesday.

"The elaboration of ways of their neutralization should become a priority of the Geneva-2 conference," he stressed.

We will go to Geneva to promote inter-Syrian dialog without preliminary conditions

Russia will go to Geneva-2 conference and will promote inter-Syrian dialog without preliminary conditions, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

"We will go to the Geneva conference and promote our stand in order to start a dialogue between the Syrian sides without preconditions," .

Iran should be represented at Geneva-2

Iran shoul be represented at Geneva-2, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said. Russia insists that Iran should participate in the process of the settlement of the situation in Syria.

"The interests of the cause essentially require the representation of Iran, like all the other countries of the region," said Lavrov .

Revocation of the UN's invitation of Iran to Geneva-2 is mistake, but not catastrophe

The revocation of the UN Secretary General's invitation of Iran to Geneva-2 is a mistake, but not a catastrophe.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's decision to withdraw his invitation to Iran to attend the Geneva-2 international conference on Syria is a mistake, but it is not a catastrophe, Lavrov said.

"It is certainly a mistake. I said this before. But no catastrophe has occurred. In this case, we are speaking about a one-day event on January 22, to which some 40 foreign ministers from different states, including the most remote regions, have been invited," Lavrov said .

Only Syrians themselves can define future of their country

Only Syrians themselves can define future of their country, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, the Voice of Russia correspondent Artyom Kobzev reports.


Iran invited to Geneva 2,says Ki-Moon

Iran has been officially invited to participate in the Geneva 2 Syria peace conference on January 22, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said. The Syrian National Coalition has threatened to withdraw from the talks, unless Iran’s invitation is revoked.

The UN chief also said that he had assurances from Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif that Tehran would play a “constructive role" in solving the crisis in Syria, Reuters reports.

“I believe strongly that Iran needs to be part of the solution to the crisis in Syria,” Ban told reporters today in New York after discussions with Iranian officials. “Iran said that they are committed to play a very constructive and important and positive role.”

Representatives of Iran and 39 other countries will attend talks in Montreux, Switzerland in advance of negotiations in Geneva starting January 24. Ban also has invited nine other nations on Saturday that have an interest in the crisis in Syria, saying that their presence would be an important display of solidarity. These include representatives of Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, Greece, the Holy See, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands and the Republic of Korea.


Syrian National Forum: Geneva II meeting must adopt 'practical steps' to combat terrorism

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ The Syrian National Forum has underscored the necessity of convening the Geneva II meeting without precondition and without encroachment on Syria's sovereignty, unity and national independence.

The forum, which was held on Saturday by the Popular Reconciliations' Central Committee in Syria, stressed that the upcoming Geneva meeting must adopt 'practical decisions' to combat terrorism, eradicate it, obliterate its resources and stop bloodshed in the country.

The participants in the forum, according to the official news agency, want the Geneva II meeting to pave the way for reaching a political solution to the ongoing crisis.

They see that the solution must be based on an essential principle that only the Syrians are able to shape their country's political future far away from foreign dictations and intervention.

In addition, they clarified that the Syrian Arab Republic's delegation to Geneva represents the Syrian people and express its aspirations under national principles and President Bashar Al-Assad's directives.

Opposition abroad represents their masters

The participants in the forum said that the opposition abroad represent but their masters, rejecting suspicious pressures to keep Iran away from the Geneva II conference.  

Syrian parties, dignitaries and Non-Governmental organizations took part in the forum entitled "Syrian people have the final word in Geneva II".



Chinese Foreign Minister stresses China will continue to positive and constructive efforts towards a solution acceptable to all sides

BEIJING -- Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi  urged the Syrian government and opposition to start talks to find solutions, according to Xinhua.

"No matter how big the issue is, how deep the discrepancy is and how hard the difficulties are, as long as Syria's two sides sit down, start a conversation and talk on, with the joint efforts of international community, a solution acceptable to all sides will come up," Wang told a media briefing on Saturday afternoon.

Wang's comments came ahead of the Geneva II conference on Syria, which is scheduled to start next Wednesday.

"Whether the Geneva II conference will take place as scheduled is an issue of major concern for the international community," Wang said.

"For both sides, starting talks is a major achievement in itself and a major threshold," Wang said.

Wang reviewed the three-year conflict in Syria, stressing the situation is very complicated and the reality showed military means can't resolve it.

"Political solutions through dialogue is the only correct path and the consensus of the international community, Wang said.

He stressed China will continue to positive and constructive efforts towards a solution acceptable to all sides.


Laham Stressed the Need for International Will to Fight Terrorism

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Parliament Speaker Mohammed Jihad Laham stressed the need for a real international will to fight terrorism and unmask its sponsors and supporters , led by Saudi Arabia to prevent the spread of cross-border epidemic to target other states and nations.

In a meeting with a Bulgarian delegation headed by Strakhil Angelov, who is also Head of the Bulgarian-Syrian Parliamentary Friendship Group Laham said that" terrorism posed on Syria for nearly three years, is being funded by Saudi Arabia, which is the factory of terrorism in the world in disseminating extreme terrorist ideology under the guise of Islamic religion , which is far from extremism and violence."

He called on the international community for the implementation of the UN Security Council resolution 1373 to fight terrorism , stop violence and to prevent the supply of arms and punish countries that provide support to terrorists.

He pointed out that Syria will remain steadfast , thanks to the sacrifices of its national army, and people , denouncing the unjust economic sanctions imposed by the West on the Syrian people outside the framework of the UN Security Council.

He explained that those who call themselves the opposition abroad are" hostages for states conspiring against Syria and refuse to resort to the polls because they do not have any popular base to resort to in any coming elections."

In turn, Angelov stressed the need to strengthen relations with the Syrian parliament and the exchange of information and real pictures of what is happening in Syria and to convey them to the Bulgarian people , pointing out that the best place to solve the problems and differences is the dome of the parliament and the dialogue , hoping the return of displaced people to their homeland for its reconstruction.

For his part, member of the ruling Socialist Party head of the Alslaviana Bulgarian organization Zachary Zachareyev noted that the EU People 's Organization held an international conference in order to stand on the latest global developments on international peace and security and it was decided to establish" Sofia Club" to promote confidence in Europe and the world in cooperation with the European Parliament which was asked to take a clear stand about the crisis in Syria.

Zachareyev indicated he would use the updated information he obtained during his visit to Syria to convey a firm and clear stand in support of the road to peace in Syria, stressing that there are forces and personalities who are fighting for a fair assessment of the crisis in order to preserve Syria 's independence.

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