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Foreign Ministry: US policy lacks credibility

DAMASCUS, (ST) –"the US administration is adopting lies and fraud concerning its actual stance which  rejects the political solution  through dialogue amongst the Syrians in Geneva 2 conference, "underscored an official source at the Foreign and Expatriates .

"furthermore, the USA is arming the terrorist al-Qaeda-affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra only to affirm  its policy as regards the continuation of violence and terrorism in the Israel's interest. The US is now distorting the reality about the Syrian leadership's approval on attending the  Geneva 2 conference without preconditions from any side,"added the source.

" Hence,the United States is not only  turns the situation upside down when alleging that Syria is unwilling to take part  in the Geneva 2 conference, but also it(the US) is detached from reality. So we are not surprised  as the US policy diametrically lacks credibility ,"underlined the source.


Sweden's Royal Appear in Palestinian Scarf

Sweden's royal couple have been appeared in  "Palestinian scarves" on a visit to Härnosand as part of the King's 40th jubilee celebrations.

The scarves featured writing in Arabic, which translates as "Our Aqsa and not their temple", a reference to the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, newspaper Sundsvalls Tidning reports.


US turns situation upside down when accuses Syria of reluctance to attend Geneve-2 without preconditions - Russian FM

The United States turns the situation upside down when accusing Syria  for reluctance to participate in the international conference Geneva-2 without preliminary conditions, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said, the Voice of Russia correspondent Polina Chernitsa reports.

"Deputy for the [US State Department] spokesman has made another awkward statement that the difficulties in calling the Geneva-2 are allegedly related to the reluctance of the Syrian government   to participate in this forum without preliminary conditions. Such a statement is turning the entire situation upside down, to put it mildly," Lukashevich said on Friday.

"The Syrian Authorities supported the Geneva communique of June 30, 2012 from the very beginning," the diplomat said.

"The problem with organizing the calling of the Geneva-2 conference is namely that the "opposition" is not ready to participate in this forum and sets preliminary conditions for its involvement in the format, which are unacceptable for the Syrian authorities," Lukashevich said.

"Our US colleagues, who told us repeatedly that they would pursue actively the participation of the Syrian "opposition" in the conference without preliminary conditions, are well aware of this," Lukashevich said.

Russia wants unbiased UN inquiry into Syria chemical arms use

The Russian authorities hope to see a thorough and impartial investigation into possible instances of chemical weapons use in Syria, the Voice of Russia correspondent Polina Chernitsa reports.

"The Russian side welcomes the recently achieved agreements permitting a group of international experts to begin working in Syria, which, albeit a little belatedly, is opening the path for a thorough and impartial investigation into possible instances of chemical weapons use on Syrian territory," Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said.

"This mission should be sent to Syria within the next few days. The UN experts will work there for 14 days, but their stay there may be prolonged if both sides [the Syrian government and the UN Secretariat] agree to it," Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said. 

UN chemical weapons experts may arrive in Syria on Friday 

The secretariat of the United Nations acknowledges that a team of chemical weapons inspectors may arrive in Damascus on Friday, but refuse to disclose details of their trip, citing "security concerns".


Plots to fragment military establishment, to be defeated, says al-Zou'bi

 LATTAKIA,(ST))_Information Minister has said what is going on in Syria is a 'US-Zionist plot being implemented by Syrian tools', asserting that the conspirators' plots to fragment the military establishment will be defeated.

Omran al-Zou'bi was speaking in a meeting held today in Lattakia on the latest developments.

He underscored that the military establishment will remain the arch guarantor of homeland, adding that the Syrian Arab army determines to notch up victory, defeat terrorism and restore stability and security all over the country.   

Al-Zou'bi made it clear that the recent statement issued by the Group of Eight (G8) talking about a transitional government with full executive authorities means putting the jurisdictions of the President and supervision on the military and security body at the government's beck and call in order to fragment this body.  

Geneva 2

He, in addition, noted that the opposition outside Syria has no political plan, holding the US and its agents responsible for hindering the Geneva 2 conference through supporting the mercenaries operating in the country before the meeting.

"If Geneva 2 is not convened, the reason will be that the US and its agents don't want it," the minister said.

He cited that holding dialogue among the Syrians and not negotiations is the political solution to the ongoing crisis.

Abductees in Lattakia

Responding to a question about the topic of abductees in  northern Lattakia countryside, the minister said that the political, military and security leaderships are grappling the issue with  great interest.

Jordan's attitude

As for the Jordanian governments' attitude towards the events in Syria, al-Zou'bi sees that the Jordanian government officially backs the political solution and doesn't allow sending weapons despite the fact that weapons and gunmen do enter through Jordan.

"Syria is keen on having good relations with Jordan, and we hope that the Jordanian government will do the same," the minister said.

Basma Qaddour

Syria denounces al-Dahiya blast

DAMASCUS,(ST)-Information Minister Omran al-Zou'bi branded the terrorist explosion which targeted the southern suburb of Beirut on Thursday as coward and vicious.

In a statement released today,al-Zou'bi said that Syria condemns in the strongest terms the coward terroristic crime .

"Syria expresses condolences to the victims' families. Hopefully the wounded will be recovered soon, "underscored al-Zou'bi.

The minister made it clear that the said terroristic blast is in the interest of Israeli enemy and Israel-backed countries as well.