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Shaaban: Ending Terrorism, Restoring Security Syrians' Top Priorities

 MONTREUX- Geneva 1 communiqué still have some valid points like halting violence by all parties and disarming gunmen, but today's developments necessitate that priority should be given to restoring security and stopping the process of arming the terrorist groups, the Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban said.

"If we ask any Syrian, he or she will say that priority should be given to restoring security and ending terrorism, which won't be stopped unless the countries which sponsor, finance and arm and send terrorists to Syria halt their support," Shaaban stressed in a statement to al-Mayadeen Channel on Wednesday.

"Countries, which want the good for Syria, will agree on these priorities and share with us the same contentment, but the countries which have conspired on Syria will reject them " she said.

"All parties will hopefully be convinced that the Wahhabism endangers Syria, the region and the entire world," she added, pointing out that all counties of the world have interest in supporting Syria against this ideology and in leaving the Syrians decide their future themselves.

H. Mustafa

Combating takfiri terrorism, key entry for any dialogue

There is a need to fight the takfiri mentality and unify efforts to face attempts to distort Islam. The western powers are trying to undermine Islam through supporting a takfiri mentality that brought the Wahabi mentality. The false interpretations of religious concepts cause their destructive role in igniting religious sedition among the spectrums of the society.

The political differences should not be a platform for religious disputes as any sedition will be in the interest of the Muslims' enemies. The Muslim world should shrug off the West’s media propaganda on Syria and stand by the Arab nation in confrontation of the American Zionist projects being hatched against the Arab and Islamic nations.

The West’s hostility towards Syria is clear because Syria is being punished for supporting the resistance. This war against Syria is to punish it for its long embracement of the resistance and support for the Palestinian people to restore their legitimate rights usurped by Israel.

The Islamic world should work hand in hand through the Islamic unity conference to spread the culture of amity and fraternity in the human communities and confront the thought that promotes for killing and takfiri thinking supported by the petro-dollar states, especially Saudi Arabia which has been allying with Israel to carry out the Zionist project in the region. The princes of Al Saud have been offering funds and weapons to the al-Qa’eda linked terrorist organizations that are carrying out acts of killing, destruction and vandalism against Syrian people and their public and private properties. The Foreign Minister of Al-Saud considered supporting the armed terrorist groups as a religious duty while neither Saud al-Faisal nor any member of the Saudi ruling family considered fighting Israel as a religious duty during the past 66 years.

Syria is stronger and more immune than the enemies and takfiri terrorists. The conspirators who substituted their identities and sold them to the outside have no home, no identity or dignity.

All forms of systematic terrorism, practiced by the takfiri terrorist groups and funded by a number of states, try to affect Syria's stability and unity, but Syrian people will eventually overcome the conspiracy and defeat the enemies of Syria. Syria has been facing a war over almost three years in which the Syrian people have stood up in the face of terrorists coming from 83 countries and will achieve victory thanks to the high awareness of the Syrian people and their strong national unity.

The current stage the Islamic nation is going through is the most serious that needs solutions to the nation’s problems of disunity and terrorism. So the Arab and Islamic nations should unify in confronting the takfiri thought, because it seeks to destabilize the whole Arab and Islamic world. The enemies of Islam are seeking to sow sedition and discord and deepen them among the people of the Islamic nation. For this reason, the Muslims should unify their ranks to confront the takfiris and foil their attempts to stain the tolerant image of Islam. If any country would think that by supporting the terrorists it could increase its influence and topple a government in the region it is one hundred percent mistaken, because those who draw the sword of terrorism will not be able to ward it off against them. The Gulf Sheikhdoms that are offering unlimited financial and military support to the takfiri terrorists operating in Syria will not be able to confront these terrorists when they return to their indigenous homeland in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The same thing goes for some European states which exported terrorists to Syria. Many European officials have expressed concern over the return of terrorists to France, Germany and other states that exported terrorists to Syria.

The religious institutions in Syria, especially the grand Mufti of the Republic Dr. Ahmed Bader Eddin Hassoun have been warning against the devastating effect of the takfiri thought which aims, among other things, to destroy the time-old peaceful co-existence Syria has been enjoying since time immemorial.

The takfiri terrorists in Syria have vandalized churches in Ma'loula on the outskirts of the capital Damascus. The terrorists removed the bells of all the churches, burned the crosses, and stole a bronze statue of Christ. The ancient Christian town of Ma'loula has been a scene of fierce fighting for months and many of its citizens have escaped to safer parts of the country including Damascus.

Last December 2012, the foreign-backed militants abducted several nuns from the Mar Takla Orthodox Convent in Ma'loula.

Combating takfiri terrorism is the key entry for any dialogue and a main condition to move to the political track to solve the crisis in Syria. The Syrian people’s top concern is to stop the bloodshed, expel the takfiri terrorists and protect the state institutions against the sabotage acts carried out by these armed terrorist groups.

Combating terrorism on the Syrian ground is the responsibility of the Syrian state and the Syrian army.  The Syrian army continues conducting successful clean-up operations in several areas across Syria, inflicting heavy losses on foreign-backed takfiri terrorists. Syria is facing terrorism on behalf of the region and the entire world. All the world countries should comply with the international resolutions on counterterrorism, particularly resolution no. 1373, and prevent the passing, training and harbouring of terrorists and the storing and transporting of weapons.

There is a need to strictly confront the takfiri and Wahabi movements, and a need for establishing an international coalition to strike takfiri terrorism as well as an Islamic alliance to confront the Wahhabism as the problem in the relation among the religions is the takfiri Wahhabism whose sole aim is to destroy Islam and perpetuate the Israeli occupation of the Arab territories.


Al-Jaafari: Geneva Communique 1 should not be applied selectively

Montruex,(ST) - "Geneva communique should not be implemented in a selective way, but it should be done through a comprehensive bulk, "underscored Syria’s permanent envoy to the UN , Member of the Syrian official delegation participating in Geneva 2 conference Bashar al-Jaafari.

 Speaking at a news conference held at the sidelines of Geneva conference on Wednesday, Al-Jaafari made it clear that  speeches and discourses of the majority of delegations were a mere blind provocation, unproductive, unsuccessful or positive, depended on old language based on the hatred of the Syrian government.

 “Those who want to help the Syrians should be actively involved in stopping  violence .In fact, 99% of violence is based on terrorism. Based on the said fact, and I have sent to the UN and Security Council 500 official letters, including  267 letters on terrorism in Syria and the names of terrorists as well,” asserted al-Jaafari .

"there are documents which assert the Turkish official support to terrorism in Syria. Moreover, a number of the western officials have underlined that states in the region support terrorists with weapons, "added al –Jaafari.

“We need Geneva 2 conference to help the Syrian people end terrorism and to pressure its supportive countries to stop that,” al-Jaafari said.

Al-Jaafari reiterated that the Syrian people are the only side who will determine Syria's future, not this minister or that, and we will not take lessons from any person.

"undoubtedly that defending the Wahabi ideology  by Qatari regime foreign Minister asserts that Qatar supports terrorism, "underlined al-Jaafari.


Chinese FM: Military scenario in Syria unacceptable

MONTREUX- A military scenario in Syria is unacceptable and the country’s split must be prevented by all means, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said at the opening of the Geneva-2 conference in Montreux, Switzerland,according to ITAR TASS.

 “All Syrian "factions" must find points of agreement,” he said. “Conditions must be established for holding peace talks.


Leader’s Aide: Iran's Syria Position Unaffected by Geneva II

TEHRAN - Iran plays a decisive role in the region and will continue adherence to its present stance on Syria irrespective of the possible decisions and results of the Geneva II conference, a close aide to the Iranian Supreme Leader underlined on Wednesday, according to FNA.

 “Iran is a decisive country in the region and doesn’t change its view on Syria,” Gholam-Ali Haddad Adel told reporters in Tehran today.

 “The Islamic Republic of Iran prefers continuing its correct path to presence in the Geneva II conference,” he added.

Haddad Adel underlined that Iran’s presence or absence in the Geneva II conference would never affect its stance on Syria.

His remarks came after the Iranian Foreign Ministry in a statement on Wednesday voiced concern over the humanitarian crisis in Syria, and called on participants in the Geneva II conference to find mechanisms to uproot terrorism in Syria.

 “The Islamic Republic of Iran voices serious concern over the presence of the terrorist groups in Syria and believes that any regional and international move on Syria should be defined on the basis of war on terrorism," the statement said.

The Iranian foreign ministry further stressed that "only attainment of a serious solution for stopping terrorism in Syria can prove that arrangement of the Geneva conference has been a necessary and correct".

The Iranian foreign ministry warned of the spread of terrorism in Syria to other regional and trans-regional states, and said supporters of terrorists should be blamed for the crisis and should stop sending financial and military aids to the armed groups in Syria.

The statement also underlined the necessity for finding a political solution to the crisis in Syria based on people’s vote, adding that imposing the will of the foreign states on the Syrian people will lead the situation in the country to a deadlock.

The statement was issued as a long-awaited international peace conference on Syria kicked off in the Swiss town of Montreux on Wednesday.