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Government Keen Efforts to Ease Citizens Suffering Despite Crisis, Unjust Economic Siege

DAMASCUS, (ST) –"Despite the unjust economic siege on our people and the economic and media war against our country, the Syrian government has been sparing no effort to withstand all challenges by trying to control some traders' monopolization of goods, non-stopped increase of prices and speculations in the US dollar," stressed Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi.

 Al-Halqi was speaking on Saturday during the economic committee's meeting dedicated to adopt new practical procedures that help citizens improve their living conditions worsened by the ongoing crisis in Syria.

The Premier said the government is keen to provide citizens' basic needs with acceptable prices through expanding its support for food supplies and providing food baskets with suitable prices as soon as possible.

He urged the Ministry of Internal Economy and Consumer Protection to control the prices, punish manipulators and ensure food materials at governmental selling centers.

During the meeting, the committee decided to task the Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade as well as the Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection with following up the flow of the goods imported from Iran, in accordance with the Credit Line agreement, in order to make these goods available enough to decrease prices in the markets in the service of citizens' interests. The committee also decided to add new food stuff to the ration coupon aiming at meeting families' needs with acceptable prices.

According to the decision, tea, burgul, oil and margarine, which are main components of meals in Syria, will be provided to the citizens with suitable prices.

H. Mustafa 

Syria , living example for national unity -Patriarch Yazigi

Lattakia, (ST) – "further efforts  should be exerted to restore peace, security and stability to Syria. The Syrians are clinging to their homeland under any circumstances, "underscored   Patriarch John X Yazigi of Antioch and All the East for Greek Orthodox .

Yazigi's remark was made during a visit he paid to Lattakia province.

 "Syria is a living  example for national unity, "added Patriarch Yazigi.

"Syria was and will remain the heart for dialogue, fraternity, amity and peace.So,I hope the neighboring countries will  exert further efforts for achieving a peaceful political solution to the crisis in Syria, "concluded Yazigi.



President Al-Assad Accords Attention for Developing Scientific Research at Syria's Universities, Says al-Halqi

Damascus, (ST)_"President Bashar Al-Assad is highly interested in developing scientific  and hi-tech research at Syria's universities rather than benefitting from sciences and knowledge in a bid to achieve scientific innovations that serve the development process in all fields. In addition, President Al-Assad accords attention to innovators  through urging  and honoring them to work further concerning this matter, "underscored Prime Minister  Dr.Wael al-Halqi.

Delegated by President Bashar Al-Assad, Prime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halqi granted professor and dentist Rashad Murad the order of devotion of the first degree for his dedication to work and invention of a modern technology in fixing dental braces.

''Despite sorrow, the Syrian people will win. Syria is a living example to be followed as regards co-existence and as it is the center  of civilizations and heavenly religions. So there is no room for misleading thoughts simply because the Syrians are determined to  rebuild new Syria only to remain a landmark for science, amity and co-existence, "underlined al-Halqi.

Al-Halqi made it clear that that there is a dire need for the peoples and vocational organizations to urge and support  its affiliated-innovators .Besides, the Higher Education Ministry has a vital role concerning scientific research through establishing research centers in colleges and universalities, and upgrading curricula.

Dr. Murad,for his part, thanked the government for honoring innovative citizens, considering this event a major turning point in his professional life.

Speaking to journalists after the ceremony ,Murad said: "this honoring is a basic part of my professional career The invention crowns a stage of professional maturity, '' .

He considered honoring scientists as a turning point in the history of peoples and an incentive to all students to get involved in scientific research.

Addressing Syrian students, Dr. Murad said ''Science and knowledge is our weapon and future, that's why we need to preserve science and scientific establishments as a weapon for the sake of the generations to come and for Syria's future.''

Dr. Murad graduated as a dentist from al-Baath University in 1992 and as a pharmacist from Damascus University in 1999. He holds a PhD in pharmacology. Dr. Murad served as director of oral health at the Health Ministry in 2002 and authored five  books in dentistry.


Meddling in Syria's internal affairs will prolong the crisis,says Malaysian FM

Moscow, (ST)_ "the Syrian people are only to decide their own destiny without foreign interference, "said  Malaysian Foreign Minister, Hanifa Aman .

"actually, meddling in the Syria's internal  affairs will definitely  complicate and prolong the crisis, "underscored Aman.

Interviewed by  the RT TV channel on Friday, Aman stressed  that Malaysia welcomes the Russian-US initiative for organizing an international conference on  Syria.

''without dialogue, it will be difficult to reach a solution to the crisis, 'added Aman.

The Malaysian diplomat made it clear that  his country's foreign policy is based on the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of other states, adding ''We, in Malaysia, empathize with the suffering of the Syrian people, and believe that violence has to stop and not drag on any longer.''

"the  foreign intervention in the Muslim countries' affairs complicates matters,"concluded Aman.


Moscow Urges Verifying Reports on Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria

MOSCOW- Russian Foreign Ministry calls for verifying reports on use of chemical weapons in Syria and stopping speculations on the issue, according to the Voice of Russia.

 "Now it is necessary to stop speculating on the issue and to verify authenticity of reports about the possible use of chemical weapons in Syria, the modalities of which shall be agreed between Damascus and the UN Secretariat," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Saturday.

 US incorrectly interprets real situation over investigation in Syria

 Russian Foreign Ministry official Alexander Lukashevich said on Saturday that the United States incorrectly interprets the real state of affairs over the international investigation into possible chemical weapons use in Syria.

Lukashevich was commenting on the recent State Department statement that Russia allegedly blocked the work of the U.N. Security Council to give access for a U.N. mission of experts to Syria for an investigation over the reports about use of chemical weapons in the country.

“The authors of assessments of such a kind ignore or deliberately distort the situation,” Lukashevich noted.

UN chief hands over Russian lab results on Syria to UN chemical experts

The results of Russia’s analysis of evidence relating to the use of chemical weapons in Syria were handed over to a team of experts on Friday by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, a UN spokesman said, According to Russia Today.

The team’s leader met with Ban earlier this week. Among other things, the two discussed the work of the Russian team of chemical experts.

On July 9, Russian Special Representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin handed over Moscow’s lab results to Ban. According to Moscow, the results prove that it was the armed groups- not the Syrian government - that used sarin gas in a chemical attack in Aleppo last March.

One of the arguments Churkin has put forth is that unlike other lab results provided by Western specialists, the ones handed over by Russia were gathered by specialists at the scene of impact, instead of being handed over by a third party.

H. Mustafa