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US Sponsored terrorists in Syria have been Defeated

In spite of all the efforts  taken by the mainstream western media to conceal the acts of violence against the civilian population committed by opposition groups, the real face of that opposition has been revealed.

Defeated on the battlefront,  militants have wreaked their anger on defenseless people.

The world was shocked by reports of numerous massacres  in Jisr Al-Shugur, province of Idleb, village Hatla in Deir Al-Zor, in the region of Khan al-Assal in Halab. The shooting of 450 women, children and elderly people from the local Kurdish community of Tal Abyad in Rakka has shattered all the doubts: events in Syria are not characteristic of a civil war but the war by Syrian government forces against Western supported international terrorism and extremism.

It will be difficult for the American leaders to explain to the international community and the voters the way the US has become an ally of Al-Qaida. The cynicism of the West was revealed when the CIA appointed General John Right, who had been fighting terrorism in Afghanistan, responsible for US operations in Syria, so that now he is in charge of training terrorists in Jordan.

However, without direct Western military intervention, the terrorists are being defeated.

At the meeting with US State Secretary John Kerry, Akhmed Jabra, the President of the self proclaimed “Syrian National Coalition of Revolutionary and Opposition forces”, declared that  “The situation in Syria is now desperate”.

Step by step, region by region governmental forces are restoring peace throughout the country.

Even in Homs, one of terrorists’ strongholds, governmental forces are firmly holding the initiative and recapturing strategic districts. The fundamental change in the Syrian conflict has already happened and there were several underlying factors.

Fed up with lawlessness in the land, Syrians lay down their arms to return to their homes and families, while some even reenter the armed forces and the police in order to protect their relatives and their motherland as well.

As some ex-militants are saying, Syria has no future under extremism.

The war on radical islamists has united The Syrian people, most of them, sided Syrian government. Palestinian refugees have dislodged the militants from refugees’ camp Yarmouk near Damascus.

On the other side, the coalition of the opposition appears to be split, and a violent internal conflict is taking place.

At least 12 armed groups declare their separation from the Dar al-Jabal brigade of the Free Syrian Army, protesting against linking with Al-Qaida and killing civilians.

The Syrian Kurds move surprised the West and especially Turkey. Continuing support for the militants together with internal unrest and aggravation of the Kurdish question could result in the territorial disintegration of Turkey. The Syrian opposition lost yet one more ally with the removal of the Muslim Brotherhood and Mohhamed Moursi .

European financial crisis and pressure from the side of Russia and China prevent the West from direct military intervention in Syria, while the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar are not able of predetermining the outcome of the conflict.

Governmental forces’ final victory is a question of time.

From recent statements of Syrian government it is obvious that there is no chance of pardon for the extremists.

It may well be so that the Syrian conflict will become an example of the victory of the state and the people over international terrorism. In such a case the US and Europe may be incited to create new terrorism training camps to replace those replace who currently fleeing Syria with a new influx of terrorists.

Source: global research


Internal strife, enemy’s deadliest weapon

The coward terrorist acts that rocked the Lebanese city of Tripoli yesterday claiming the lives of 42 people with more than 500 wounded are not separate from last week’s criminal blast that took place in the Southern suburb of Beirut.

The nasty hands that committed the heinous crimes in Tripoli are the same ones behind the criminal blast that rocked Beirut's southern suburb last week. Moreover, the two terrorist bombings are not aloof from what is going on in Syria, Iraq and Egypt as the Pro-US-Zionist projects in the region are trying to sow sectarian sedition and drag it into a state of chaos and destruction to implement political and economic plans that serve Israel and its allies. So, Tripoli and Beirut awful bombings cannot be separated from what is happening in Egypt where the Muslim Brotherhood members are committing savage massacres in the name of religion. They are not also detached from the situation in Syria where the Saudi-Qatari-backed takfiri groups are perpetrating heinous crimes with the aim of inciting sectarian wars that can achieve the sinister goals of the US and its allies. These savage crimes cannot also be isolated from the explosions and bombings that are taking place in Baghdad and other Iraqi cities claiming the lives of scores of innocent people daily. The weapons being used in such terrorist attacks inside Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Egypt have been paid for, and supplied by, the US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, France, the UK, and the Israelis.

Tripoli’s terrorist explosions are a continuation of the project that aims to drag Lebanon and the whole region into chaos and destruction, and accomplish the hateful objectives of the Zionist enemy and all the states which stand behind it. The explosions aimed to prompt the Lebanese people to fight internally under religious and sectarian titles, which serves the hypocrite regional-international project that wants to divide the region and drown it in seas of blood and fire, and the only beneficiary will be Israel and its allies. The sole purpose of such atrocious acts is to keep the Middle East in turmoil and in a constant state of war so that colonialist objectives can be achieved easily.

This terrorist, Takfiri, criminal and aggressive war which is led by hostile counties, including Arab and regional tools such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, aim to weaken the Arab region and end the axis of resistance through enticing internal sectarian conflicts that devastate the whole region and make it an easy target for Israel and its allies.

The internal strife is the deadliest weapon used by Israel and US and their tools in the region which have Takfiri mentality in a bid to stir up internal conflicts that aim to deflect the national resistance away from the battle with Israel. There is no doubt that this is an act of Israelis and its affiliate terror organizations, its main aim is to start sectarian conflicts to weaken the resistance movement in Lebanon and Syria.


The predictable and false "chemical" attack

To date, the only use of chemical weapons in Syria has been by the Syrian so-called opposition, you know, the same people (?) who indulge in cannibalism, who are rapists, torturers, thieves and terrorists, who recently sliced the heads off Kurdish children ... and why were the videos uploaded from outside Syria the day before the "attack" happened?

And just as the UN inspectors arrive... there is a so-called "chemical" incident, a false flag one of course, again, but once again, not a very intelligent ploy by the Syrian "opposition". If one is going to set up a false flag chemical weapons attack, one has to make sure it is deployed in an area where there is a massive advantage in using such weaponry, namely in an area where there is massive advantage to be gained in an active theatre of war.

So, in an area where there has been fighting until recently but where the Syrian Arab Army (Government) has been making steady progress and where the terrorist opposition forces have been getting hammered, it does not make sense for the Government forces to use nerve gas, and it makes no sense at all to use it against large numbers of civilians, including children, who appear to comprise the majority of the victims.

Therefore the alleged chemical weapons attack in Ghouta, Eastern Damascus countryside, would not provide any advantage whatsoever to the Government forces, especially with the UN mission arriving in the country but it would provide a huge advantage for the "opposition" especially if the western media steamroller swings into action riding the crest of a drum-beating wave driven by politicians of the caliber of Obama, Cameron, Hague and no doubt their French poodles to justify a US intervention from Jordan.

We have seen the chemical weapons story before, only for the west to back down and refuse to investigate every time the Syrian "opposition" makes allegations the Government has used chemical weapons, when it then becomes obvious that the Government would not, did not, has not, does not and never will deploy chemical weaponry against its own people. Terrorists do, real soldiers do not.

Quite apart from all this, why were the "videos" providing "evidence" of this alleged chemical weapons attack posted on August 20, when the attack was supposed to be made in the early hours of August 21? They were certainly not uploaded from Syria.

And let us observe this from another angle: does the presence of the UN team in Syria to investigate use of weapons of mass destruction favor the Government? Yes, because it will discover the Government has not used any. Will it favor the terrorists? No, because they have used chemical weapons before and everyone knows so, that is why the west went silent about previous attacks after accusing the Government. After all, in May the UN investigation team leader, Carla del Ponte, stated there was evidence the "opposition" had used chemical agents, including Sarin gas. This came after two Syrian "opposition" leaders were caught on an audio recording of a phone conversation discussing attacks with chemical weapons and let us not forget the "opposition" laboratories last year filmed gassing rabbits with nerve agents. In this column I predicted today's event at the time.

The Syrian authorities strongly deny the alleged claims as being completely untrue. For the Government, these wild and absurd allegations denote the hysteria and demoralized state the "opposition" is in, as it is pressed back on all fronts.

Let us go further: with the US troops massing in Jordan, is this the event Washington needs to justify an intervention? We have seen it all before... and who would be surprised at anything Washington pulls out of the hat? After all the specter of an August attack in Syria by Washington has been circulating for months.

And let us be intelligent here: if the attack was supposed to be launched in Syria on August 21, then why do the videos supposedly covering the supposed event show the date August 20? Because they were uploaded from London... or Washington?

Source: Pravda.Ru


Information Ministry condemns Blast in Tripoli

DAMASCUS,(ST)-The information Ministry strongly denounced  the terrorist  blast that hit  the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli on Friday afternoon, martyring over 20 and injuring over 50 people.

"Syria strongly slams the cowardly terrorist acts of our people in Tripoli,"reads the statemen released by he ministry.

The ministry called for conducting  "necessary investigations to reveal the culprits behind this filthy act."

The ministry's statement made it clear that   those  who committed the blasphemous crime in Tripoli are the same who committed the explosions in the Southern Suburbs of Beirut.

"these crimes aim at sowing strife and secession, and striking civil peace in Lebanon, reeling it to mayhem and chaos,"underlined the statement.


UNSC Resolutions, Some Countries' Stances depend on Media Fabrications, Underlines al-Zou'bi

DAMASCUS, (ST)- " the media dimension has a basic role as regards the war against Syria which seeks to distort, harm Syria's image and its government inside and outside Syria. However, the UN Security Council resolutions and stances of some countries have adopted such media fabrications  "underscored Minister of Information Omran al-Zou'bi.

Al-Zou'bi's remark was made during a meeting he held Thursday with  Russian NGOs  delegation currently visiting Syria.

In this regard, al-Zou'bi informed his quests that banning  the Syrian TV channels from airing itsprograms on Arab Satellite comes within that war to hide the reality from reaching the world public opinion.

The minister branded the ties that binding  the  two peoples in Syria and Russia as deep-rooted and strong.

He appreciates Russia's stances  towards Syria, particularly during the ongoing crisis .

"the Syrian media is carrying on a difficult war, taking into consideration the capabilities it possesses comparing with those of media, the partners in shedding the Syrian blood, "underlined the minister.

Members of the Russian delegation, for their part, expressed the Russian people's support to the Syrian people in confronting terrorism.