Al-Ja'afari Lambastes Provocative and Hostile Tone against Syria's Official Delegation in Geneva II

GENEVA,(ST)_Syria's permanent representative to the UN has lambasted the US provocative remarks during the Geneva-2 conference, stressing that the Syrian official delegation wants to engage in an earnest political dialogue.  

Speaking to reporters, Bashar al-Ja'afari said: "Apparently, the US is a partner with Russia in sponsoring the Geneva-2 conference, but actually the US has its own policies and it is part in the problem."

"The statement released by the US Secretary of State John Kerry was not diplomatic. It was provocative one," he added.

Al-Ja'afari clarified that there is no room for maneuvers and talking about stages because the Geneva 2 conference has a specific goal to be notched up and it is being held as the Syrian blood is still being shed. 

"We hope that the other part is serious in the talks despite the fact that it doesn't represent all spectra of the national opposition," he said, reiterating that Geneva I communiqué shouldn’t be read selectively.

Coalition's Childlike behavior

Al-Ja'afari cited that the official delegation doesn't only negotiate with the members of the other delegation as there are minds and bodies training the other delegation on how to talk.

He also talked about the childlike behavior of the coalition delegation in the opening ceremony of the international conference in Montreux, asserting that the coalition's statement in the opening ceremony was full of hatred.

Bold statement

Al-Ja'afari underscored that most of the delegations in the conference have used a hostile language towards the Syrian policy to give the impression that the Syrian official delegation is isolated.

"But it was failed because our statement was brave, bold and realistic," he said.

Al-Ja'afai sees that the UN itself has turned to be a focus of international problems instead of being a place for solving the problems because there are some powers in the UN who dominate and influence making decisions.

"Since the end of the World War II, the armed conflicts have tripled," he added.



Geneva 2 Talks Start

GENEVA (ST)_ The first session between the Syrian official delegation and the so-called coalition delegation was held in Geneva today.

el-Akhdar el-Ibrahimi the UN envoy delivered a word in this session which was chaired from the Syrian official side by Dr. Bashar al-Jafaari, Syria's permanent representative to the UN.

Another session on humanitarian issues is expected today afternoon. According to SANA envoy.

Minister Omran al-Zoubi of Information, the Deputy Chairman of the Syrian official delegation to Geneva 2, reiterated that the Syrian delegation was in Geneva as to launch a realistic and logical political process in the interest of Syria and Syrian citizens as to restore stability and security to Syria.

Dr. Faysal al-Mikdad, the Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister and member of the delegation, stated that the Syrian delegation went to Geneva with a strong will and with the directives of H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad as to make success of the conference.

Dr. al-Mikdad  reiterated the Syrian official delegation  desire as to get the Syrians out from the catastrophe caused by the terrorist acts and by scores of countries, on top of them stand Turkey, Saudi Arabia, France, Britain, and USA, which arm and finance the terrorists.

Dr. al-Jafaari asserted that the Syrian official delegation is in Geneva for serious and important talk in the interest of combating terrorism, halting killings and initiating political dialogue.



Mikdad: Puppets sent by US, Turkey and Saudi Arabia try to foil Geneva 2 conference

GENEVA, (ST)- "upon the directives of President Bashar Al-Assad, Syria's official delegation came to Geneva 2 conference to make it a success and to exert all possible efforts to stop violence, "underscored Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad.

Speaking to reporters in Geneva,Mikdad added that  it is noticeable that the US, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, which have failed even to bring a tiny part of the so-called “opposition”, want to blow up this conference after they had felt being lost caused by the puppets they sent for negotiations.”

"as we have a principled and strong message from President Bashar Al-Assad to make this conference a success and to work for halting bloodshed , Syria’s official delegation will remain in Geneva and will exert every possible effort, whether through the UN or through the Russian friends, to start work as soon as possible ,"asserted Mikdad.


The Syrian Delegation to Geneva 2

It is important before arriving at the Geneva 2 conference which began on January 22nd , to know who will attend this conference .  It is the Syrian people who sent a delegation to the conference , carrying with it a historical and cultural legacy  of thousands of years . This creative people rejects terrorism because it loves life and believes in coexistence of its population who has no disagreement or differences on the national constants and nationalism.

The Syrians went to Geneva 2 conference searching for a political solution leading to an end to terrorism. Besides, they intended to call those countries which sponsor, support and fund terrorist groups for stopping the escalation of terrorism.

These countries, led by Saudi Arabia and Qatar have no history or cultural heritage to make them proud among the nations. Therefore , they are spiteful countries that banded with other countries which are governed by extremist and Wahhabi groups .

Moreover, the Syrian opposition abroad which is supported by the West and Saudi financiers, doesn't represent but itself.  From the very beginning of the crisis in Syria, this opposition doesn't stop calling for the external interference in Syria,  because it cannot face the outcomes of the ballot boxes in Syria .  It is obvious that the external opposition is contradictory theoretically and intellectually, besides it does not have a strategic vision towards the future of the country. And Syrians reject this opposition because it is traitor to the country and people. While the Syrian delegation went to Geneva2 conference confidently because it is undoubtedly strengthened with the support of the Syrian people.

Thus, if the external opposition is really serious in achieving the political process to end the crisis in Syria, then it must declare openly that it fights terrorism. It also must confess that it is against all terrorist factions that hinder any political and peaceful solution in Syria.

Ahmad Orabi ba'aj

E&T: M.Wassouf   

Shaaban: we will not retreat

Geneva, (ST)- "no force on earth would be able to touch a little bit of Syria’s soil or target the dignity of any Syrian citizen, "underscored Presidential political and media advisor Dr. Buthaina Shaaban, Deputy Chairman of Syria’s official delegation taking part in Geneva 2 conference.

Speaking to reporters on Friday,Dr. Shaaban added  “We came to Geneva for the sake of our country, people and to stop terrorism, bloodshed through a political track that would be determined by the Syrians themselves , and we will not retreat.

She pointed out that “what is confirmed till today is that the coalition called "opposition" has no issue of a homeland or people.

"obviously, they imagine along with their masters, that we came to Geneva to let them assume authority, and this is an illusion that should go out of their minds, "asserted Shaaban.

The minister  underlined that the  Syrian people pay the price of the crisis in Syria from their blood and families… the so-called coalition doesn’t represent the opposition in Syria as there are other  spectrums inside Syria of the national opposition which is committed to their home.

Shaaban made it clear that one of the biggest reasons of the crisis in Syria. is “the real intervention which, even if it’s not public, is done through tools of foreign sides.”