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AL-Laham calls on IPU to support the political solution to the crisis in Syria

Ecuador,(ST)-"indeed, it is time, the international community  must listen to the voice of right, to fully recognize the need to support efforts being exerted to make the political solution to the crisis a success, to halt violence and bloodshed of the Syrians and to stop massacres perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups  only to preserve Syria's unity(land and people) and peace and security internationally as well, "said PA Speaker Mohammad Jihad al-Laham.

Al-Lamam's remark was made during the IPU's 128th Assembly in the Ecuadorian capital Quito.

During the meeting was , al-Laham briefed the attendees on the ongoing events in Syria, focusing on the role of Arab, regional and international  plus misleading media outlet as regards a systematic devastation of the infrastructure, public and private facilities ,funding and arming the armed terrorist groups.

Meanwhile,al-Laham met with IPU Secretary General Andres Johnsson .

Talks dealt with relations between Syria's PA and the IPU and hopes pinned on the IPU current session's outcome and supporting the PA efforts to make the political solution to the crisis a success.

Al-Laham also met with IPU President Abdul Wahid al-Radhi.

Talks dealt with supporting Syria's efforts to combatting terrorism and halting violence.

It is worth noting that approximately 1300 delegates including 650 MP's from more than 120 countries are taking part in the IPU  128th assembly.


Al-Halqi: Syria has various options to tackle economic matter

Damascus,(ST)_Prime Minister underscored on Sunday that Syria and Lebanon have a deep-rooted  ties, noting importance of reactivating cooperation relations in all domains in the  interest of the two countries’ peoples.

DR. Wael al-Halqi’s remark was made in a meeting with As’ad Hardan, Head of the Social National Syrian Party in Lebanon.

SANA quoted the premier as saying: “Syrian government and people  highly appreciate all Lebanese national forces' stances  that  reject  conspiracy hatched against Syria in order to weaken its army and destroy its national economy to serve Israel’s interest.”

“Betting on the collapse of Syrian economy has failed due to the successful economic procedures recently taken by the government,” the PM said, stressing, once again, that the Syrian economy is ‘immune’

“The government has a multi-choice plan to deal with the crisis’ repercussions in this sector. Besides,  Syria has  a strategic reserves of all basic items   which would meet  citizens’ need for months.”

Al-Halqi also talked, in the gathering, about achievements of the Syrian Arab Army as regards fighting terrorists to restore stability and security across the country.

For his part, Hardan called on honest people in the Arab nation to defend Syria and be united in confronting conspiracy hatched against it.

“Syria has defended Arabs’ right and dignity. . It has confronted  the western-Zionist plots that aim at having hegemony over the region and its wealth to guarantee Israel’s surpassing  in all sectors,” Hardan said.

B. Qaddour            

Wall Street Journal: CIA expands role in crisis in Syria

The Wall Street Journal quoted current and former U.S officials claiming that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is expanding its role in the fight against the Syrian government  by feeding intelligence to select rebel fighters.

The move is said to be part of a U.S. effort to stem the rise of Islamist extremists in Syria by aiding secular forces, amid fears that the fall of the Syrian government  would enable al Qaeda to flourish in Syria.

The CIA has sent officers to Turkey to help vet rebels who receive arms shipments from Gulf allies, the report said.

But administration officials cited concerns about some weapons going to Islamists, the paper noted.


Damascus rejects UNHRC 'illogical' decision

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Syria has completely rejected the UN Human Rights Council's biased decision as it disregards immoral role of terrorism-supporter states in the country.

It clarified that terrorism-supporter states fund, train, arm and shelter terrorists and mercenaries from more than 28 states to perpetrate terrorist crimes in Syria, most recent the terrorist blast took place on March 21st at al-Iman Mosque in Damascus

Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said on Saturday : "Once again, the UNSC follows a delusion campaign being led by terrorism-supporter states in Syria to ensure political cover to the armed terrorist groups' crimes through adopting unilateral decisions.

It underscored that the decisions, which turn blind eye to the clues offered by the government, aim to hold the Syrian government responsibility for the ongoing events.

The ministry noted that these decisions have become tools to meddle in states' internal affairs and continuity of terrorism-supporter states' attempts to abort all efforts being exerted to settle the crisis in Syria through national dialogue.

"These biased, illogical and unbalanced decisions consolidate the double-standard policy being practiced by some states that claim defending human rights while they are ignoring what is going on inside the states that back these decisions and put aside all human rights principles," the ministry concluded.

Basma Qaddour      

Thousands in Damascus mourn al-Bouti

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Officials and thousands of people took part in the funeral of the prominent scholar Dr. Mohammad Saed Ramadan al-Bouti and his grandson, Ahmad, held in Omayyad Mosque in Damascus.

The two martyrs, who were assassinated on Thursday, 21st , in a terrorist bomb at al-Iman Mosque in Damascus, were laid to rest near the cemetery of  Salah Eddin al-Ayoubi behind Omayyad Mosque.

Several speeches were given in the funeral ceremony during which they focused on the deeds and words of the late scholar who had called for peace and represented the voce of right.

Information Minister, Dr Omran al-Zoubi told reporters: "the scholar al-Bouti incomparable by all means," adding that the assassination of the scholar and dozens of worshippers is to be added to the record of terrorists' immoral and brutal crimes.

He cited that adherence to national dialogue would be a real retaliation against the crime.

Basma Qaddour