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Terrorist Groups Used Chemical Weapons to Bring in Foreign Intervention: Jaafari

NEWYORK ,(ST)_ Syria's permanent representative to the UN Dr. Bashar Jaafari,  stressed that everything that is happening in the region is  entitled "Israel's interest" , all who are  involved in the aggression on Syria  only serve  "the Israeli interest" and that much of the data confirms  that chemical weapons were used by  armed terrorist groups in order  to bring in outside military intervention and aggression on Syria.

Interviewed by the Syrian al-Ikhbaria TV  last night al-Jaafari disclosed  Saudi attempts   at the UN General Assembly   to pass  a draft resolution against Syria , with  a series of secret meetings Saudi Arabia held  with representatives of the US, France, Britain, Jordan, Morocco, Turkey, Germany and some other countries to adopt a draft resolution on chemical weapons specifically,  prior to  the results of the delegation of UN  investigators ,  that holds the Syrian government  responsible in advance, according to statements made  by the Saudi ambassador himself in some secret meetings "to push  opportunities for the use of military force against Syria,  ahead."

Jaafari stressed that this  Saudi move indicates the immersion  of Saudi  decision-makers in  escalating  the crisis in Syria and in pushing  things toward more confrontation and to enhance the  possibilities  of  using  the aggressive  military solution against Syria.

"The course of events at the UN is focused on availing  the investigators to complete their  mission in cooperation with the Syrian government,  on the basis of a memorandum of understanding signed between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates and the UNGA." Jaafari said . 

He regretted  how the three permanent members states at the UN  deal positively with the report of the UN  investigators while they are involved in providing   qualitative and quantitative weapons to armed groups, including chemicals. 

He indicated that jamming  on the UN investigators was greatly intensified when the  Syrian government started  understanding with the UN  General Secretariat , wondering what  is the Syrian government interest in using  chemical weapons at a time when UN investigators  are in Damascus.

"  Westerners do not want to know who used  chemical weapons,"  Jaafari said noting  the existence of a lot of data proving   the Syrian government  not guilty and holding the armed groups accountable for the use of chemical weapons in order to bring in outside military intervention and aggression on Syria. 

Syrian-Russian cooperation at the UN is Close 

Jaafari  explained that Syrian –Russian cooperation at the UN is close and that Russia  understands the situation very well and provided a lot of assistance throughout the crisis, as well as China, pointing a global vigilance and growing awareness and understanding among many UN members to  that everything is being plotted against Syria falls in the  political agenda to undermine its stability ,  change of its rule  and placing it by  force into the regional instability to eliminate  the Palestinian cause in the service of Israeli interests ,  stressing that all what is happening in the region  is entitled to serve  "Israel's interest."

He also  noted many  regional groups at the UN that  become resentful of Western policies and the behavior of some Arabs toward Syria and  that many Western ambassadors reached the conviction that Western policies are not principled and their vision is  blurry and unethical. 

Victories of the Syrian Army scared who bet on what they call a re-balance of power between the government and terrorist groups 

Jaafari said  that the victories achieved by the Syrian Army on the ground greatly  scared those who are betting on what they call a rebalancing of powers between the Syrian government and the armed terrorist groups so they had to use the file of  the chemical weapons , being a very sensitive subject. 

He continued  that the Western countries and the Turkish government grossly violate the UN Security  Council resolution on preventing terrorists from acquiring  mass destruction weapons ,  by allowing the armed terrorist groups in Turkey  to establish a laboratory for the manufacture of chemical weapons  with Turkish ,Saudi Arabia and Qatari materials , to sneak  the Turkish-Syrian border and the introduction and use  of this  chemical weapon in  Syria .

 On the Western threat to launch a military aggression against Syria, al-Jaafari  noted that the aim of what has been  promoted in the media on the preparations for  the aggression is  a sort of political pressure on Damascus to get concessions,  noting that " this type of western Hollywood movie  is intended to raise  intimidation and  is, in deed  a form of media terrorism." 

Jaafari noted  two possibilities that this scenario  aims to dramatize and get concessions and another scenario saying that  armies chiefs of staff met in Amman and approved secret decisions ,  noting what was stated by the  Jordanian Foreign Minister  when he said that the meeting was  planned in advance. "  This is to throw dust in the eyes, even if  the meeting  was innocent , a final statement would have been  declared" Jaafari underscored.

" We are trying our best to convince our brothers in Jordan that their interest at least lies in  self distancing from getting involved in the quagmire which some are trying to create  in the region and damage  Syrian-Jordanian interests",  Jaafari added ,  referring to the list signed by hundreds of  Jordanian intellectuals and politicians against any involvement of the Jordanian government in any aggression on Syria, because this  adventure only serves Israel 

Everyone involved  in the aggression on Syria only serves the Israeli interest 

Jaafari reiterated  that everyone involved  in the aggression on Syria , only serves Israeli interests , noting "  from this point I want to focus on that  the issue of counter-terrorism  was first debated at the UN by  Syrian diplomacy when we launched the first initiative to convene an international  conference aimed to define terrorism and distinguish between  it and  the right of peoples to resist foreign occupation and the initiative was rejected  by the  West and decisions taken on the fight against terrorism had become a dead letter and many  UN Member States do not apply  them in the case of Syria.

He wondered how Saudi Arabia  opened a center for counter-terrorism at the UN  in New York, and is  a sponsor to combat terrorism while it  is engaged in it in  Syria and in  more than one place through the promotion of Wahhabi , Salafi and  takfiri fundamentalist movements  and how Turkey can be a sponsor of the so-called Alliance of Civilizations  with Qatar and the two countries are engaged in the  shedding of the Syrian blood.

"The situation is very complicated, but we are not alone in the arena. We have many friends who understand what is taking place  on the ground and the battle now  is not only Syria." Jaafari said.


T. Fateh 

US Using ‘Unproven Excuses’ For Armed Action in Syria – Moscow

MOSCOW– Russia slammed the United States on Tuesday for allegedly using “unproven excuses” to justify military action in Syria and said Moscow is “seriously disappointed” by Washington’s decision to put off a bilateral meeting to discuss the crisis there.

US Secretary of State John Kerry's statement  Monday “categorically claims that the US has the ‘undeniable proof’ about the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government, although the ‘data’ has not been presented,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said,according to RIA Novosti.

“Attempts to bypass the Security Council, to once again create artificial, unproven excuses for an armed intervention in the region are fraught with new suffering in Syria and catastrophic consequences for other countries in the Middle East and Northern Africa,” Lukashevich said in the statement posted on the Foreign Ministry's website.

Moscow also said it was “seriously disappointed” with the White House’s decision to put off a meeting between Russian and US diplomats scheduled for Wednesday in The Hague to discuss the situation in Syria.

 “Moscow perceives Washington’s decision to postpone this meeting literally on the eve of the agreed-upon date with serious disappointment,” Lukashevich said in a statement posted on the ministry’s website.

A senior Russian diplomat said earlier Tuesday that Moscow regretted what he called the cancellation of the meeting. “[Our] partners’ decision to cancel the Russia-US bilateral meeting to discuss the matter of assembling an international conference on Syria causes regret,” Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov said in a tweet.


Iran Warns Turkey to Stay Away from War on Syria


TEHRAN - The Iranian foreign ministry cautioned Turkey and other regional states against the repercussions of joining any future war on Syria, saying such a move will merely serve the interests of the Zionist regime,according to FNA.

Speaking to reporters during a weekly press conference here in Tehran on Tuesday, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Abbas Araqchi asked the regional states and "Turkish friends" to "be careful about what is going on in Syria as any attack against that country will serve the interests of the Zionist regime".

"The entire region should keep vigilant and don't allow further spread of the crisis by indigested measures," he added.

Earlier reports said that Ankara has sent 400 tons of arms supplied by some Gulf states to" militants" in Syria to bolster their fight against the Syrian government.

"Twenty trailers crossed from Turkey and are being distributed to arms depots for several brigades across the North," said Mohammad Salam, a terrorist operative who witnessed the crossing from an undisclosed location in Hatay.

The delivery is being called the single biggest weapons cache to reach the terrorists  since the unrest began two years ago.


Tracking Down Terrorists Continued

It seems  clearly  that there is an international slowdown  about  the political solution to the Syrian crisis by the main countries which  are largely responsible for what is happening in Syria since more than two years. Hence , many  variables had  occurred after the decline of  both  Hamad of Qatar and Erdogan of Turkey who   are still  waiting for new roles to be   determined by the US administration. The  US new  proxy is Saudi Arabia who undertook the task of financing and arming terrorists  in Syria.

 Undoubtedly, the US had  planned to create chaos in most of the Arab countries since its invasion of Iraq. And what is happening now in Egypt, Lebanon,  Iraq  and Syria serves the US' interests in the region  at the hands of the Wahabis  of  Saudi Arabia. The US sponsores  the  Saudi Wahabis  terrorists who  are financed by the Gulf states and logistically backed by Turkey and Jordan by facilitating  the  influx of weapons  and terrorists  into Syria.

 The  chaotic  situation in the region is but to   serve  the US and Israel's  common interests , the thing which contradicts  the Russia 's efforts to find a political solution to what is happening in Syria.

On the other hand, the  dangerous scenario which  the US has been  playing  in Egypt through  the upstart of  Muslim Brotherhood  to the  political scene  is considered a part of the conspiracy against Syria. Actually, the US wants to derail Syria from the axis of resistance by exterminating  the Palestinian Cause in the interest of its arch ally, Israel.

 But Syria's steadfastness in the face of  the international conspiracy is worrying the US and Israel. That's why they have to accelerate  negotiations with the Palestinians fearing the convergence of the Syrian and Egyptian armies after the expulsion of the Muslim Brotherhood  in Egypt.

In fact, the Syrian unique  steadfastness  gives the creeps to Israel, the biggest beneficiary of what is happening in the Arab world, especially Syria.

 Which way the wind blows!  The brave  Syrian Arab army is the winner in the  battle field. The army continues tracking down  terrorists and eliminating them from  all Syrian territories .

The future is promising for the people who are protected by the army who unswervingly committed to homeland.

 Ahmed Orabi Ba'aj

E&T: M.Wassouf

Sinister goals behind politicised accusations

Politicised accusations have been one of the cheap tools used by the US and its allies to achieve the sinister objectives of their conspiracy against Syria, especially as Syrian people and army foiled the conspiracy and exposed the dirty role of the US and its allies.

These accusations have been escalated during the past few days for several reasons, especially with regard to the alleged use of chemical weapons. The first and most important reason behind these accusations was the great progress realised by the Syrian Arab army in clearing vast areas of Takfiri terrorist groups eliminating scores of terrorists and inflicting heavy losses upon them. This is what prompted the armed groups to use chemical weapons with the aim of making gains by blaming it on the Syrian Army.  In light of the great victories of the Syrian armed forces and the humiliating defeats of the armed terrorist groups, the Syrian Army can't possibly be desperate or suicidal in order to use chemical weapons; these weapons were used by the armed groups as an act of provocation and frustration.

Another important reason for such fabricated allegation was to prolong the crisis, prevent the convening of the Geneva conference and block any peaceful settlement of the crisis in Syria. The West supports the Geneva conference in words but indeed it sends sophisticated weapons to the terrorists in Syria to kill innocent Syrian people and devastate their public and private properties. Chemical weapons couldn't have reached terrorists in Syria without Washington's approval and facilitations, and the terrorists wouldn't have used these weapons if the US didn't give them the green light to do so. The chemical weapons card is currently being played because the US and their allies are losing their proxy war on Syria.

The third reason was to distract the UN investigation team from its original mission according to the agreement signed between the UN and the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry.

Syria has clear-cut evidence on the use of chemical weapons by the armed terrorist groups through eyewitnesses and soil and air samples. There's an attempt to divert the committee from its tasks and mission because it has sites to visit and evidence to go through, and the attempts to disrupt the committee shows dissatisfaction over the way Syria responded to this team and its complete cooperation with it, and this would explain why al- Ghouta incident took place on the first day of the committee's actual work.

The US didn't act when Khan al-Assal incident took place when Syria made an official complaint, addressing the UN and requesting a probe committee to investigate into the atrocious massacre perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups there. When the US and its regional and Arab allies realized that the ones who committed the crime in Khan al-Assal were armed terrorist groups, they tried to delay the committee and started hindering and procrastinating any agreement and talking about several areas and conditions.

What happened in Khan al-Assal proves that those who used chemical weapons there can use them anywhere else, and that the use of such weapons shows that the terrorist groups are feeling helpless and frustrated as they attempt to halt the Syrian Army's progress.