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Political hypocrisy!

The US policy towards the Middle East has been branded by bias and selectivity motivated by the US political and economic interests and the interests of its main ally in the region, Israel. For this reason, the US stands in the region are regarded as double standards that reach to the extent of political hypocrisy.

From the very beginning of the crisis in Syria, President Obama and senior officials at the US administration and the White House claimed that the US believes in the political solution of the crisis through dialogue away from violence. But on the ground, this stand was categorically contradicted when the US administration ordered its regional allies, especially Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia to offer funds and arms to the armed terrorist groups in Syria to kill Syrians and devastate their public and private properties. Moreover, the political deception was crystal clear when former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton publicly called on the armed groups to press ahead with their violent acts and savage crimes and refrain from taking part in any peaceful settlement or national dialogue aimed to end the crisis peacefully. The US stance towards the crisis in Syria is doubled and cannot focus on one approach. The US Secretary of State John Kerry and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov agreed on shifting the crisis into the political track while the US continues arming the opposition. Big amounts of weapons have been inflowing to the opposition in Syria and there are tens of thousands of foreign fighters fighting the Syrian army and committing horrible and savage crimes against the Syrian people.

Most recently, U.S. congressional aides said that $27 million has been spent on training the Syrian opposition fighters so far in Turkey and over 800 people have been trained as a step that reflects the U.S. involvement in providing direct support to the armed terrorist groups that shed the Syrian blood and destroy the country.

The US calls the terrorists in Syria "opposition fighters" backed by it along with other Arab and foreign states despite that the Qaeda-linked Jabhat al-Nusra, which is listed by the U.S. administration in the list of terrorism, represents the main pillar of these terrorist groups.

Another aspect of the US political hypocrisy was manifested following the recent agreement between the Russian Foreign Minister Sergi Lavrov and the US Secretary of State John Kerry to hold Geneva 2 conference through which the political solution for the crisis in Syria is advocated. But this agreement was immediately breached by new US plans to provide the so-called Syrian opposition with highly-sophisticated weapons. Washington's decision to arm the Syrian opposition violates the Russia-US initiative for organizing the international Syria conference in Geneva without preconditions.

The Syrian government has agreed to the initiative, unlike the opposition which is currently busy in seeking for more weapons and tools of destruction, vandalism and killing.

The US  attempts to send weapons to the terrorists in Syria won't form a good start to hold an international conference on Syria.

By sending more arms and tools of devastation to the armed terrorist groups, the US and its Western allies seek to turn Syria into a base for takfiri movements, which indicates their irresponsible assessment of the situation in the region.


Terrorists Massacre Civilians, Military Personnel in Cold Blood in Khan Al-Assal

ALEPPO, KHAN AL-ASSAl-  Terrorist groups massacred a number of civilians and military personnel  in Khan al-Assal area in Aleppo.

The so-called "Ansar al-Khilafa Brigade" gang claimed responsibility for the terrorist act.

The terrorists mutilated the bodies of some martyrs and throw them in a big hole in the town's outskirts. They also set fire in other martyrs bodies.   

The so–called "Syrian opposition" abroad, ‎Qatar, ‎Saudi Arabia, ‎Turkey, USA, ‎France, Britain continue to arm terrorists, "jihadists"  and cannibals in Syria aiming to destroy a peaceful secular country.

 A video of the horrible massacre in Khan al-Assal shows scores of civilians and military personnel  killed in cold blood.


H. Mustafa  



Syria condemns assassination of Mohamed Brahmi


Damascus, (ST)- Information Ministry denounced  the assassination of general coordinator of the Popular movement and  opposition member of the Tunisian National Constituent Assembly Mohamed Brahmi.

In a statement issued Friday, the Ministry branded the political assassination as  "a heinous crime" that is  not only targeted the martyr, his family and the Tunisian people, but also the pan-Arab movement.

"Syria, people and government, condemns the assassination and demands that murderers be brought to justice," added the ministry's statement.

"needless to say that there is a dire need to protect  political leaders in Tunisia against oppression and assassination, "underscored the statement.

The Ministry  underlined that the Brahmi's assassination , the second after  Chokri Belaid's, unmasked the  political and criminal nature of perpetrators..

"Martyr Brahmi is a pan-Arab causes ,"said the ministry, stressing that liquidating the national and pan-Arab movement's symbols  in Tunisia aims to pave the way for undermining the historical achievements of the Tunisian people.



Morsi detained

The MENA news agency said the ousted  Mohammed Morsi has been detained for 15 days for investigation into charges he collaborated with Hamas during his escape from jail in 2011. He can be held for longer.

The announcement came hours before mass protests were set to take place across the nation in response to a call by military chief Gen. Abdel-Fatah el-Sissi for a show of popular support for his anticipated crackdown on Morsi's supporters and radicals loyal to the ousted leader who have been attacking security forces in the strategic Sinai Peninsula.

The military and the police have pledged to protect Friday's protesters, and the army deployed tens of thousands of troops across the country, supported by armor and helicopters.

The MENA news agency said Morsi has been detained for 15 days pending the completion of the investigation into the accusations. His detention can be extended as the inquiry continues. The news agency indicated that Morsi has already been interrogated.

Egypt's military, which views Hamas as a threat to Egypt's national security, has been holding Morsi in an undisclosed location since deposing him.

The MENA report said Morsi was being investigated over allegations of collaborating with Hamas "to carry out anti-state acts, attacking police stations, army officers and storming prisons, setting fire to one prison and enabling inmates to flee, including himself, as well as premeditated killing of officers, soldiers and prisoners."


Moscow urges partners to give principled assessment of terrorists’ crimes in Syria – Russian FM

Moscow urges partners at the international arena to give a principled assessment of terrorists’ crimes in Syria, Voice of Russia correspondent reports.

"Once again we call on our partners at the international arena, as well as all groups of the Syrian "opposition" to give a principled assessment of the crimes of terrorists in Syria, while preventing manifestations of the "double standards" policy that would allow the terrorist international to realize their criminal aims in this country," according to the Russian Foreign Ministry statement in connection with a terrorist act in the suburbs of Damascus on July 25.