Al-Mouallem to Ki-moon: Syria rejects any UN interim report on alleged chemical weapons attack

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Syria rejects any interim report to be issued ahead of carrying out the mission of the UN investigators they had intended to complete, stressing that the possible  US-led aggression on Syria will torpedo efforts of the political solution.  

Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Walid al-Mouallem, said: "Syria rejects any partial report to be issued by the UN before the investigators complete their mission, defining the results of  the samples test collected out by them, and investigating the sites in which the Syrian soldiers were exposed to toxic gas".

The rejection came during a telephone conversation made on Friday between al-Mouallem and the UN General Secretary, Ban Ki-moon, on the mission of the UN investigators.

According to SANA, Ki-moon thanked the Syrian government for its cooperation with the investigation team and said: "they (the investigators) will return to complete their mission."

The team is due to leave Syria on Saturday, before completing their mission.. 

Al-Mouallem underscored that Syria expects Ban Ki-moon to be objective, to reject pressures, to fulfill his role in preserving international peace and security and to back efforts of convening Geneva 2 conference.

"Syria sees that the political solution is the only exit and any aggression will torpedo efforts being exerted to bring about political solution to the ongoing crisis," the minister said, according to SANA.

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Defense Minister: Syria will respond to aggression decisively

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Deputy Commander General of the Army and Armed Forces and defense minister  Maj. Gen. Fahd Jasem al-Freej stressed during a telephone call  he received from Iranian Defense Minister Brig.  Gen.  Hussein Dehqan that "terrorists used  chemical weapons , killed  women and children and innocent people to get more support from regional  and world major countries to gloss over their  , alienate the public  opinion and justify their continued crimes. "

Gen. Freej stressed  readiness of the armed forces and the brave Syrian people to deal with any form of military aggression  launched by the major powers , vowing to  respond decisively.

For his part, Iranian Defense Minister stressed  that the main loser in any war in the region is  the one who  starts it .

Brig Dehqan said that Iran is precisely and closely  pursuing the security developments in the region and the crisis taking place in the friendly country,  Syria, stressing the need to take advantage of the political and peaceful means to resolve security problems.

Brig.  Dehqan  also stressed that the use of force and violence will lead to the escalation of the crisis and its circulation to political units , a matter  which will not lead to elimination  of tension .

The Iranian army chief also expressed his appreciation for the  message of congratulations sent by Gen. Freej him on the occasion of  assuming his new term of office.


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'US, NATO, hands off Syria' – hundreds of New Yorkers during massive protest against US strike on Syria


Hundreds of people protested at New York’s Times Square on Thursday over possible US plans to strike Syria .

"US, NATO, hands off Syria," chanted hundreds of protesters, weaving through thousands of tourists, some carrying pictures of President Bashar Al-Assad, and some just declaring themselves against another US war.

"It is another lie and a lot of people are going to die for nothing," Khaldon Makhoul, 43, a physician who moved from Syria to America 17 years ago, said. "Where is the chemical weapons? Until now we didn’t find it. US soldiers will die for nothing. Where is the evidence"?


Moscow to oppose any UN resolution paving way for use of force against Syria – deputy foreign minister


Russia will oppose any UN Security Council resolution that could pave the way for a military operation against Syria, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov said on Friday.

“Russia will oppose any UN Security Council resolution making the use of force likely,” the diplomat said ,according to Voice of Russia, TASS.


Egypt,West Asia oppose strikes on Syria

A groundswell of opposition is building up in West Asia against a unilateral western military strike on Syria, undermining legitimacy for the use of force in response to the alleged use of chemical weapons last week on the outskirts of Damascus,according to the Hindu.

The United Nations and the Arab League envoy on Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi stressed on Wednesday that a military strike in the absence of a clear sanction from the UN Security Council would be illegal as it would violate international law. The veteran Algerian diplomat said in Geneva, “International law says that any military action must be taken after Security Council approval has been taken.” However, the chances of a Security Council endorsement are remote as Russia and China seem set to veto any resolution permitting the use of force against the Syrian government.

As the momentum for an attack seemed to gather strength, regional heavyweight Egypt weighed in sharply on Wednesday, with a firm rejection of military intervention in Syria.

Egypt’s foreign minister Nabil Fahmy asserted, “Egypt rejects military intervention in Syria, as we believe a political solution is the only way out for the crisis there. Egypt supports the Geneva-2 talks.” By referring to the Geneva process, Egypt appeared to have aligned its position with that of Russia and China, which remain the most outspoken advocates of the commencement of diplomacy to resolve the crisis in Syria.