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West war crimes in Syria exposed

There was a time during the 30-month covert dirty war on Syria when the Western governments and mainstream media would make a clamor over reported massacres.

Now, despicably, these governments and media just ignore such atrocities. Why? Because it is increasingly clear that the groups committing these crimes against thousands of Syrian civilians are the foreign-backed mercenaries, whom the Western media and their governments have tried to lionize as “rebels” fighting for “democratic freedom”, wrote Finian Cunningham, a prominent editor, writer and  expert in international affairs.

Cunningham added in his article, published by Press TV, That charade is rapidly disintegrating, exposing not just criminal Western governments sponsoring the violence against civilians, but an entire media industry that is also guilty of war crimes through its willful complicity.

This is not mere hyperbole. To disseminate false information and lies about conflict - under the guise of independent news - is to be complicit in covering up war crimes. You can hardly get more serious misconduct than to tell lies about crimes against humanity.

These toxic lies and propaganda are now being exposed as the Western-backed plot to subvert the sovereign state of Syria unravels; this unraveling is accentuated by the West’s death squads becoming even more unhinged as they stare at looming defeat at the hands of the Syrian army.

The latest massacre occurred in the town of Khan al-Assal in the northern province of Aleppo. Some 150 people, mostly civilians, were reportedly slaughtered in cold blood. Many of the victims were shot in the head execution-style. The groups claiming responsibility are the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front and Ansar al Khalifa.

Reliable sources say that the killers tried to cover up their barbaric crimes by mutilating the corpses and burning the remains. Only days before this orgy of murder, the same groups are believed to have massacred at least seven civilians in the town of Maqbara in the province of Hasakah.

Elsewhere, as the Syrian national army makes searing advances against the militants, it is apparent from the identities of the dead that the majority of these fighters are foreigners, from Saudi Arabia, Libya, Jordan, Turkey, as well as from the US and Europe, including Britain, France and Germany.

Just last week, it was reported that Saudi Arabia bought $50 million-worth of heavy arms from Israel to supply this foreign network in its endeavor to terrorize the people of Syria into submission.

Already, the US, Britain and France have stumped up over $200 million which they claim is provided to “the Syrian opposition” in the form of “non-lethal aid”.

This is just cynical semantics to cover up the fact that the Western governments and their regional Turk, Arab and Israeli proxies are sponsoring genocide in Syria.

Over the weekend as the mass murders in Khan al-Assal and Maqbara emerged there was a telling silence in the Western media. A cursory glance at outlets such as New York Times, Washington Post, Voice of America, the Guardian, BBC, France 24, Deutsche Welle, Reuters, among others, showed no or negligible reports on the atrocities.

A notable exception was the London-based Financial Times, which headlined: “Syria opposition condemns rebel attack”. The FT tried to obfuscate the mass murder of civilians by claiming that “extremist rebels” had executed captured Syrian army soldiers and by giving prominence to condemnation of the “abuses” by the exile non-entity group, the Syrian National Coalition.

Similar Western silence followed another massacre last month in the village of Hatlah in the eastern province of Deir al-Zour. In mid-June, more than 60 mainly Shia inhabitants were slaughtered again by Western-backed foreign militants. Most of the victims were women and children. Syrian government appeals for international condemnation at the United Nations were ignored.

Contrast this void in Western government and media reaction to earlier massacres. In May and June 2012, the Western media went viral with reports of mass killings in the villages of Houla and Qubair where some 108 and 78 inhabitants were murdered, many of them with throats slit.

It later transpired that the Houla and Qubair massacres were the work of the Western-backed foreign militants. But Western media did not follow-up with corrective reporting. This is the conduct of a propaganda ministry, not independent journalism.

The same propaganda formula of sensationalist headlines and innuendo, with minimal evidence, was repeated in subsequent massacres, such as in Tremseh in July 2012, or the bomb attack on Aleppo University in January this year in which more than 80 were killed. Also in that same month, more than 100 bodies were fished out of the Queiq River in the Bustan al-Qasr district of Aleppo - all of those victims with gunshot wounds to the head. Never mind that the district was under the control of foreign militants, the Western media continued their campaign of innuendo that it was the Syrian state forces that carried out the executions.

The Syrian government has consistently alleged that all these mass killings are the work of Western-backed militants. This sickening terrorist methodology concatenates with the Takfiri mentality of killing everyone who is deemed to be an infidel - Sunni, Shia, Alawite, Christian, non-believer alike, who does not subscribe to their fundamentalist twisted theology.

It is entirely in keeping that Western governments and Wahhabi Arab despots sponsor such groups given the long history of collusion between these protagonists, going back to the creation of al-Qaeda by Western military intelligence in Afghanistan during the 1980s to fight the then Soviet-backed government in Kabul.

The indiscriminate murder of civilians in wholesale massacres by Western-backed death squads operating in Syria to overthrow the Syrian government is also consistent with the countless no-warning car bombs that have ripped through markets, streets, hospitals and schools all across Syria. Days before the latest slaughter in Khan al-Assal, a car bomb killed at least 10 in the Jaramana district of the capital, Damascus.

A few months earlier, another deadly bomb attack also targeted Jaramana, killing more than 30. The district is a mixed community of Muslim, Christian and Druze, which is largely supportive of the government. As with the many other massacres in Syria, the aim is to terrorize the civilian population, to sow sectarianism and to coerce the populace to relinquish support for the government.

As the foreign criminal conspiracy to force regime change in Syria flounders - with the turning point being the Syrian army victory in Qusayr early last month - the Western-sponsored terrorists are resorting to more and more desperate methods. This depravity was manifested yet again in the slaughter of civilians in Khan al-Assal and Maqbara. Tragically and despicably, we can expect more such atrocities in the coming weeks and months as the Western criminal conspiracy suffers more defeats.

But what is truly remarkable is how the Western governments and their propaganda machine, known euphemistically as the mainstream news media, are ignoring these latest massacres. That is because their vile game is up. They can no longer dissimulate on the reality of who is carrying out these massacres and how it is all part of a criminal genocidal campaign directed from Washington, London and Paris. That is why they are feigning to ignore such atrocities. To look into them honestly would uncover the ugly face of Western imperialism and the unconscionable role played all along by so-called Western news media.

Meanwhile, proper journalistic services like Press TV that are reporting the reality of what the Western governments are really doing in Syria via their death squads are being banned from satellite networks controlled by Western authorities.

Indeed, a very real extension of this censorship is how Press TV correspondent Maya Nasser was murdered last September by Western-backed death squads in Damascus for the very reason that he was helping to uncover the truth about what is being inflicted on Syria. Assassination is just an extreme act of censorship, as the Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw once noted.

Western government and media silence over the latest massacres in Syria is not just a matter of indifference or sloppy journalism. It is indicative of their complicity in the covert genocidal war on Syria.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Al-Jaafari asks the UN International Commission of Inquiry on Syria to view Syria’s crisis more comprehensively

New York (ST)-Syria's Permanent Representative to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari called on the Chairman of the UN International Commission of Inquiry on Syria, Paulo Pinheiro to view the current crisis in Syria more comprehensively by calling the spade a spade and tackling the real causes of the problem, instead of approaching it from a one-sided perspective.

 Speaking during a UN General Assembly session to discuss the human rights in Syria, Dr. al-Jaafari said '' The Commission of Inquiry on Syria is still deliberately exaggerating when displaying its findings, also fully disregarding or downplaying core issues.''

''There are scenes that flagrantly violate the Syrians' dignity and human rights such as the crimes of the armed terrorist groups, ranging from eating human flesh, killing innocents, slaughtering and mutilating bodies, beheadings on sectarian and ethnic grounds, throwing bodies from rooftops to committing hundreds of suicide bombings using car bombs in populated areas, recruiting children, kidnapping and slaughtering clergymen, assassinating scholars in mosques, issuing misleading fatwas on 'sexual jihad', killing children on the charges of infidelity, robbing factories and transporting them to Turkey,'' al-Jaafari said.

Al-Jaafari pointed out that the world followed with great interest the testimony of member of the International Commission of Inquiry on Syria, Carla del Ponte, in which she confirmed the use of Sarin gas by the armed terrorist groups in Khan al-Assal in Aleppo and then hours later, pressures had been exerted on the Commission's chairperson that pushed him to issue a statement contesting del Ponte's findings. So, after this how we can trust the Committee's work and professionalism? criticized the western governments supporting the radical terrorism in Syria in cahoots with Saudi Arabia and Turkey. ''Saudi Arabia's latest achievement  in Ramadan was the purchase of Israeli arms worth USD 50 millions to be shipped to the armed terrorist groups in Syria…which we hope will be the last one during Ramadan,'' Dr. al-Jaafari added.

By I. Abdulkareem

Denouncing terrorist attacks, Syria voices solidarity with Iraqis

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ An official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry underscored  on Monday that Syria denounces  in the strongest terms the coward terrorist attacks which hit  Baghdad suburbs and elsewhere across Iraq. The wave of attacks claimed the  lives of scores and injured hundreds of innocent Iraqis.

''As it deeply expresses solidarity with the  victims' families and standing by them during these tough circumstances, Syria urges the countries and groups behind these criminal acts, bankrolling and arming  terrorists, to instantly halt  killing Iraqis and targeting the unity and territorial integrity of Iraq, 'underlined  the ministry .

The source made it clear that Syria calls on the UN Security Council and the international community to condemn such  acts and hold responsible for those who fund  terrorism and providing terrorists with weapons and inciting them to perpetrate massacres.

"the biggest danger that faces the world today is the double-standard policies and the nations which branded  the terrorism that serves their interests as  legitimate which definitely  jeopardizes the unity of the international counter-terrorism front, "concluded the source.


Security, stability return to al -Khalidiyeh , several villages in Aleppo

Provinces,(ST)- Units of the armed forces on Monday fully captured al-Khalidiyeh neighborhood in Homs after slaying a large number of foreign-sponsored militants and destroyed   their  hideouts.

"the army dismantled dozens of explosive devices planted  by terrorists in the houses and the public roads,"an official source told SANA .

The army takes control over several villages in Aleppo

Meanwhile, units of the armed forces restored security and stability to Tallet Khanaser on Aleppo road, along with the villages of Abdo Mousa, Hjara Kbira, Jub Awad, al-Qurbatiyeh and al-Rashadiyeh.

During the operations, the army killed several terrorists ,demolished and confiscated their equipment and weapons, which included heavy machineguns and rifles.

 Elsewhere,a military source told local media that several terrorists' groupings  and hideouts were mowed down in the areas of al-Neimeh, Aqraba, al-Harak, al-Basaleh, Saida al-Golan, al-Hanout and Saisoun in the countryside of Daraa.

The army killed several terrorists  including a number of Jordanian and Libyan nationals: Shafe' Al- al-Talfah and Jarrah Mohammad al-Wahidi  from Jordan and the Libyan Abdul-Latif al-Hdeidan.

"the armed forces also rebelled terrorist groups that tried to attack military checkpoints in the villages of al-Ghariyeh, Khirbet Ghazaleh and Izraa,"added the source.

In Idleb, " a number of terrorists were crushed by the army units in the following areas: al-Qaniyeh, Bashlamoun, al-Taman'eh, Kfarroumeh, Kfarnubel, al-The, al-Maghara, Ihsem, Mar'yan, M'arbo, Bzabour and Sfouhen,according to an official source.


MOSCOW: UN-Syria Chemical Talks Open Way for Objective Probe

MOSCOW-  The Russian Foreign Ministry welcomed the constructive talks held in Damascus between the Syrian government and the UN  on the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

In a statement on Monday, the ministry said these constructive agreements opened up a way to a closer and more objective investigation into the chemical weapon use.

According to the Voice of Russia, the ministry stressed the rapprochement, although delayed, would give a better insight into what had happened in Khan al-Assal, an Aleppo neighborhood, on March 19, 2013.

Moscow hopes that the voice of its experts on chemical weapons will be heard during the UN probe into the use of chemical agents near the Syrian town of Aleppo in March.

“We expect the group of UN investigators to take into account the conclusions on the incident at the Khan al-Assal village their Russian colleagues submitted in a report to the UN Secretary General on July 9,” the ministry's statement said.

H. Mustafa