Deputy FM Holds Countries Sending Terrorists to Syria Responsible for Bloodshed

DAMASCUS- Faysal al-Mikdad Mikdad, the Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister, has held parties in the United States, France, Britain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other countries who send killers to Syria, directly responsible for shedding the blood of the Syrians.

"Those who support terrorism in Syria have nothing to do with humanity, "al-Mikdad said in an interview with the Syrian TV on Wednesday.

He stressed that the issue of inciting terrorism is one of the top articles of the UN Security Council resolutions relating to combating terrorism. "The incitement practiced by these countries had exasperated the problem of terrorism not only in Syria but in the entire world.

The Deputy Foreign Minister pointed out that the massacre perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups against the citizens in the city of Adra will be a source of terror to the world when the details and the full reality of this massacre are exposed.

"This massacre should urge the whole world to reconsider their stances and change the way they deal with those who provide weapons and money  to terrorists and who send fighters to  join the armed groups," al-Mikdad said.

He criticized the double standards policy adopted by Western countries on terrorism, condemning their complete silence regarding the massacres being committed by the armed terrorist groups in Adra without any reason.

Al-Mikdad clarified that Syria informs the UN and the Security Council about the armed terrorist groups' crimes and violations, but the UN's role was unfortunately shameful, "because some influential members in UN thought that events in Syria will have the same ending of the events which took place in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya and ended in weeks with the help of the misleading media machine and its tools. However, the steadfastness of the Syrian people, army and leadership has foiled the scheme set for Syria."

The Syrian diplomat said that what cannot be tolerated is that terrorists from all over the world are gathering in Syria, while some international bodies are still describing them as people who completely have nothing to do with terrorism.

He added that the Saudi regime shamelessly and blatantly continues to pump more funds and weapons to the terrorists in Syria and Iraq under a cover by the Israeli intelligence.

He pointed out that the Saudi-Israeli ties have become public, as the two sides are exchanging visits and talks and they have joint operation rooms.

He also condemned the Turkish role under Erdogan's government in supporting terrorism in Syria.

Al-Mikdad said that the United States, which claims that it provides "non-lethal" weapons to the armed terrorist groups in Syria, has actually sent most serious lethal weapons to those terrorists

On Geneva-2 conference, al-Mikdad said "Syria will go to Geneva and is ready to contribute to making it a success.

"We are not going to Geneva to sit with terrorists. The United States should be precise and clear in this respect, as it promised Russia that it will convince the opposition to take part, but it has failed so far," he added.

H. Mustafa

Jaafari: Saudi Regime Suppots all World Terrorism Hotbeds

NEW YORK (ST) , Syria 's Permanent Representative to the UN Dr. Bashar Jaafari noted the reality of events in Syria and the crimes committed by armed terrorist groups  mostly linked  to al-Qaeda against the Syrian people , brought in by the Saudi regime with the help of other countries, pointing out that this regime is the main supporter of terrorism hotbeds in world.

Jaafari said in a statement Syria before the UN General Assembly adopted yesterday  the draft resolution submitted by Saudi Arabia against Syria , entitled "Situation of human rights in Syria "  that  the international legal framework within which UN Member States operate  is  based on the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of States under any pretext.

He continued that a peaceful political solution in Syria should be  based on a comprehensive national dialogue between the Syrians and according to the will of the Syrian people by themselves , away from any outside interference, adding that such politicized  resolutions will encourage continued armed violence , murder and bloodshed of the Syrian and   agendas of certain countries striving to thwart the Geneva Conference 2 .

He regretted that the Saudi regime , which represents the peak of human rights violations for its  people and for Muslims and Arabs and the sponsor and the main source for exporting  terrorism and  fundamentalists  to all countries of the world , from Afghanistan in the 1980th  to September 11 in New York to London , Paris, Madrid and Arab capitals and countries of the  African coast presents a draft resolution calling for the protection of human rights of the Syrian people at a  time, it continues openly to interfere in the internal affairs of Syria , to inflame  the crisis and  obstruct a political and peaceful resolution for the Syrian crisis by the Syrians themselves

Jaafari stressed  that there is no hotbed of terrorism in the world ,not supported  and financed by the Saudi regime ,as  documented by Western and world media, adding that  the Saudi supported   armed terrorist groups attacked Adra city, of 70,000 workers ,  in 600 plants and factories  and exercised ugliest forms of crimes of slaughter by  knives , burning in  furnaces  and  field  execution under the guidance and masterminding of  the chieftains of ignorance and sectarian strife .

 " You will hear misleading words  , such as lamenting the fall of 100 thousand victims in Syria , but you will not hear from the  representatives of the Saudi, Qatari and Turkish regimes  about the reasons behind the  painful fall of so many Syrian casualties , nor how they were killed , by whom and how many of these victims were slaughtered by  white weapons at the hands of armed terrorist mercenaries ,  nor the number of victims of suicide bombings , and no one will  explain to you where the training camps for those mercenaries ,and who is the supervisor." Jaafari underscored.

Jafaari  concluded by saying that " the Syrian delegation requested voting on the draft resolution / L 42 / R IF 1 / and is urging Member States to reconsider its vote and to vote against this draft resolution in order not to be dragged behind the illusions that countries which  are trying to adopt the draft resolution ,  in an attempt to divert the attention from their inhumane , immoral and illegal practices  . "

T. Fateh

Foreign Ministry Astonished over US Intention to Hold Talks with "Islamic Front" Terrorist Group

DAMASCUS, (ST) - The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry is astonished over recent statements made by the US State Secretary and the spokesperson of the State Department on the United States intention to hold talks with the "Islamic Front" terrorist group aiming to discuss the American alleged "no-lethal" aid and to encourage it to take part in the Geneva-2 conference so as to get wide representation of what the US officials called "Syrian opposition".

"It is an astonishing stance which affirms the US failure to form a delegation representing all opposition groups to attend Geneva conference and contradicts the American administration's responsibilities, as a permanent member of the International Security Council, towards implementing the council's resolutions relating to fighting terrorism." The ministry's spokesman said.

"The stance also contradicts pledges by the international community stressing that Geneva conference won't provide an opportunity for the terrorist organizations to take part in its activities," he added.

The spokesman pointed out that the so-called "Islamic Front" comprises several armed terrorist groups whose mindset, strategy and goals go in harmony with al- Nousra Front's takfiri thinking which is based on Wahhabi fatwas.

He wondered how the American administration would justify its dialogue with al-Qaeda in Syria to the American public opinion, especially as this terrorist organization was the party which had exploded the World Trade Center in New York.

He stressed that "it had been better for the United States to read the charter of the "Islamic Front" before deciding to talk to it."

The spokesman reiterated that Syria, which repeatedly affirmed its participation in Geneva conference to help making it a success and to enable the Syrians to hold dialogue on the future of their country, sees no legal or moral justification for the participation of these terrorist groups in Geneva conference which must prioritize the issue of fighting terrorism instead of allowing those terrorists, who seek implementing extremist takfiri agendas through terrorism, to attend the conference.

Syria also urges immediate halting of support provided to these terrorist groups, the spokesman concluded.

H. Mustafa    

Geneva II Conference to Prioritize Anti-Terrorism Fight in Syria, Mideast

MOSCOW - The fight against terrorism in Syria and the Middle East will be one of the key issues at the Geneva II Peace Conference, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at the Russian Federation Council, upper house of parliament, on Wednesday, according to Itar Tass News Agency.

 “It seems to me the international community agrees that the fight against terrorism is one of the priority issues, which will be on the agenda of the Geneva II Peace Conference due to take place in Montreux on January 22, 2014,” the minister said.

Commenting on the recent attack on peaceful civilians in the Syrian town of Adra, he said, “Terrorist internationalism is putting down roots in Syria.”

 “Terrorist groups, which are not linked with Al Qaeda, have a serious impact on the situation. These groups are now posing the most serious threat in Syria and in the Middle East as a whole,” Lavrov said.

 “It would be very useful for the Syrian government and the opposition to unite in order to fight terrorism. The terrorist threat is the main obstacle to settle the situation in Syria,” he

Russia honors all effective contacts with Syria

All effective contracts between Russia and Syria, including those in the sphere of military-technical cooperation are being honored, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Wednesday.

 “In particular, this concerns the contracts for economic interaction between Russia and Syria,” Lavrov said.

Elimination of Syria’s chemical weapons runs at full speed

According to the Voice of Russia, Lavrov said that the process of eliminating Syria’s chemical weapons runs at full speed in compliance with the schedule.

"Now the second stage, which requires consolidation of many countries’ efforts, begins," he said, recalling that the main parameters of the second stage were approved at the meeting of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons on Tuesday, Lavrov added.

Progress noticed on Syrian, Iranian tracks

In another context, Lavrov said that progress has been noticed on the Syrian and Iranian tracks based on common sense and collective political and diplomatic actions.

“Since the very beginning Russia has insisted the Syrian conflict be settled through dialogue with the respect of the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the minister said.

Russia “seeks to contribute to the political settlement in Syria”, he said, adding “We’re working hard to convene the Geneva II Peace Conference. The unification of the Syrian opposition would facilitate this.”

“Our consistent position helped take decisions and launch the efforts aimed at putting chemical weapons in Syria under international control in order to eliminate them in the future,” Lavrov said.

He added that the closure of issues related to Iran’s nuclear program should lead to reconsidering the U.S. concept on European missile defense, Lavrov said.

“The resolution of Iran’s nuclear problem will allow us to ground the need to create missile defense in Europe,” the minister said.



UN Report Confirms Armed Terrorist Groups Used Sarin Gas, Says Foreign Ministry

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Syria has said that the final report of the United Nations mission on claims of chemical attack is a conclusive evidence of the successive failures of the destructive project that targets the country and it confirms that the armed terrorist groups have used Sarin gas.

A spokesman for Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said today that the final report presented by Professor Ake Sellstrom is eye-to-eye with what the government said about the armed terrorist groups' use of Sarin gas in Khan al-Assal and in some sites in Ghouta.

It added: "The report brings to mind, once again, what Syria has repeatedly said that it has not used chemical weapons against its people."

The spokesman made it clear that the UN mission has neglected more than 40 allegations fabricated by the US, France, Britain and their tools in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey to cover the crimes of terrorists from al-Qaeda and al-Nusra Front and others.

It cited that Syria's enemies have failed to black out the Syrian government's full cooperation with the mission.

"Regrettably, these countries and the parties that colluded in the conspiracy on Syria have not only hindered the investigation- for which Syria had called since March 20, 2013- for five months but also put the final report aside and continued supporting terrorist groups and criminals," the spokesman said.

Press Israel to join CWC

It added that the report must push these countries to enhance the dimensions of the historic decision taken by the Syrian leadership to voluntary join the Chemical weapons Convention (CWC) to press Israel, which has all types of weapons of mass destruction, to join the CWC and to put its establishments under international observation.

"What is needed now from these countries is a faithful work to make Geneva 2 conference on Syria successful through international effort that mainly aims to halt terrorism in Syria and not to cover up al-Qaeda-linked terrorists," the spokesman said.

It asserted that terrorism poses threat to region and the whole world as well.

It is noteworthy that the UN final report was released on December 12, 2013.

Basma Qaddour