American Terrorism

No one can deny the disgraceful and flagrant role of the US diplomacy that appears clearly from the very beginning of the crisis in Syria. This can be noticed obviously in an interview of  the US Secretary of State, John Kerry on "ABC" when he justified  the  US stance regarding re-arming  the terrorist organizations that had been attacked on the Turkish border by  other factions which are formed by Al-Saud Kingdom.  Accordingly, Mr. Kerry has asserted that the US "non-lethal" aid may continue very quickly.

Without any doubt, this is the US contradictory policy, and the head of this diplomacy Mr. John Kerry is talking about arming the terrorists in Syria and at the same time he says that no one wants to be involved in a war against Syria.

Mr. Kerry has added that the US administration relies on diplomacy to resolve the conflict in Syria. In fact, all the statements of the US officials especially its Secretary of State John Kerry, show clearly the US contradiction and dodgy policy.

Robert Ford, the US  former ambassador to Syria, announced during a television interview that his country's stance doesn't change towards the crisis in Syria. He added that the US decision regarding suspending the "non-lethal" aid is due to the security conditions.  Ford's declaration is considered a strong evidence that the US supports terrorism in Syria.

This is the terroristic diplomacy which is practiced by the US in Syria about three years ago. Indeed, the US and its allies, especially those Gulf financers of arms, are still waiting for achieving a balance on the Syrian ground that serves their interests.

In this context, according  to a recent report of  the US magazine "Foreign Policy", there was an arming deal between Saudi Arabia and one of the US companies by  which Al-Saud Kingdom gets (15 000) anti-tank missile worth about one billion dollars.

Undoubtedly, the deal has been completed, therefore we have to wonder where these weapons will go to? It is known that these types of weapons are used mainly in ground operations.

The "Foreign Policy" magazine had mentioned that the US does not admit with this deal, of course, it is not true.  Because according to American laws such kinds of deals cannot be achieved without the acceptance of the state. The US and its allies have no need to deny their supporting terrorism, and  Al-Saud Wahhabi Kingdom  has unabashedly declared that they are  arming the terrorists in Syria.

Thus, is there any doubt about the US contradictory diplomacy towards the crisis in Syria.  In fact, the US is considered the main supporter and sponsor of the terrorism in the region as a whole. In addition, the US recent statements about the crisis in Syria and its agreement with Russia on the Geneva2 Conference are but to waste time.

Ahmad Orabi Ba'aj

E&T: M.Wassouf

Syria Holds Terrorism Supporters Responsible for Leaking Information on Chemical Weapons Sites

 DAMASCUS, (ST) – Syria has condemned the leaks made by some countries, known of their support to armed terrorist groups in Syria, on Syrian chemical weapons sites, an official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said.

The source added that Syria holds these countries responsible for  the dangers such leaks may cause, and urged concerned international organizations to act soon to put an end to these countries' persistence in irresponsible dealing with this serious issue.

 "Full cooperation between the Syrian Arab Republic on the one hand and the United Nations General Secretariat and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) on the other, and the success of this cooperation in having Syria's obligations towards the Chemical Weapons Convention implemented, have angered the parties which are conspiring on Syria and supporting terrorist groups in the country, according to the source.

The source said that "within this framework, terrorist groups have been attacking sites of chemical materials which are to be transported abroad in accordance with an agreement between the Syrian government and concerned international parties."

"What is more important is how these groups have known about the efforts exerted to transfer chemical materials outside Syria, said the source, referring to the irresponsible role played by some countries which support terrorists, provide them with information about the content of the chemical weapons sites and about the transfer details and encourage them to attack the sites.

The source said that Syria urges all international organizations and the UN secretary general to pressure these countries to stop their disastrous support to the terrorists.

Syria also reiterates its commitment to the obligations resulted from its joining of Chemical Weapons Convention.

H. Mustafa 

Lavrov: President Al-Assad Represents Interests of Wide Category of Syrian People

 MOSCOW- President Bashar Al-Assad represents the interests of a wide category of the Syrian people, stressed Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, pointing out that attaining stability in Syria is a top priority.

Interviewed by RT on Tuesday, Lavrov stressed that the success in the Syrian and Iranian issues has been achieved thanks to collective efforts, saying that from the very beginning of the so-called Arab Spring, "our Western partners didn't take peoples' interests into consideration." 

Some parties are trying to benefit from the critical humanitarian situation in Syria to create tension before the holding of the International Conference on Syria "Geneva II".

He added that the attitudes of some Western countries towards the crisis in Syria have become more realistic after they realized the danger of terrorism there.

Lavrov asserted that Russia's Western partners have started to realize that changing the "regime in Syria is not the way to solve the crisis" but a way to facilitate the arrival of what the so-called "jihadists" to power.

"The attitudes are changing in Western countries, they are becoming more realistic in their approach towards settling the Syrian crisis," said Lavrov. "The threat of terrorism in Syria, the threat of jihadists coming to power, the threat of creating a caliphate with extremist rules are the main problems.

The issue of the humanitarian crisis in Syria has been exploited, just as the issue of the chemical weapons before it, to lay all of the blame on the Syrian government, Lavrov said. The Foreign Minister has warned against taking sides in the Syrian conflict now as it can put the nearing peace negotiations under threat.

Deadline to destroy chemical weapons in Syria to be met

On the issue of chemical weapons, Lavrov said Moscow is sure that destruction of Syria's chemical weapons will be finished by June 30.

"I believe that deadline 30 June to destroy chemical weapons in Syria to be met," Lavrov said.

H. Moustafa


Al-Maliki: Countries which lack freedom stand behind crisis in Syria

Karbala ,(ST)-Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki on Monday accused countries “which lack freedom and democracy” of standing behind the crisis in Syria, in a hidden reference to the Gulf States.

“They have expected the overthrow of the Syrian government  during two months, and they said that the operation in Syria is a picnic, they were blinded by deception to shift to Iraq, Iran or Jordan,” al-Maliki said at a press conference in Karbala to the south of Baghdad, according to AFP.

He added that countries that have no mercy, have no democracy or freedoms stand behind the plot against Syria.


State Duma lawmaker considers Iran’s participation in Geneva II conference logical

MOSCOW_ Iran’s participation in the Geneva II Peace Conference would be logical, State Duma Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Alexei Pushkov said.

 “Iran’s participation in the Geneva II conference garnered more and more support because everyone realizes that whatever the attitude is this is the region’s most important state. The settlement without Iran is more problematic,” the lawmaker said.

He said the European Union states shared his view. “The U.S. has big doubts while Saudi Arabia and Israel have negative positions,” he added.

 “Iran should be involved in the process due to the fact that very important agreements on the fate of its nuclear programme were achieved,” Pushkov said.

 “The Geneva II conference will be ‘downsized’ because the country plays a big role in the settlement of the situation in Syria,” he said, according to ITAR-TASS .