Lebanon will not allow itself to serve as a crossing point for arms and gunmen across its border,says Sleiman

 President Michel Sleiman, who is on an official tour of African states, said Friday night that the Lebanese should refrain from sending fighters to Syria.

 “To overcome tensions surrounding Lebanon we should all be committed to the Baabda Declaration and not send gunmen to Syria or receive them. We should remain neutral,” Sleiman said during a ceremony at the Lebanese Embassy in Ivory Coast.

 “The Lebanese Army has been commissioned to repress and arrest any gunmen [in Lebanon] to fight, whether they are with the opposition or not,” he added.

Earlier that day, Sleiman said: “The Syrian Foreign Ministry’s statement is being studied and we will take the appropriate stance on it. Lebanon has adopted a disassociation policy on the Syrian events. This position was translated into the Baabda Declaration."

 “Lebanon, according to this [Baabda] Declaration, will not allow itself to serve as a crossing point for arms and gunmen across its border,” Sleiman said.

 “It will not allow the establishment of military bases or security centers for gunmen on its territory,” he added.

We will no longer accept attacks from Lebanon,says Abdel-Karim

Syria will no longer accept attacks on its territory from across the border with Lebanon, Syria’s Ambassador Ali Abdel-Karim Ali said in remarks published Saturday and Prime Minister Najib Mikati reiterated his call for Lebanon to uphold its dissociation policy.

 “What is required of the Lebanese government is that it carry out its duty on the border with Syria,” Ali told As-Safir newspaper.

 “We have no interest whatsoever in creating tensions with Lebanon but at the same time we can never compromise on Syria's security and sovereignty. We are being attacked and we are no longer willing to accept that - ever,” he said.

Damascus, in a letter sent to the Foreign Ministry Thursday, warned Beirut it would attack terrorists in  Lebanon, reiterating its stance  that arms and gunmen were being smuggled from the border.

The letter said Syrian forces were still exercising self-restraint by not striking “concentrations of armed gangs inside Lebanese territory in order to prevent them from crossing into Syrian territory.”

 “But this will not last indefinitely,” the letter warned.

Separately, Mikati told the pan-Arab newspaper Al-Hayat in remarks published Saturday that he would try to seek clarification on the contents of the letter through diplomatic channels.

“We will get more clarification about the letter via diplomatic means,” the prime minister said.

 “I urge the Lebanese to continue [upholding] the policy of disassociation,” he added.


“Non Lethal” Aid!!

Non lethal aid, a new deceitful term created by Western politicians to cover their support for the Syrian armed "opposition". But what does this term mean and can weapons be non lethal? Do they only wound or do they kill in silence? Can these lethal weapons distinguish between a Syrian and another?  How ironic is this!!

The new US Secretary of State announced during his recent visit to Saudi Arabia that the U.S. will continue to support the opposition until it is able to attain a peaceful solution. He also ignored and didn't comment on the Saudi minister's call for keeping arms supply to the armed terrorist groups in Syria. This means that the Syrian bloodshed will continue as it isn't among the United States’ priorities to order its agents and tools in the region to stop this bloodbath.

Those, who claim keenness to help the Syrian people, mainly in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United States, are sending non lethal gifts, “peaceful” terrorists who will bring “peace” to Syria according to the American way!!

Statements by Western officials including the British, about their countries' intention to send “non lethal” weapons to terrorists and on easing the European Union’s arm embargo on the terrorists, are but a farce. What kind of embargo are they talking about and what sort of softhearted weapons are they sending? Does this mean that the stuffing of the explosive devices to be used in the coming terrorist bombings will be reduced or will children at the bombing site be excluded from death?!!!

In fact, neither a peaceful solution is possible in Syria nor bloodshed will stop unless the non stopped flow of trained terrorists and arms into Syria, mainly across the Turkish borders, is halted.

It seems that the U.S. is adopting a self distancing policy as regards the issue of indirect armament by ordering those who keep US weapons in their stores to send the arms to the terrorist groups in Syria and by providing secret training to terrorists in Jordan.

Thus, the US government eludes its electors, by adopting the evidently contradicted policy of supporting terrorism while claiming in the media that it is fighting it.

Actually, the U.S. has nothing to worry about as the French and British agents, not to mention their tools in the region, are ready to cover any shortage of open or direct support to armed groups in Syria.

Ahmad Orabi Baaj

Translated and Edited by H. Mustafa  

Int'l understanding of events in Syria backs dialogue, says al-Haqi

DAMASCUS,(ST)_The Syrian government continues holding talks with all parties to pave the ground for launching the national dialogue to solve the crisis in the country.

Today (Thursday), the ministerial committee tasked with implementing the endorsed political plan met the Syrian Family Forum's Board of Trustees which includes representatives from different Syrian components.

Dr.Wael al-Halqi, who chairs the committee, stressed that the Syrian people are able to surpass the crisis thanks for their steadfastness, unity, and patience and the Syrian Arab Army's staunch defense of the homeland's stability and security. 

"Creation of an international public opinion that understands the events in Syria well would support the national dialogue conference," a-Halqi said.

He briefed the Trustees' council on guarantees given to those who determine to return home to take part in the national dialogue, clarifying that government has also taken several measures to ensure aid and shelters to the displaced citizens who return home.

Cultural awareness

Members of the Trustees' council suggested re-forming new cultural awareness to identify the concept of national culture, belongings, freedom, citizenship, and rule of law.

They also underlined need for re-formulating scientific curriculums to cope with comprehensive development process.

"The Syrian Family Forum has offered aid to a number of Syrian families despite the difficulty of reaching all areas as a result of highway robbery by terrorist groups," Ahed Sharefa, the forum's chairwoman told reporters after the meeting.

The ministerial committee includes Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Ministers of Information, Justice, National Reconciliation, Transport, Industry, Red Crescent Affairs, and People's Assembly Affairs.

Basma Qaddour

Country's sovereignty a basis for dialogue, says Haidar

LATTAKIA ,(ST)_No one is excluded from participation in the political solution on the condition that he/she believes in halting violence, rejects foreign meddling, and considers country's sovereignty as a basis for national dialogue, National Reconciliation Minister said.

In a symposium held in Tishreen University in Lattakia province, Ali Haidar said: "The real political process is based on the political plan for resolving the crisis in Syria because it sees the Syrian people as authority and reference."

He underscored that Syria would achieve victory and the solution to the crisis would be Syrian and in the homeland.

"Since the foundation of the Zionist entity in the region in 1948, Syria has faced conspiracy due to its geographical position and its rejection for recognizing the entity," the minister said, citing sacrifices being offered by the Syrian Arab Army to restore stability and security all over the country.


Moscow Warns A L Over Syria Seat for Terrorists

Russia's Foreign Ministry warned the Arab League on Thursday that its recent decision to give Syria’s seat to the "opposition National Council "would legalize arms supplies to militants and terrorists,according to RIA Novosti

The Arab League’s decision to give the "SNC" the seat facilitates the possibility of legalizing arms supplies to "terrorists," Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said.

 “Considering that the most battle worthy force standing up to Syria’s regular army is admittedly Jabhat al Nusra, a terrorist group, it is easy to see who will become the ‘end user’ of that assistance,” Lukashevich said.

He claimed there was still a chance for talks between the Syrian government and the disparate opposition groups.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Wednesday Russia is taking no sides in the Syrian conflict and hopes the Syrian opposition will soon form a team to negotiate with government representatives. Moscow has previously said it is ready to provide a venue for negotiations between the Syrian opposition and Syrian authorities.

Earlier this week, during a visit to London with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Lavrov warned Britain against arming the terrorists in Syria, saying this would breach international law, The Independent reported. Britain said last week it was ready to supply light armored vehicles to the rebels.

On Tuesday, Moscow criticized the United States' support for the Syrian opposition.