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Syria Agreed Geneva 1 with Some Reservations: Delegation

GENEVA,(ST)_ The Syrian delegation to Geneva Conference 2 stressed in response to the intervention made by the coalition delegation of the so called / opposition / that Syria agreed Geneva 1 with some reservations and came to Geneva on the ground of its keenness on the Syrian people blood and their freedom and democracy.

The delegation explained that it declared full readiness since the beginning to put Geneva statement on the table and discuss it paragraph by paragraph, starting with the first item.

The Syrian official delegation diverted the attention of the coalition delegation so called the / opposition / that it seems it did not read the Geneva statement but only item eighth , pointing out that nothing can start in between.

The Syrian delegation emphasized that the Syrians alone have the right to decide their future and that it is important to have a broad spectrum opposition to participate in the making of this future.

During the morning session, the Syrian delegation stressed the need of all parties including the UN and others to live up to the level of responsibility and intervene decisively with States that interfere in the Syrian affairs  and support terrorism in all its forms and seek to sabotage the atmosphere of Geneva meetings to stop all that immediately.


T. Fateh


Lavrov: Russia studies steps towards overcoming crisis in Syria

MOSCOW-Russia is studying what secular authorities and churches can do in order to overcome the crisis in Syria and calm down the situation in the region, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at a meeting with Patriarch John X of Antioch on Wednesday, according to ITAR TASS.

 “We value traditional relations between our churches. They help reach accord, which is indispensable in the world and in the Middle East,” Lavrov said.

Mikhail, first metropolitan of Rus, came from Syria, the minister said.

 “Traditional interaction, friendship and brotherly relations between our churches are in demand as never before,” he said, adding that the "Arab Spring" events “affect the fate of Christians, who lived with Arabs in peace and accord over two thousand years”.

 “Today the coexistence, friendship between Orthodox believers and Muslims are under serious tests. Thus, our dialogue is important to prevent the worse scenario,” Lavrov said.

Patriarch John X thanked Russia for its stance on Syria

Patriarch John X of Antioch has thanked Russia for the peace position that the country takes on the situation in Syria.

 “Russia’s position on the Middle East, particularly on Syria and Lebanon, is especially important and it is based on the hard-and-fast guidelines,” the patriarch said at a meeting with Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Wednesday.

John X also praised Russia’s humanitarian supplies to Syria. “We’re distributing humanitarian aid to everyone without any difference - to Christians and Muslims. We note the importance of peaceful coexistence between Christians and Muslims and we stand for peace in the region,” the patriarch of Antioch said.

 “Relations between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Antioch Church are historical and brotherly,” John X said.

Syria should be united and Lebanon should be a stable and safe country to make Christians and Muslims coexist in peace and mutual respect, the patriarch said.

 “We confirm our drive for preserving our roots and staying on the motherland of our ancestors because it is very difficult to imagine the Middle East without Christians,” he said.


Syrians' Interests are the Priority

Syria's official delegation to Geneva has presented a statement on behalf of the steadfast Syrian Arab people through the words of Foreign Minister, the head of the Syrian delegation, Walid al-Moallem . Through this statement, al-Moallem explained in details what happened in Syria and outlined the clear vision of the Syrian people and government to resolve the crisis.

Al-Moallem stressed that Syria will not abandon the national principles adding that coming to Geneva was to stop the advance of the Mongols and the Tatars to the region and to prevent the collapse of the entire Middle East .

Indeed, Syria's official delegation succeeded in expressing the real position of Syrian people as well as the directives of president Bashar al-Assad. Hence, the Syrian delegation dealt with the first day discourses with high national spirit emphasizing on Syria's sovereignty, and the Syrians' rights and interests  as a priority in any negotiations. It is impossible to abandon any of Syrian people's rights.

Of course, there are many important notes concerning the participating delegations' speeches in the Geneva2 conference. But the most noticeable speech is that of the Switzerland Foreign Minister Didier Burkhalter, who said that those here today must listen to the legitimate aspirations of the Syrian people from across the spectrum. The Swiss Foreign Minister called for the participation of all opposition in the conference.

The so-called "opposition" which is presented at Geneva , didn't have any political program or specific or clear path to halt the bloodshed and stop terrorism in Syria. They are but political tools of those countries which do not want the good for Syria. They are the political arm of the terrorist groups that are destroying everything in Syria , schools, worship houses, government establishments, and kill Syrian citizens without distinction . In this sense, the hands of this opposition are filled with the blood of the Syrians.

Therefore negotiations of the Geneva 2 conference must lead to an international conviction about combating terrorism. In addition, the US must accept the necessity of a political solution and stop support for terrorism as to reach to the desired results of this conference .
Hence, Syrian people has a great confidence that the official delegation, authorized to represent it in Geneva will do its best to restore peace and security to all Syrian territories.


Ahmad Orabi Ba'aj

E&T: M.Wassouf

Al-Zou'bi: Washington Decision to arm Terrorists a Decline of Political Solution

GENEVA,(ST)_ Information Minister Omran al-Zou'bi stressed that the US decision regarding the arming of terrorist groups represents a U.S decline from the option of a political solution , wondering , " how could the U.S. position be supportive and proactive in Geneva 2 and at the same time be supportive to terrorism , violence, and the military option, in a clear and unparalleled contradiction. "

Al-Zou'bi explained that the Syrian delegation will hold a consultative meeting this evening, to be headed by the Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem to consult on talks and issued statements and declared political positions ,outside Geneva on the light of which decisions will be taken and how to act .

Al-Zou'bi pointed that the political statement made by the official delegation is not a substitute for Geneva 1 statement , but is part of providing a political climate that ensures the foundation of a political course , noting that this paper is part of the national principles of the Syrians .

Al-Zou'bi indicated that the Syrian official delegation is in Geneva , trying hard to reveal to the world the reality of what is happening in Syria, considering that "counter media and media from other countries began to change their views, to ask new questions and speak a new language " and that this reading is built since the moment we arrived to Geneva and the speech of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates , who explained everything happening in Syria , including the efforts of the negotiating team of dialogue inside the hall through mediator Brahimi and the media team located in Geneva.


T. Fateh

Shaaban: All Talks About Changing Regime in Syria Destroy Country

Geneva (ST)-Presidential Political and Media Advisor Buthaina Shaaban said that the US decision to rearm the "opposition" contradicts the efforts exerted by Russia, the US, and the international community for launching the Geneva 2 conference.

In statements to reporters on Tuesday, Shaaban said that the US decision aims at hampering the political process, torpedoing Geneva  2 and putting pressure on the Syrian official delegation, pointing out that the US talks with Russia about Syria using a certain language and carries out actions that contradict its statements.

Shaaban refuted the US allegations on the so-called "non-lethal weapons", stressing that all what is being sent to terrorists consists of lethal weapons which reach  the "Islamic State in Syria and the Levant" and "Jabhet al-Nusra", adding "when these weapons cross the borders, none knows their destiny".

"How do the Americans want to arm these organizations and simultaneously say that they desire a political process?" she wondered.

Shaaban outlined the contradictory statements of the US Secretary of State John Kerry, who, while talking about a political solution in Syria, was using in Paris and Doha an incomprehensible and unacceptable language that constitutes intervention in the Syrian affairs.

"Those who claim they are Syrians and keen on the Syrian people are supporting a decision to bring weapons into Syria to kill its people.  They defend the American decision which constitutes a blatant interference in the Syrian people's affairs and causing their bloodshed," Shaaban affirmed.

Shaaban described those who defend foreign intervention and war decisions in Syria as delegates of the Americans, the American decision, and the parties who shed the Syrian blood and threaten the lives and fate of the Syrian people.

Shaaban said that all talks that have been going on since three years about the need to "change the regime in Syria" aims primarily at destroying Syria and the Syrian people, not the "regime," as all that they did was devastation of the Syrian establishments, hospitals, towns, villages and all properties.

The statement proposed by the Syrian official delegation to the UN Envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi is excerpted from the Geneva I statement, Shaaban clarified, stressing that the Syrian official delegation's insistence on implementing the first article of the Geneva communiqué - relating to stopping violence and terrorism-  is based on its commitment to quash terrorism targeting the Syrians and claiming their lives.

Shaaban wonders "why do others jump to articles they pick and want to talk about before stopping terrorism, while the first Geneva communiqué zeroes in on creating a political environment suitable for launching a political process?".

Shaaban asserted that the first point of agreement must be stopping bloodshed and terrorism in our country, confirming that the Syrian official delegation will continue working in Geneva until Friday whatever happens and will do its utmost to make this track beneficial for the Syrians, stop terrorism, and restore security and safety to Syria.


O. Al-Mohammad