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Wide Support for the Russian Initiative on Syrian Chemicals

CAPITALS,(ST)_ Cypriot President NikosأAnastasiadis   welcomed the Russian  initiative on putting  the  chemical weapons in Syria under international control , adding  that this initiative will help to avoid large - scale conflict in Syria and the region as a whole.

Anastasiadis added in an interview with Itar - Tass news agency that " there are good prospects  in the initiative to avoid war, if completed in the manner proposed by Russia."

The  Cypriot President  continued that  the initiative will help find a political solution to the crisis in Syria and remove the threat of unpredictable consequences  war  on Syria and neighboring countries.

" I agree with the Russian initiative and I want it to be approved by everybody and that the main task is to implement it ,  under the auspices of the United Nations because in this case we will avoid the current  threat ."

Cyprus had confirmed that it will not participate in any military action led by the  US against Syria.

President of  EU  Commission : A political solution is the only way to achieve  peace in Syria

President  of the  European Commission  Jose Manuel Barroso said yesterday that " a political solution is the only one that allows bringing peace to which the Syrian people deserve ."

According to AFP, Barroso welcomed in his annual report on the status  of the European Union in the French city of Strasbourg yesterday the Russian initiative on chemical weapons in Syria , saying it was " good."

Barroso hoped the Syrian government  to apply the initiative  without delay: "The use of chemical weapons requires a strong response " , calling  on " the international community , especially the UN  to assume a collective responsibility to put an end to the crisis in Syria."

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Walid al-Mouallim said that Syria welcomed the Russian initiative on chemical weapons from the Syrian leadership 's responsibility to prevent Western aggression and to preserve the lives of citizens and  the infrastructure.

Ashton renewed  support for the Russian initiative

In turn,  Commissioner  of the External Affairs and security in the European Union Catherine Ashton  called on members of the UN Security Council to " assume their responsibilities " in resolving the crisis in Syria.


AFP  quoted  Ashton as saying during the debate in the European Parliament on Syria in Strasbourg , France, yesterday,  that the "role of the Security Council can not be avoided and  members of the Council  must  shoulder their responsibilities in the crisis in Syria "

Ashton expressed ,once again, her  support for the Russian initiative on putting  chemical weapons in Syria under international supervision ,calling to " seize this new dynamic ."

Ashton said "  that Syria should declare respect  for the set  conditions as the matter  "  is  not just about solving the problem associated with the use of chemical weapons , but the settlement of the crisis as a whole .

Ashton announced that she  is active in  multi-directions  at the international level " and that the European Union is making " very intensive contacts with the Americans , the Russians and the Arab states ."

OIC welcomes Russian initiative

 Secretary - General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation  OIC EkmeleddinIhsanoglu,  welcomed the Russian initiative as a step towards finding a peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria.

The organization said on its Web site that Ihsanoglu stressed the need to evacuate the Middle East from  weapons of mass destruction.

Ihsanoglu also stressed the need for the UN Security Council to take the necessary measures to stop  violence in Syria.


T. Fateh

Nobel peace prize for Putin: why not?

Vladimir Putin’s peace initiative on Syria could earn the Russian president a Nobel peace prize, says French political analyst Marc Rousset.

The move to place Syria’s chemical weapons stockpile under intentional control has postponed a potentially bloody strike against Syria.

Mr. Rousset stressed that Putin managed to pull off a fine maneuver, preventing an airstrike against Damascus and offering western leaders a way to save face amid the Syrian "quagmire", as more and more people are speaking against a war on Syria.

The peaceful option could also save President Obama from shame of having his Syria plan repudiated in Congress.

With the war or a punitive action on hold, Syria is now in for a lengthy negotiating process, the analyst believes.

“One thing is clear: Putin’s diplomatic gambit was quite a game-changer in that it reinstated Russia as a world power that must be taken into account, which was obviously the goal.”

 “A Nobel peace prize for Putin? Why not? Obama got it for doing nothing,” the analyst wrote.

Mr. Rousset also said that Moscow's plan should have come from the West. “Barack Obama, who decided not to go to Russia, should be grateful for its idea, which should have been his own.”

Source:Voice of Russia, Interfax, TASS


America Taking The Lead

The US is still practicing its contradictory policy towards the crisis in Syria. The last stance of the US is to launch military attack against Syria , and it is , as usual, based on weak and trivial arguments to justify this aggression.

In fact, it is crystal clear after two years of the Syrian crisis that the US was depending on its allies such as Saudi Arabia , Qatar and Turkey. All these countries support terrorism in Syria with the continuous blanket of Israel. But the US changed its plan concerning the battle and decided to interfere publicly in Syria.

Hence , the US was displeased having witnessed the great victories achieved by the Syrian army who pursued the terrorists and eliminated them in most of the Syrian territories. The US' stance clearly leads to an inference in a direct message from Washington that "no victory over terrorism."

On the other hand, the repercussions of the British Parliament's refusal to participate in  the aggression raised a lot of questions and analyses . The French opposition has similar stance in forbidding the government from getting entangled in military attack against Syria.

As for the so-called Arab League, it is indeed a surprising and shameful stance of Arab countries. They simply jumped the gun and did not hesitate in accusing the Syrian government of using the chemical weapons even before the investigation committees and the United Nations probed into the investigation who was the side using the weapons.

Thus, most Arab countries had strongly supported the US stance to launch aggression against Syria. But on the other side, there are honorable stances of other governments which support the independency of Syria's political decision such as the BRICS countries and other friendly countries.

Moreover, no one can deny Egypt's official and popular stance towards the US aggression against Syria. Hence, Egypt has not been tempted by the Saudi Arabia's aid but on the contrary Egypt of Arabism has returned to the regional and Arabic political fold .

The Egyptian army realized that the US is trying to implement a dangerous plan aiming at destroying the Arab armies. Whereas the US began this plan in Iraq, and is seeking now to destroy Syria , then in Egypt when it supported the Muslim Brotherhood.

Whatever the results of the US' escalating stances about the aggression against Syria, Syria will remain steadfast. In conclusion every one calling for the military foreign intervention in his country must be deemed a traitor to his homeland.


Ahmed Orabi Ba'aj

E&T: Maysaa Wassouf

Syria is the most strategic place in the region

Tonight, I want to show you what Syria is really all about and boil it down to what Progressives say they’re against, but see, they never really are – oil and money. That’s what this war is really all about.

Maybe that’s why George Bush fought the last war. I don’t know. I mean, they said Dick Cheney was Darth Vader. Darth Vader, right? Well, let me show you what this one’s really about. Russia here has been partners with Syria for a long time. Why? Well, for one reason. This is the Mediterranean here, and the only other port that they can pull into is right here. So all of their ships that are out in the Mediterranean and go all out, they all have to come back in to refuel here, unless Syria allows them in.

So Syria is critical. It’s critical because of their land mass. They have no access to warm water. They are in ice lock or land lock everywhere else. Syria provides that access to water. Without it, Russia is vulnerable. Shipping would be extremely difficult for Russia. And we’ve seen in the past few days as the anti-Syrian rhetoric increases, Russia sends their ships back. They send actual missile cruisers right here, and they move their warships along the naval vessels to help Syrian government.

Syria is important because the ships, but there’s another reason, a dirty little secret that the media won’t let you in on this time around, that this is a war for oil, and here’s how: Ronald Reagan said in the 1980s if you ever, ever let Russia build a pipeline, it will be a stranglehold on Europe. Well, in 2016, there will be a new oil and natural gas pipeline that is going to open up, and where is it going to open up?

It’s going to open up right here and go up into Europe, but first, it goes like that. It’s in Syria. It is the most strategic place in the region. It’s the strategic place for a pipeline to flow into Europe. It comes from Russia, and it goes through Iran into Syria. That’s how it works. Well, there was another offer. Instead of the pipeline coming down like this and then up into Russia, the other offer was for a similar pipeline, and it went like this. It was a proposal by the great country of Qatar, but they were denied. It was the Islamic nations’ pipeline.

John Kerry recently said the Arab nations have offered to pay for the entire war in Syria. Really? Saudi Arabia is one of them. Really? Qatar is the other one. Wow, the kindness of their hearts, or is it the kindness of their radical Islamist hearts? It’s all about money and oil. They want a pipeline, and they’re prepared to do anything to get this pipeline as opposed to this pipeline.

By the way, you lose either pipeline. It doesn’t make a difference to us, but it makes a heck of a lot of the difference a Russia. It makes a heck of a lot difference to Iran, and it makes a whole lot of a difference to all the people who we’re cozy with. By the way, we know Saudi Arabia, they’re the ones who we went with on our hands and begged them for money during the banking crisis, but Qatar, why is that name so familiar?

Oh, I remember. Qatar is the founding nation and the sole supporter of Al Jazeera TV. Oh, that’s right. No wonder so many Progressives in the administration are singing the praises of Al Jazeera. It is all about money and oil. This is a war for oil. That was the mantra during the Iraq crisis, right? All you have to do is pull the mask off of Darth Vader, and you see him right there. It’s Dick Cheney. Is it? Pull the mask off of Dick Cheney – uh oh, it looks like exactly the same game.

But they’re not calling it war for oil today. No, they’re not saying that, but they should be because that’s the layer that everybody is missing. And meanwhile, our president is going to come out and say we’ve got to get involved because of the children. Isn’t that what they accused Bush of doing? It’s amazing how Progressives continue to play the same game over and over again, and it will succeed unless you wake up.



Putin: Syria chem arms handover will work only if US calls off strike

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Syria’s chemical arms handover will only work if the US and its allies renounce the use of force against Damascus.

"Certainly, this is all reasonable, it will function and will work out, only if the US and those who support it on this issue pledge to renounce the use of force, because it is difficult to make any country – Syria or any other country in the world – to unilaterally disarm if there is military action against it under consideration," President Putin said on Tuesday. 

According to Russia Today,Putin said the disarmament of Syria’s chemical weapons had been extensively discussed by experts and politicians.

The Russian president said that he and President Barack Obama had “indeed discussed” such a possibility on the sidelines of the G20 summit in St. Petersburg last week.

It was agreed, Putin said, “to instruct Secretary of State [John Kerry] and Foreign Minister [Sergey Lavrov] to get in touch” and “try to move this idea forward.”

Russia’s Foreign Ministry will propose a draft statement by the chairman of the UN Security Council, supporting the initiative to transfer Syria’s chemical weapons to international control.

The issue was discussed during a phone conversation between Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and his French counterpart, Laurent Fabius.

“[Lavrov] said that Russia, on its part, is submitting a draft statement for the UN Security Council’s chairman, welcoming the… initiative and calling on the UN Secretary General, the general director of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, and all the interested parties to make efforts to facilitate the implementation of this proposal,” the ministry’s statement said. 

At the same time, Syria said it was ready to completely give up chemical weapons and sign the Chemical Weapons Convention.

“We are ready to show sites with chemical arsenals to Russia’s representatives, as well as representatives of other states and the UN,”
Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem told Lebanon-based Al-Mayadeen TV.

In response to Russia’s proposal, Obama said he was willing to “absolutely” put on pause a military strike on Syria if the Syrian government accepts the offer.