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UNSC should condemn crimes committed against Syrians - Lavrov

The UN Security Council must unambiguously condemn the reported killings of Kurds by radical forces, which try to establish an "Islamist state" in Syria, says Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov,according to RT.

Lavrov commented on Wednesday on the reported slaughter of 450 Kurd civilians, including more than 120 children, by the "Al-Nusra Front."

 “This was not the first report of such a massacre, but the continued violence is going off the scale. Yesterday there was a new terror attack in Damascus. It must be stopped immediately,” Lavrov said.

The international community must send a clear and coherent and unambiguous message condemning the killing of civilians in Syria by the forces opposing the Syrian government, Lavrov said.

“We saw before some Security Council members reluctant to condemn terror attacks in Syria on the grounds that – as cynical as it sounds – those attacks are being carried out by the people fighting against an obsolete regime,” the minister noted. “This position is absolutely unacceptable. No double standards can be applied to terrorism.”

Lavrov called on the international players to put more effort into convincing Syrians to stop fighting each other and join forces to expel foreign terrorists. This was part of a joint statement by G8 members after the Lough Erne summit in June.


Eid Al-Fitr

Eid al-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting. “Fitr” means “to break,” and symbolizes not only the breaking of the fast but also of all evil within the believer.

This is the day of Eid al- Fitr. All Muslims around the world are celebrating the end of the Ramadan by glorifying Almighty Allah, and praising Him for the countless blessings He bestowed upon us. Eid al- fitr is the prize you deserve because you have shown complete submission and obedience to your Lord. You have proved again that nothing in this world; no temptation could prevent you from being good servants to your Lord.

Dear sisters and brothers……, while celebrating this day of Eid; we should never forget that people in other places of our country, who are suffering, from terrorists, conflicts, deaths, poverty, or because they are displaced. We keep in our prayers and thoughts the innocent people killed in Syria daily by foreign backed hired terrorists, just because they are seeking peace in their life, our army and martyrs who defend our country, and we keep in our prayers and thoughts the people of Golan and Palestine who are still seeking freedom and the right to return to their homes and properties. We keep in our prayers and thoughts all people of the world who are struggling for the very basic of their human and civil rights.

Eid is great time to show how Islam encourages kindness, sharing,   generosity and concern for our neighbors, relatives, children who need more concern than others, we must increase the volume of food, and sweets, so that we could share it with our neighbors, friends or even displaced people.

When we increase our good deeds, we automatically help ourselves decrease our bad deeds, it is good way of ridding ourselves of bad habits.

The purpose of life is not just to be happy. It is also to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.

Two days ago I was visiting the displaced in a mosque, I asked the children:

What do you want in Eid Al- Fitr?

 Most of them said: we want to go home, I began telling them what is happening to Syria, as if I am telling a story, they listened to me carefully, when I finished, one of them said " long live our army" all repeated after him, they became happy, yes, they became happy, I just plant a smile on their faces, everyone can do that and more, just begin. 

Our prophet said:

"Those who are merciful will be shown mercy by the Merciful. Be merciful to the people of the earth and the One above the heavens will have mercy upon you".

Butheina Al-Nounou

Iran highly values Syria's steadfastness,says al-Halqi

Damascus, (ST) –Prime Minister  Dr. Wael al-Halqi  has branded his visit along with an official delegation to the Iranian capital Tehran as  fruitful and constructiveas regards economic and trade fields .

Delegated by  President Bashar Al-Assad ,Premier  al-Halqi congratulated  the new President of Iran, Hassan Rohani, for taking office .

In a statement at the Cabinet's headquarters in Damascus, Dr. al-Halqi said that the new Iranian leadership stressed commitment to offer all forms of support to the Syrian people .

"the Iranian government highly values the Syrian people's sacrifices and steadfastness  in face of the conspiracy which is aimed at undermining the national unity, security and stability of Syria,"affirmed al-Halqi.

Al-Halqi made it clear that  the talks with the Iranian officials zeroed in on following up all agreements signed already concerning  economic, trade , oil and health issues.



An elegy for Syria

Following is a poem by Seyed Imon Rizvi who details the agony the West and its allies are imposing on Syria.


After so many countries, now in Syria,

Increasing is the western bacteria,


The bacteria of hypocrisy and lies,

Which is in a dangerous disguise,


Under the banner of help and peace,

They seem like a host of white fleece,


They do things very secretly,

Pursuing interests so actively,


Is what they want just conflicts

In the entire world’s districts?


They like when people kill each other,

It is how they do indirectly smother,


Try to understand what is a war,

Because it opens the profits’ door,


For the imperialists and dictators,

And of course for their own creators,


When imperialists start a broil,

They make sure they pay for their toil


So, they pose to help by selling arms,

As if they are selling them charms!


In return of arms they make money,

So much that it’s not even funny,


On the other hand people also die,

In the region where they don't comply,


They want the entire world to obey,

They order and want them to okay!


As long as one stays this way,

A nice attitude they will display,


But for instance if one says "NO" to them,

At first they get angry and hem,


And then come bans and sanctions,

Penalties and all kinds of aggressions,


Still if they are not a success,

They wage a war to make stress,


So, that’s what they did in Syria,

It was their anger and hysteria,


Because they couldn't do anything,

Through a war they wanted to sting,


But they forgot who they were facing,

What kind of enemy they were racing,


They already are, their army, replacing,

And because of defeats they are reducing,


In they then brought a Takfiri horde,

No human values can they afford,


They ruthlessly rip the chests of people,

And eat out their hearts like animal,


So the West and its cruel tactics,

Has nothing to do with ethics,


So, once and for all, everyone,

Let's finish the savagery thus begun.


Syed Imon Rizvi is a published author and a poet of three English language poetry books (Outspoken, A Bold Stroke and Assalam-o-Alaikum O’ Universe). He has a master’s degree in Business Administration and a post-graduate degree in Public Administration. He is a poet, composer, digital media consultant, and a soazkhwan. He is currently studying at Islamic Seminary of Qom.

Source: Press TV


Defense Minister: Syria Will Triumph Over Internationally-Backed Coward Terrorism

DAMASCUS, (ST) – Deputy Commander in Chief of the Army and Armed Forces, Defense Minister Lt. General Fahd al-Freij has stressed that Syria will triumph over the coward terrorism which is being supported by more than 80 states and which aims at implementing the Zionist-American schemes in the region.

In a statement during the tour he made in al-Khalideyya town in Homs to inspect the Syrian Arab Army units there, al-Freij affirmed that fighting the armed terrorist groups in the alleys of al-Khalideyya suburb and clearing the area's buildings from terrorists is a "great military miracle".  

LT. Gen. al-Freij, who inspected the army units which have restored security and stability to al-Khalideyya, stressed the Syrian armed forces' determination to pursuit the terrorists and get the homeland rid of all their aggressive and criminal acts.

H. Mustafa