Government Welcomes Syrian Kurds' Participation in Political Process Based on National Dialogue

DAMASCUS, (ST) - Kurds in Syria are part and parcel of the Syrian national life, stressed Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi on Saturday during the meeting of the Ministerial Committee in charge of implementing the political program to solve the crisis with Head of the Syrian Kurds National Initiative Omar Oussi and member of the initiative committee.

"The government is open to all political and social parties as well as all opposition groups which want to take part in the political process based on national dialogue and rejection of foreign interference in the Syrian affairs," Premier al-Halqi said.

He outlined the procedures adopted by the government to implement the items of the preparatory phase of the national dialogue.

Oussi, who affirmed the importance of the government's meeting with a Kurdish party, said the Kurdish initiative is an evidence of the government's openness and positive intentions towards all national forces including the Kurdish one.

Oussi reviewed the history and achievements of the Kurdish political movement, pointing out that the Kurdish initiative is open to the political program to solve the crisis and to contribute to supporting national dialogue and reconciliation.

In a statement to journalists, Oussi stressed that the Kurdish national initiative is optimistic about the government's plan and political program to solve the crisis in Syria, pointing out that national dialogue is in itself a political road map to find a settlement.

He affirmed the Syrian Kurd's firm national and strategic stance on defending the homeland in being the strong fence protecting the Syrian northern borders.


H. Mustafa

Dialogue is the only way for ending the crisis

The electronic newspaper Syria times has met recently Member of Belad al-Sham scholars Union sheikh Kamil Naser for a talk about President Bashar Al-Assad's repeated  calls for dialogue.

 "The president's  repeated calls  for dialogue as to  put an end to the homeland's current ordeal is the only way for Syria salvation. Syria is the country of safety and it is now in need for its children ,especially the youths who must close ranks in supporting our national army "the sheikh said.

Sheikh Naser added that this dialogue is not for the interests of one parson nor it is for a special group or a certain institution;  it is for all Syria  and it must be made by honest men .Yes the patient president calls for dialogue and he doesn't want anything except dialogue for building modern Syria. "

Sheikh Naser, who participated in Tehran Meeting for  dialogue in Syria underscored that ''We can't do any  think regarding our current crisis without dialogue which is the first step for our country salvation."

"And we must begin with ourselves due to our homeland 's need for its people, " the religious scholar added, asserting that  those whom rejected the reform process in our  country are working  on  abolishing others .

"military option is not the solution , and we are in need for using our minds just our minds and our loyalty to our homeland,"  the sheikh said, pointing out that  "Syria is the only country which defends Arab just causes and its stands reflect this fact .

The sheikh also added that we are grandsons of great men who scarified their lives for safeguarding the independence of our homeland .he also confirmed that  our people will never be an instrument in the hands of foreign hostile powers due to their national awareness which will play key role in foiling conspiracies as  to destabilize Syria's security and stability .

Sheikh Naser  asserted  that Syria is strong in  the face of its enemies , it is strong in its national unity , coexistence , cooperation and in its people national awareness .

"under the umbrella of our political leadership we are strong ,in spite of the existence of some mistakes which we mustn't ignore ."Sheikh kamil said , expressing    hope over a  near end for the crisis through the adopting of  the President's repeated  calls for dialogue.

" We as Syrians we must try to bridge gaps between us "," Sheikh Kamil said, urging  all the involved parties to take part in the forthcoming dialogue, stressing that modern Syria will never born without dialogue among Syria's  all groups and national political parties.

Nalah Maaz

Moment of Truth by Belgian MP

Belgian MP Laurent Louis, has condemned his country's support for extremist groups in Syria, describing it as shameful.

In a recently posted You Tube video, MP Loius regretted the Belgian government's decision to offer 9 million Euros to armed terrorist groups aiming to overthrow the Syrian leadership. He also explained why he voted against the Belgian support to the France-led war on Mali.

He said his government shamefully contributes to financing and arming the terrorists in Syria while an increasing number of Belgians are suffering difficulties in ensuring housing, food, heating means and health care.

"Of Course, they will try to make us believe that this money will be used for humanitarian purposes, which is a big lie," the Belgian MP added.

He pointed out that his country shares Western efforts to install extremist regimes in the countries of North Africa and the Middle East and expressed his disgust and wrath against the criminal foreign policies of the Belgian elite and its submission to foreign financial interests.

"It is not true that they went to Mali to fight terrorism. The real purpose is to defend their financial interests within an absolutely neo-colonialist plot," the MP said, pointing out that he couldn't find any sort of harmony between going to Mali to support France's war against terrorism on the one hand, and supporting extremist groups aiming to overthrow the Syrian leadership and impose the Sharia law exactly as they did before in Tunisia and Libya on the other.

"Everywhere in the world, military operations and regimes destabilization are becoming more and more frequent. Preventive war has become the rule. Nowadays in the name of democracy or war against terrorism, our states feel entitled to violate the sovereignty of independent countries and overthrow legitimate leaders," he said.

He stressed that Belgium has become in the front line participating in crimes against humanity in order to overthrow progressive and moderate regimes and to replace them with extremist ones, whose first desire was to impose Sharia law, referring to the wars of American lies in Iraq and Afghanistan which are followed by destabilization attempts in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.

 He pointed out that the purpose of the war on Mali is to fight against China and allow the American ally to maintain its presence in Africa and the Middle East.

"You will see that when the military operation is over, France will, of course, keep its military bases in Mali. These bases will be an advantage for the Americans as well. At the same time, as is usually the case, Western firms will get their hands on juicy contracts that will once again deprive the re-colonized countries of their wealth and raw materials," the MP said.

H. Mustafa

President Al-Assad Issues Decrees Establishing Ministries, Naming New Ministers


 DAMASCUS, (ST) - President Bashar Al-Assad on Saturday issued Legislative Decree No. 15 for 2013 on the establishment of two ministries; the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Labor.

The decree separates between the issues of social affairs and those of labor which were connected with one ministry called the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor.

President Al-Assad also issued decree No. 61 of 2013 naming Eng. Hussein Farzat as Minister of Housing and Construction Development, Eng. Hussein Arnous as Minister of Public Works, Dr. Hasan Hijazi as Minister of Labor, Eng. Ahmad al-Qaderi as Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform, Eng. Suleiman al-Abbas as Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources, Dr. Ismael Ismael as Minister of Finance and Dr, Kinda al-Shammat as Minister of Social Affairs.


H. Mustafa 

Government continues talks with opposition parties

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Dr. Wael al-Halqi regularly stresses that Syrian government is serious in taking all necessary measures to launch national dialogue.

Prime Minister, who heads the ministerial committee recently formed to follow up implementation of the endorsed three-staged political plan, said the government is communicating with all political and social parties inside Syria and abroad that believe in national solution to surpass the crisis in the country.

The remark was made on Thursday during a meeting with the "3rd Bloc for Syria" (a political party). This meeting comes within the framework of preparatory measures to launch national dialogue.

The Bloc's Head, Mohammad Mazen Mograbeyeh, stressed support for the political plan based on dialogue and reject foreign meddling in political affairs, according toSANA.

Members of the Bloc underlined need for lifting economic sanctions imposed on Syria, controlling reach of humanitarian aid to affected people, clarifying mechanism of compensation, and appealing to opposition parties abroad to return home and practice political work that doesn't contradict national sovereignty.

Thus far, the committee has held talks with several political parties, separately, to reach common viewpoints about dialogue and briefed them about procedures being adopted to push ahead with preparation for national dialogue.

The procedures include guarantees to those who want to back home and take part in the dialogue, ensuring shelters, and dealing with detainees and abductees file.

The ministerial committee includes Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Ministers of Information, Justice, National Reconciliation, Transport, Industry, Red Crescent Affairs, and People's Assembly Affairs.