Saudi Arabia Disappointment

It seems clearly that the Saudi Arabia strategy is completely depending on the support of the Zionist entity. Thus, Saudi Arabia has no interest in any settlement or any political solution in Syria. For this reason it continues in supporting terrorism in Syria by recruiting a large number of mercenaries from more than 80 countries .

Other countries such as Turkey and Pakistan offer logistical support in all its forms by recruiting new terrorist militias and mercenaries from Pakistan, Chechnya and Afghanistan. Al Saud are trying to exploit the current weakness and hesitation of the US. policy towards what is happening in the region as a whole. Thus, what happens in Egypt cannot be separated from what is happening in Syria.

On the other hand, the recent Geneva understanding on the Iranian nuclear and the success of negotiations is closely associated with the Syrian file. Undoubtedly it constitutes the most important keys to a political solution in the region as a whole.

Saudi Arabia which fought desperately and paid millions of dollars to destroy Syria, rejects strongly any political settlement in Syria. So, Al Saud kingdom is deliberately dealing with the Zionist enemy paying no attention to the results of its future relations with the Arab and Islamic countries.

Regarding the Geneva conference on the crisis in Syria, the negotiations and consultations are still continuing between the Russian and the US sides. This is what gives hope of finding a political solution to end the terrorism flowing to Syria under the patronage of the Saudi- Wahhabis, France and Israel.


Ahmad Orabi Ba'aj

E&T: M.Wassouf

Syrian Army's victory nearing, conspiracy in last chapter

The heralds of victory by the Syrian Arab Army are getting closer as the conspiracy against Syria is now in its last chapter. The Syrian Arab Army is achieving advance in confronting terrorism on all areas around the country through qualitative operations that eliminated many terrorist dens and gatherings. The field scene has changed and there will be no turning back. The advance achieved by the army can be observed on the ground and through the statements of the foreign leaderships backing terrorism, as they talk about the collapse of the terrorism project against Syria. The armed terrorist groups will definitely be crushed by the Syrian army, and those mercenaries will not weaken Syrian people’s determination and faith in victory.

The unity of the Syrian people is stronger than all sabotage acts. Despite all their sabotage and terrorist acts, the terrorists will not succeed in shaking the civil peace that has marked Syria for so long. The steadfastness of the Syrian people is stronger than terrorism which is targeting schoolchildren in their schools. The vindictive targeting of young children comes due to the severe blows that terrorists suffered at the hands of the Syrian army and security forces in several parts of the country.

The human values and international law are threatened of danger in light of the spread of international terrorism and the takfiri mentality if the UN will not move to confront that fatal mentality which tries to get the generations back to the ages of underdevelopment and illiteracy, as well as to the laws of women slavery.

More than two and a half year into the crisis, the achievements and services in Syria suffered a blow due to the methodical vandalism and deliberate destruction by armed terrorist groups, coupled with unfair economic embargo on the services sector by the countries backing these groups which cast a shadow on the Syrian citizens' livelihood.

It is very important at this stage to enhance the spirit of amity and tolerance among the Syrians to overcome the crisis. Syria will always embrace its entire people, including the mistaken when they decide to return to the right path. Syrians do not need to import religion or morality because their ancestors spread Islam and Christianity to the whole world.

 Syrian people do not need anyone to decide their destiny; the Syrians will not give up their dignity and will stay committed to the option of resistance.

The outside opposition holds its meetings in the Western cities and searching for whom to decide the fate of Syria on their behalf. More than 1,000 political and 150 religious TV channels are working to destroy Syria from within, and 83 states are sending their mercenaries to Syria for the same reason.

Syria is targeted for its firm pan-Arab principles and for supporting the Resistance to defend the rights and interests of the Arab Nation. The world will witness soon the victory of Syria over terrorism.


Mouallim: Pressures will not Undermine Syria's Determination in Support of Palestinian Rights

NEWYORK,(ST)_Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Walid al-Moallemcallled on the  international community to assume its responsibilities to end the plight of the Palestinian people and  take serious steps towards stopping  human rights violations they suffer at the hands ofoccupation , stressing that the pressure will not undermine Syria 's determination  to stand by the Palestinian people until the establishment of their independent state on their land with Jerusalem as a capital .

In a message of solidarity with the Palestinian people he addressed to the Chairman of the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian people on the occasion of the Committee 's annual celebration of the International Day in Solidarity with the Palestinian People , held yesterday, al- Mouallim said  : I would like to convey to your committee thanks on  the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people for your efforts in order to organize this important  international meeting in order to keep the Palestinian issue unforgotten .

He indicated that all UN resolutions stressed that the Palestinian people have inalienable  rights and that the occupation is working to erase them in order to liquidate the Palestinian cause and leave the Palestinians in a big prison surrounded by the apartheid wall ,while the Palestinians are  arrested daily , including children who did not exceed  eight year old , at a  time "Israel" and for more than 65 years is still refusing  to implement any of the United Nations resolutions and rejects any form of accountability.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants stressed  that the Palestinian people remain steadfast and consistent in their land and the Palestinian mothers continue to bring up their children  on rejecting  and resisting  the occupation ..

He continued  that Syria has been aware since very early on the need to preserve the rights of the Palestinian people  and hosted about half a million Palestinians for decades, where they  enjoyed the same rights enjoyed by the Syrian citizen without prejudice to their right to return under General Assembly Resolution 194 .

"Syria has endured and  still bear many  pressures to abandon the Palestinian people and their just cause andthe occupied Syrian Golan , however, this pressure will not undermine  the determination of Syria to stand by the Palestinian people until the establishment of their independent state on their landwith Jerusalem as its capital, on the ground  of relevant  UN resolutions, particularly resolutions 242, 338 and 497concerning  the  occupied Syrian Golan ," he underscored.

In conclusion of his message , the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants called  on the international community to assume its responsibilities in ending the plight of the Palestinian people and to take serious steps towards halting human rights violations they suffer at   the hands of the occupation , and to  establish their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital .


T. Fateh

Russia insists on Iran's participation in Geneva-2 - Russian Deputy FM

Iran must take part in the Geneva-2 peace conference on Syria, but no such agreement has been reached thus far, said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov.

"Additional negotiations are to be held with the external players who will attend," Gatilov told reporters on Monday,according to Voice of Russia.

Russia thinks Iran's participation is necessary, but this prospect has yet to be discussed, he said.

According to Gatilov, not all the representatives from the Syrian "opposition" are ready to participate in the Geneva-2 peace conference.

"Certainty not yet," Gatilov told reporters when asked whether all Syrian "opposition" representatives were ready to participate in the conference.

Another trilateral Russia-US-UN meeting to prepare the peace conference is scheduled for late December, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister said.

"We have agreed that another trilateral meeting will be held in late December, during which we will continue to accord further all issues," Gatilov told reporters.


Lavrov confirms Geneva conference to be held January 22, 2014

ROME- Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov confirmed that the Geneva II Peace Conference on Syria would take place on January 22, 2014,according to ITAR-TASS.

Speaking at a conference in Rome, Lavrov said, “An hour ago there was no date for the conference. Now I can confirm that the Geneva conference will be held on January 22, 2014.”

“The date was put forth by the U.N. Secretary-General. But it could be done much earlier if the "opposition" took responsibility for the whole country and if it did not talk about preconditions when we gathered in September, October, November...,” the Russian minister said.