Report on Saudi role in 9/11 attacks kept secret

Former US Senator Bob Graham, who served as chair of the congressional joint committee on 9/11, says a committee’s report on the role of Saudi Arabia in the attacks and its financial support has been kept secret.

“There were 28 pages in the final report, out of over 800 total, which were totally censored from–that were one to the end of that chapter. That was the chapter that largely dealt with the financing of 9/11, who paid for these very complex and in many instances expensive activities that were the predicate for 9/11,” Graham told The Real News Network.

Escalation Terrorism in Syria is the US Main Goal

Undoubtedly, it seems clearly that the current international issues are related to each other in one way or another especially the recent one concerning Crimea. For the issue of joining Crimea to Russia becomes the most interactive issue in the international scene.
Despite of its preoccupation with the hot issue of Crimea , the US is still continuing its intervention in Syria through its increasing support for terrorism with the help of its regional and Arab allies such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.

Thus, the recent provocative statement by the US State Department spokesman about the constitutional requirements in Syria shows the clear political escalation to belittle the military victories of the Syrian army. The last victory was achieved in Qalamoun where the Syrian army eliminated  the last stronghold of the terrorists .

In his turn, the UN envoy to Syria Ibrahimi comes with statements that are considered but orders by the US to all countries involved in the crisis in Syria. Ibrahimi referred to the  third round in Geneva stressing  that the possibility of the session is very weak, but it is not excluded.
But Ibrahimi exceeded the limits when he said that the constitutional requirements in Syria will hinder negotiations because the opposition is not interested in negotiating with the government.

Turkey Flagrantly Violated International Laws by Facilitating Terrorists' Entry to Kasab: Al-Zou'bi

DAMASCUS, (ST)- By facilitating and covering the organized entry of armed terrorist groups to the Syrian town of Kasab in Lattakia countryside, the Turkish government has flagrantly violated international laws, particularly Law No. 1373,  which convicts all forms of terrorist acts, Information  Minister Omran al-Zou'bi stressed yesterday.

Interviewed by the Syrian TV, al-Zou'bi said the aggressive behavior of the Turkish government under Recepe Tayyib Erdogan was a further evidence of Erdogan's involvement in international terrorism being practiced in Syria and was practiced before in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt.

"Almost all the terrorists who entered the northern countryside of Lattakia weren't opposition or even Syrians. They were a group of well-armed and trained strangers coming from Chechnya, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Libya with specific goals, but these goals were destined to failure thanks to the steadfastness of the Syrian Arab Army, and national defense forces," the minister clarified.

Brahimi should be neutral

On Geneva2 Conference, the minister affirmed that nobody can blame Syria for the failure of the conference, because the Syrian state, from the very beginning of the war on the country, unconditionally called for a political track that leads to a peaceful political solution based on national dialogue and on respecting the state's national principles and sovereignty, but this Syrian stance was rejected by the so-called "opposition coalition" and its sponsors.

Al-Zou'bi urged the UN Syria Envoy Lakhdar Brahimi to be neutral and honest so as to bring the view points of the two sides of talks closer on best ways to attain a peaceful solution.

He said some Arab regimes like those in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and the rest of the countries supporting terrorism have gone too far in committing crimes against Arabism, Islam and against the Syrian state and people; crimes that have negative impacts not only on Syria, but on their own countries and the world in general.

Border control

Al-Zou'bi also urged the Jordanian government to realize that "those terrorists, who are getting training on the Jordanian land, will pose a serious threat to the security of Jordan and its people." He called on the government in Jordan to directly contribute to controlling the borders in coordination with the Syrian authorities.

Concerning the recent "Arab Summit" in Kuwait, al-Zou'bi said the meeting wasn't up to the level of Arab summits and people in the Arab world didn't expect this meeting to produce any results that serve their causes.

Elections should be held on time

Regarding the general elections law, the minister said "the law was achieved according to national and international legal standards. It goes in harmony with the constitution of the Syrian Arab Republic and will organize the coming presidential elections."

"Elections should be held on the time set for them," stressed al-Zou'bi, pointing out that security circumstances won't prevent elections from being held.

H. Mustafa     

As Syria Crisis enters fourth year, ''rebels''-terrorists- are clearly losing

HOMS, Syria — On the ragged fringes of the Old City, aid workers, clerics and government troops stood vigil, awaiting a U.N. convoy evacuating women, children and the aged from the besieged ancient quarter of a town, according to Los Angeles Times.

But the buses disgorged a very different class of passengers: scores of young men, haggard and sallow-faced, blankets draped over their shoulders and fear evident in their eyes. They shuffled uncertainly under the hostile gaze of Syrian troops and intelligence officers toward a makeshift processing center in a run-down banquet hall.

Shaaban on Land Day: Golan, Al-Quds "Eyes of the Nation"

DAMASCUS, (ST)-The Syrian Golan and al-Quds (Jerusalem) of Palestine are the "eyes of the nation" and all should defend them, stressed the Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban, reiterating that "clinging to the land plus readiness to sacrifice to defend this land is our only option."

Shaaban's remarks were made on Sunday at the opening of the "Land Day...From Golan to al-Quds" Forum, held in Damascus with the participation of a number of Arab and Palestinian researchers and thinkers.