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Al-Jaafari: So-called "Opposition Coalition" Delegation to Geneva2 Dictated What to Say by Operators

DAMASCUS- Syria's Permanent Representative at the United Nations Bashar al-Jaafari has stressed that the official delegation of the Syrian Arab Republic to Geneva2 conference wasn't negotiating only the so-called "opposition coalition", but 13 delegations; namely the "coalition" delegation, the UN delegation represented by Lakhdar Brahimi and 11 others residing in the "coalition's" hotel to dictate its members what to do or what to say.

 Interviewed by the Syrian "SAMA" TV, al-Jaafari said Syria has won Geneva first round of talks thanks to the mechanism adopted by the Syrian official delegation during the talks that has exposed the failures of the other delegations which operate the "coalition". Results of such failures began to appear for the public through the resignation of the Arab League representative Naser al-Qidwa and the expected resignation of the US ambassador Robert Ford at the end of this month, al-Jaafari added.

He stressed "were don't reject discussing Geneva 1 communiqué, but this should be done within the logical and reasonable sequence of its items."

He pointed out that the Syrian file has no longer become a Syrian-Syrian par excellence. There is an Arab, regional and international dimension that we saw in Montreux where 40 delegations, the majority of which were hostile to Syria, were selected to deliver anti-Syria speeches aiming at isolating the Syrian official delegation and showing it as unable to face the pressure.

"What surprised other delegations was the orchestra-like performance of the open-minded Syrian official delegation which managed to turn the platform set up to be used against Syria into a platform that serves Syria at the political and media aspects," al-Jaafari said.

He added that the humanitarian issue in Syria was used by Australia and Luxemburg as a political pressure paper against the Syrian government during the conference, but they didn't succeed.  

Syria UN Representative asserted that Syria is ready to be engaged in any political process that leads to ending the bloodshed and terrorism in Syria, to stopping the foreign intervention in internal affairs of the state and to leaving the Syrians to decide their future themselves.

H. Mustafa

Shaaban: Foreign Powers Required to Halt Terrorism Support to Solve Crisis in Syria

Damascus – The decision to return to Geneva to take part in the second round of Geneva2 talks has not been made yet waiting for the directives of President Basher Al-Assad in this respect, said Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban.

Interviewed by the Syrian TV on Wednesday, Shaaban said that since they have returned from Geneva, members of the Syrian official delegation have been working to evaluate the first round of the talks, brief the political leadership on the details of talks and to prepare for the next round.

"Decision regarding the delegation's return hasn't been made yet waiting for the directives of the political leadership," Shaaban said.

"We hope to see a national opposition that is keen to maintain Syria's safety and national interests and keen to stop bloodshed," Shaaban added, pointing out that expanding the "coalition" and increase its delegates will be of no value.

The presidential advisor pointed out that the Geneva1 communiqué provided for having agreements on all decisions. "We won't agree on any step that doesn't take the requirements of our state and people into consideration."

"What is more important to us in Geneva 2 is to stop terrorism and end the suffering of the Syrian people," the presidential advisor said.

Shaaban clarified that the crisis in Syria was caused by regional and international factors that aimed at interfering in Syria's affairs from the very beginning when the Turkish government built tents on its lands even before a single displacement case happened and when Qatar, through the Arab League, proposed anti Syria decisions and later on called for internationalizing the crisis."

"The foreign powers are required to halt financing, arming and supporting the terrorists in Syria, because solving the crisis depends mainly on the international and regional will to stop supporting terrorism and interfering in Syria's affairs, Shaaban said.

On the U.S. recent decision to resume military support to the terrorists in Syria, Shaaban said "this decision has complicated the crisis at a time when the American administration should work to continue the political track it adopted along with Russia."

Shaaban clarified that the decision proved that the U.S. administration "keeps working to achieve the Israeli occupation entity's goals in fragmenting the region on ethnic and sectarian basis aiming to justify Israel's existence as a Jewish state."

She urged the United States to pressure Saudi Arabia to stop supporting, financing and arming the terrorists in Syria, particularly as the US president plans to visit the kingdom next month.

The Presidential advisor pointed out that the West has invented the term "armed opposition" at a time any of the Western states, which claim democracy, doesn't accept any kind of opposition carrying weapons against the state to destroy its infrastructure, hospitals and oil pipelines.

"These hypocrite countries implement in Syria what they don’t accept in their countries," she stressed.

She pointed out that events in Syria, Afghanistan and the Ukraine are related to each other, because there is a blatant systematic U.S. interference which contradicts international legitimacy and sovereignty of states.

She stressed that what the Arab countries has experienced was "absolutely not an Arab spring, but a bloody winter", called for by Bernard Henry Levi, known to be the servant of Zionism.

H. Mustafa

Syria, UN, OPCW Sign Agreement on Joint Mission Legal Center

 DAMASCUS-The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry, the United Nations and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) on Wednesday signed an agreement specifying the legal center of the joint mission on eliminating chemical weapons in Syria.

The ministry and the OPCW also signed a memorandum of Understanding on providing medical services in emergency cases to the joint mission.

Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Faysal al-Mikdad affirmed that Syria will keep working with strong determination and credibility to help implement the agreements signed with the United Nations and the OPCW.

He pointed out that challenges facing Syria, particularly within the framework of fighting terrorism, may sometimes hinder the implementation of some obligations.

Al-Mikdad stressed that the countries supporting armed terrorist groups in Syria should realize that they are committing crimes against humanity and that leniency is absolutely not acceptable when the matter is connected with delivering chemical weapons from Syria to abroad.     

H. Mustafa   

Al-Mikdad Stresses Anti-Syria Global Alliance to Collapse Soon

DAMASCUS-The Syrian official delegation to Geneva2 Conference never bargains or adopts the "policy of working under the table" when the matter is connected with Syria's destiny, stressed Deputy Foreign and Expatiates Minister Faysal Al-Mikdad.

Interview by the Syrian TV yesterday, al-Mikdad said that the Syrian people's interests and views are the main focus of the Syrian leadership and foreign policy.

He clarified that the anti-Syria media campaigns, which proved to the whole world how stupid they had been, haven't succeeded in misleading the Syrian people or the Syrian diplomacy and leadership.

He pointed out that the change made in some Arab countries after the eruption of the so-called "Arab Spring" aimed but to reach Syria, being the only resistant country in the Arab region against the Israeli schemes and the hegemony attempts led by the United States and implemented by Western colonialist countries, like France and Britain and their tools in the Arab region.

On Geneva 2 Conference, al-Mikdad said "we went to Geneva under a decision by President Bashar Al-Assad who has the final say in this respect. We carried clear instructions by President Al-Assad to make the talks a success, to end terrorism and bloodshed in Syria, to restore hope to the Syrians, to support our Army's battle against terrorists and to put an end to the ongoing tragic events and the foreign intervention in Syria's internal Affairs."

He stressed that the other side "went to Geneva with only one agenda imagining and hallucinating that it was in Geneva to receive power, a thing that we haven't offer or concede over the past years."

Regarding the Russian stance on the crisis in Syria, al-Mikdad said "it has always been responsible and balanced with a major objective focusing mainly on restoring security and stability to Syria and on ending violence and terrorism in the country."

The deputy foreign minister pointed out that the so-called "opposition" delegation has been subjected to direct dictates by their makers and masters in Istanbul, Doha, Tel Aviv, Washington, London and Paris.

Concerning the Saudi regime's decision to punish those who volunteer to work for terrorist organization, al-Mikdad said:"It is a very late and small procedure. What is more important is to stop financing and arming the terrorists in Syria and to stop supporting and inciting world terrorism and the so-called "Islamic Front" which the Saudi regime established to kill innocent people in Syria."

He pointed that the other Gulf States are different with Saudi Arabia on the way it deals with Syria, but they have no decision.

The deputy minister stressed that sooner or later the anti-Syria global alliance will collapse, because many European countries have begun to protest the stupid policies adopted by France and Britain against Syria.

The European Union should lift the economic sanctions imposed on the Syrian people if it is willing to keep its civilized and humanitarian face they always talk about, al-Mikdad said.

He added that these sanctions are responsible for the humanitarian catastrophe in Syria.

On the forthcoming second round of Geneva conference, al-Mikdad said "we will receive President Al-Assad's directives to specify Syria's stance on this round and we will announce this stance soon."

He held the delegation of the so-called "opposition coalition" responsible for foiling the talks, because of their illusions that they came to Geneva to receive Damascus keys.

H. Mustafa

The "Coalition" Mercenaries and Traitors

Undoubtedly, the US  is  very  mistaken when it thought that the Geneva 2 conference is an opportunity for it to restore its burned  papers inside Syria . Through the statements of its officials at Geneva, the US  has announced clearly its continuous support and rearming to the terrorists groups in Syria. Of course, the US' support for terrorism  has not stopped  since the beginning of the crisis in Syria.

Actually, this is the US  international policy  that  is based on contradictions towards any of the world issues. And through Geneva 2 conference concerning the crisis  in Syria , the US pretends to be working on a political  solution but  at the same time it announces openly that it will  support and rearming the terrorists  in Syria by all means.

In this context,  we must not ignore that the US  administration has appointed  its  former ambassador in Damascus, Robert Ford to lead the so-called opposition  delegation to Geneva 2 conference . And this is another evidence that the US has no serious intention in achieving peace in Syria.

Hence, the  so- called " opposition  coalition " , rejected the paper presented by the Syrian delegation , which represents Syria  people and state. This document includes a set of principles , which is a common denominator among all Syrians, such as respect for sovereignty and non- waiver of any part of Syria and the working to restore the occupied territories . In addition to the rejection of any form of foreign interference and that the Syrians only are to decide their own future and reject terrorism and incitement media .

Certainly, it is not strange that those  mercenaries of America , Saudi Arabia and Qatar reject this document, they are but tools in the hands of their masters for realizing their  goals in destroying Syria.

Being  one of the two main sides which sponsors  the Geneva 2 conference, the US must be more  serious about realizing  peace in Syria through the political process. Most importantly, the US must exclude the opposition of Istanbul , Doha, Jeddah and accept the presence of a real national opposition that does not oppose any Syrian citizen regarding  the national principles that preserve Syria's sovereignty and unity .


Ahmad Orabi ba'aj

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