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Putin thanks UN and IOC for promoting truce in Homs, Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin welcomes the truce that was announced in the Syrian city of Homs. "I am very pleased that it was today that the decision about armistice was made, that it was decided to stop the military actions for three days and to open humanitarian corridors to take out the wounded, according to Voice of Russia.

This will give the civilians, children and women a chance to leave the combat zone," Putin said speaking at the reception in his name in honor of high-ranking guests of the Olympic games.

"For this I want to thank the Olympic Committee, the United Nations, which, of course, have contributed to this decision with their appeals to the warring parties. Hopefully it will be a good tradition, but I am sure that in this case it will help to solve all the problems of a humanitarian nature," Putin stated.

Three-day ceasefire in Homs to set example for resolving other humanitarian problems in Syria - Russian FM

The Russian Foreign Ministry hopes that an agreement between the Syrian government and "opposition" on a "humanitarian pause" in the besieged city of Homs will "contribute to the creation of a favorable environment for the upcoming second round of talks between the Syrian sides, which is due to start in Geneva on February 10, and set a good example for resolving other urgent humanitarian problems," the Russian Foreign Ministry has said earlier today.

"Moscow welcomed the news from Syria about an agreed upon humanitarian pause in Homs. An agreement on ceasefire for three days and providing the old Homs' civilians with humanitarian aid became the outcome of days-long and difficult negotiations between the governor of Homs and the UN's regional humanitarian coordinator to Syria, Yacoub El Hillo. The Russian embassy in Damascus seriously contributed to the successful outcome of the talks," the Ministry noted.

"It's envisioned that all the children, women, men over 55, and the injured will be able to leave freely the combat area. A Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesperson said they will live in temporary accommodation camps and be provided with food and medical care. Those who will prefer to stay in Homs will also be provided with necessary humanitarian aid," the Ministry added.

"We emphatically urge those who have influence on separate 'opposition" groups not to politicize humanitarian problems in Syria and make actual efforts in order to alleviate problems and suffering of the Syrian people. Russia intends to consistently follow this line in its relations with all the parties of the Syrian conflict and international partners," the Russian Ministry concluded.


Al-Zou'bi: Saudi Decision to hold accountable one who is engaged in Fighting outside the Kingdom does not mean it Stopped Supporting Terrorist Groups in Syria

Al-Zou'bi: Saudi  Decision to hold accountable one who is  engaged in Fighting outside the Kingdom does not mean it  Stopped Supporting Terrorist Groups in Syria

Al-Zou'bi: Saudi Decision to hold accountable one who is engaged in Fighting outside the Kingdom does not mean it Stopped Supporting Terrorist Groups in Syria

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Information Minister Omran Al-Zou'bi said the : " Saudi decision on holding accountable every one engaged in a fight outside the Kingdom does not mean it stopped funding and arming terrorist groups in Syria, describing this decision as unrealistic and not feasible because terrorists coming from Saudi Arabia, infiltrate into Syria through Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey and do not cross via official borders,” wondering how the Saudi authorities will realize that they have returned from Syria . "

Al-Zou'bi added in response to media questions about the Saudi decision to try a Saudi youth who fights outside the kingdom : " There are terrorists from more than 83 countries , who are armed and funded by Saudi Arabia”, noting that the Saudi decision does not refer to halt funding , arming and training support , whether for the Saudis or other nationalities," adding that this decision does not hold accountable for media incitement , rehabilitation and psychological preparation for terrorists carried out inside Saudi Arabia by TV and radio stations and web sites broadcast from inside the kingdom .

"There are other Gulf states that behave the same Saudi way, with TV stations inciting religious and sectarian fabrications which receive support and regular funding and there is evidence that their donations have come from individuals or associations presumed to be dedicated to do good not to spill the blood of the Syrians ," the information minister said .

Al-Zou'bi added that if the Saudi decision was only very informational and a try to beautify the image of the Kingdom ,then, it is futile, and does not express any international obligation to fight terrorism.


First batch of besieged civilians leave old city of Homs

Homs, (ST)- The first batch of civilians besieged in the neighborhoods of the old city of Homs have been evacuated towards Deek al-Jinn area, according to the state-run news agency.

Some 58 civilians have already left the old city including children, women and elderly people.

"all sides are committed to implementing the agreement reached with the Governor of Homs to allow besieged civilians out of the old city including children, women, injured and elderly people, "underscored UN Resident Representative in Syria Yacoub El-Hillo.

Earlier ,Talal al Barazi,the Homs Governor ,was quoted by the official news agency as saying:" all necessary arrangements for evacuating the civilians besieged in the old Homs neighborhoods were completed,".

"it is expected that 200 civilians will be evacuated as a first batch from Jouret al-Shiah towards al-Mimas area on foot,al-Barazi added.

It is to be noted that al-Barazi El-Hillo reached Thursday an agreement to secure the departure of innocent civilians from the old city of Homs and delivering humanitarian aid to the civilians who would choose to stay inside the city.



Mikdad : Syria's official delegation to attend next round of Geneva talks

Damascus,(ST)- Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Dr. Faisal Mikdad, the Member of Syria's official delegation to Geneva conference said  on Friday that the delegation will participate in the second round of talks ue to start on February 10.

"it has been decided that the delegation of the Syrian Arab Republic will take part in the second round of negotiations in Geneva, "state the official news agency.

Mikdad further added that  the delegation underlines the continuation of efforts made at the first round of the conference with the emphasis on discussing Geneva Communique articles sequentially.

Mikdad made it clear that  restoring security and stability to Syria makes it necessary to discuss putting an end to terrorism and violence as stated in Geneva Communique and underlines the need for agreement of both Syrian sides on that for protecting the Syrian citizens and stopping the Syrian bloodshed at the hands of regionally and internationally-backed armed terrorist groups.