When Homeland Calls Sons Must Answer (2)

Meeting the needs of the homeland's prosperity, security and stability is a natural, logical and national duty of all who live on its lands.

One of the most urgent need of our homeland today is dialogue, so whatever our political orientations or social backgrounds are, we, as citizens of this homeland need to join efforts to ensure a healthy environment and a suitable ground for making this dialogue a success and fruitful.

The homeland, adores unity, seeks coexistence and respects tolerance, amity and cooperation among its citizens. It rejects fragmentation attempts and renounces all who are connected with foreign agenda's. However, the question is would sons of the homeland be honest enough to respond positively to its calls so as its bleeding wounds are cured?

What is sure is that a wide range of Syrians are convinced that the potentials of the homeland and the blood of its sons could be saved to the main battle with Israel, the homeland's sole enemy.

Therefore, it is time for all to stop the bloodshed in Syria, go back to the right track and unify efforts to defend the homeland, preserve the unity of its land and maintain its social cohesion and state of coexistence among all components and spectra of the Syrian society. All are invited now to contribute to enriching dialogues and consultative meetings which pave the way for comprehensive national dialogue that restores security and stability to the homeland. All must also contribute to rebuilding Syria on new bases under the umbrella of the homeland, the guarantor of its citizens' rights.

No need to remind of facts or repeat the talk about the common interest shared by all the Syrians. No need also to review the homeland's firm principles as they have become evident. What is the most urgent now is to mobilize the Syrians' efforts and work together for a better and a stronger Syria.


Ahmad Orabi Baaj


Translated and Edited by H. Mustafa

Building Trust Is A Must, Underlines Jamil

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Chaired by Speaker Mohammad Jihad al-Laham ,the People's Assembly on Tuesday held a session.

The session's high agenda  was the government's  measures to tackle the difficulties the Syrians are facing as a result of the ongoing crisis .

The MPS called for providing all citizens with the petroleum productions citizens, rather than monitoring  the markets and controlling the prices as well as easing the suffering of the poor.

Resolving the problem of electricity, communications' break off, and intensifying efforts to solve the files of the abductees, combating corruption and increasing salaries were also other topics  that arose by MPS during the session.

"those who are responsible for imposing sanctions on the Syrian people must be shouldered responsibility ,' underscored Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Qadri Jamil.

" building trust between the people is a must," underlined  Jamil .

For his part, Interior Minister Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ibrahim al-Sha'ar said that the political parties committee is following up on licensed parties and verifying their commitment to the political parties law.


Attaining Common Terms For Making Dialogue A Success: Al-Halqi

DAMASCUS, (ST) – Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halqi stressed that "the government is sparing no effort to make the  national  dialogue a success, "underscored Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halqi .

Al-Halqi's  remarks came during a meeting on Tuesday between the ministerial committee for materializing the political program with members of the communication committee at the Peaceful Change Path Movement.

During the meeting, al-Halqi  briefed his quests on  the steps taken by the committee to implement the political program. These steps include: helping displaced and terrorism-affected people, guaranteeing the return of Syrians from neighboring countries, and legal guarantees provided to settling the status of gunmen who lay  down their weapons, in addition to following up on the status of detainees and abductees.

"the political program has being set out honestly  for saving Syria, "affirmed al-Halqi.

" Exchanging ideas and suggestions to reach common terms that bolster dialogue a must, "underlined al-Halqi.

" the only legitimate weapons in Syria are those of the Syrian Arab Army, calling for rejecting all forms of foreign intervention, particularly the stance of the Turkish government," said member of the communication committee Fateh Jamous



Arms supplies to Syrian opposition fuel further bloodshed ,says Gatilov

Increasing foreign arms supplies to the Syrian opposition fuel more bloodshed in Syria and undermine efforts to normalize the situation and bring the sides to the negotiating table, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov told a press conference in Moscow on Tuesday, a Voice of Russia correspondent reports.

He stressed that Russia has been supplying military equipment and weapons to Syria under bilateral contracts signed long before the onset of the crisis in Syria .


Russian Humanitarian Aid to Syria Arrives at LattakiaAirport

MOSCOW, (ST) -Two Russian planes carrying tones of humanitarian aid to Syria arrived on Tuesday at the Syrian Lattakia Airport.

Earlier, Spokeswoman of the Russian Emergencies Ministry Irina Rossius told Itar Tass news agency that "the two emergencies planes Il-76 and Il 62 are to leave for Lattakia from Moscow on Tuesday carrying 44 tones of humanitarian aid."

She said that one of the planes carries tents, electricity generators, kitchen stuff and foldable furniture, while the other includes food stuff.

 Rossius pointed out that the planes will be ready to evacuate Russian citizens who want to leave Syria.

In another development, the Russian Defense Ministry has decided to keep Russian warships in the Mediterranean. The decision comes in the light of the results of the naval military exercises Russia had carried out last month.  

 "Russia Today" website quoted a source at the Russian Defense Ministry's media office as saying that that Russia is sending four more warships to the Mediterranean Sea to join an escort ship and smaller vessels that are already on duty in the region.

Meanwhile, Russia renewed its commitment to the contracts of technical military cooperation with Syria.

Deputy Director of the Federal Agency for Technical Military Cooperation with Foreign Countries said in a statement on the sideline of the International Arms Exhibition in the United Arab Emirates, that Russia sends only defensive arms to Syria and "we have to implement the signed contracts since today there are no UN sanctions on Syria."  

He stressed the "regime" in Syria is legitimate and has been elected by the Syrian people. "For this reason, Russia maintains its cooperation with Syria regardless the current events, he said, adding that the future of Russian-Syrian technical military cooperation "depends on the development of the situation in this country."

H. Mustafa