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Syrian Gov. Spares no Effort to Deliver Humanitarian Aid to Every Citizen Nationwide, Stresses Mikdad


Deputy Foreign and Expatriate Minister has said that the Syrian government doesn't impede the humanitarian aid to citizens in any area across the country and blamed terrorist groups and their supporters for making the humanitarian situation much worse in several areas.

Faisal al-Mikdad, who was speaking in a news conference held today on 'humanitarian side in the crisis', underscored that the Syrian government fully cooperates with humanitarian organizations, working in the country, to deliver aid -food and medicine- to those most in need nationwide under the UN regulations.

But, he added, the terrorist groups hinder reaching the aid to citizens through hijacking aid convoys and stealing them and prevent citizens from leaving restive areas to use them as 'human shields'.

"Recently, the terrorist groups shot down two planes whisking aid to 60.000 citizens besieged in Nubel and alZah'raa areas in Aleppo province. They also stole Aleppo-bound aid convoys carrying medicines," Mikdad said.

He added that his country will do its utmost to deliver aid to every citizen, noting that the Syrian government has evacuated 4500 citizens, who were used as human shield, from al-Moaddameyeh area in the western Ghouta outside Damascus.

"We hope that the international organizations will coerce gunmen to allow citizens to leave the turbulent areas," Mikdad said.

Here, he praised the role of the Syrian Red Crescent in relief field, talking about the key role of the Higher National Relief Committee, headed by Minister of Social Affairs, in delivering humanitarian aid to citizens in all shelters and all areas, including the turbulent ones.

On the other hand, Mikdad censured the international community's sitting idly by as the foreign-backed terrorists continue violating human rights.

The polio vaccine

"The terrorist groups hinder providing medical services to children in Der Ezzour province. That is why the polio has spread there," he said.

"Now, there is a polio vaccination campaign and the Syrian government is responsible for every child. We will do everything to give the vaccine to every child everwhere," Mikdad added.

He appealed to the international community to give the vaccine to the Syrian children in camps in neighbouring countries.

Political reasons

"Before the crisis, Syria was among the leading countries in providing medical and social services to citizens," Mikdad said, stressing that the terrorist groups have systematically targeted the country's infrastructure and public utilities- schools, hospitals, roads, factories, power plants, water resources and grain silos.

He made it clear that the countries that support the terrorist groups operating in Syria seek to obtain political goals through making the humanitarian situation of citizens worse.

Not only terrorist acts but also the economic sanctions being slapped against Syria by EU, the US and the Arab League have contributed to the suffering of citizens, according to Mikdad.

He said: "Russia, Iran, Venezuela, China are among the countries that have offered aid to Syrian citizens, while the US, France, Turkey and Saudi Arabia kill the citizens of Syria."  

 Finally, we raise a question: why the international community is not interested in delivering aid to Syrian citizens, who are enduring miserable conditions in camps in nearby countries, and just focus on delivering aid to Syrian citizens inside some restive areas?? !!!

Reported by:  Basma Qaddour  

Boroujerdi: West’s Meddling in Syria Exacerbating Regional Terrorism

TEHRAN (FNA)- Chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi said the western countries' meddling in Syria has caused a spread of terrorism and deteriorated the security conditions in the region.

“The spread of terrorism and security threats to the countries of the region and the world has been the dire outcome of the meddling of the western powers and their regional allies in Syria,” Boroujerdi said in a meeting with Head of Kazakh Parliament’s International, Defense and Security Affairs Committee Suolen Ashymbayev.

Boroujerdi pointed to the dispatch of weapons, military training of terrorists and sending extremist forces to Syria as among the cases of foreign meddling in Syria, and said, “Miscalculations of some regional countries, meddling of foreign countries and insistence on a military solution to the crisis in Syria has resulted in severe human tragedies in Syria.”

Ashymbayev, for his part, pointed to the crisis in Syria, and said that the crisis in Syria does not have a military solution and the bloodshed in Syria can only be resolved through diplomatic and political methods, including continuation of national dialogue.

Last month, Iranian Parliament Speaker’s top advisor for international affairs Hossein Sheikholeslam said the western states’ meddling in Syria is exacerbating the situation, stressing that the only way to stop bloodshed in the country is the start of national dialogue among all Syrian groups through cooperation and contribution of the regional actors.

 “If foreign countries had not meddled in Syria, the country’s future would been very different. We seek the resolution of the Syrian issue within the region, since outsiders are pursuing their own interests,” Sheikholeslam pointed out.


Russian, UK foreign ministers discuss Syria, Geneva II


MOSCOW- Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had a telephone conversation with his British colleague William Hague on Monday to discuss the situation in Syria and the preparation of the Geneva II conference on the resolution of the crisis in Syria, according to ITAR TASS.

 “The sides exchanged views on the situation in Syria, including in the context of the efforts to prepare the international conference Geneva II,” the Foreign Ministry said.

“The ministers also discussed some other pressing international and bilateral issues,” it added.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged the international community to continue efforts to convene an international conference on Syria, known as Geneva II.

 “It is important that we continue to pursue, to convene a Geneva conference as soon as possible. This political resolution, political solution, is the only viable option at this time,” Ban said.

 “This political ... solution, is the only viable option at this time,” Ban said and vowed that he and Brahimi, would “continue to work very closely together with the United States and Russia, who were the original initiators of this.”


In the Name of Love and Nonviolence, Let Us Strive to Heal Syria

An open letter to the American people from Nobel Peace Laureate

My dear friends,

As a teenager living in Belfast, I admired the American Peace Movement and many prominent figures within it. Fifty years later, two of the most inspiring people still remembered across the world are Americans: Martin Luther King and Dorothy Day.

American peace activists and civil rights workers were imprisoned, some killed. But a generation spoke and sang about love.

Like Mahatma Gandhi in India, the Berrigan Brothers in the Peace Movement and the American Civil Rights Movement show us that the path to freedom and equality is a peaceful one. This journey of transformation in the pursuit of peace and justice is a constant challenge to the entrenched powers which thrive on hatred and war; acting as a constant challenge to blind prejudice and the lies that are necessary for war.

In making this journey of love we must always acknowledge that those we regard as enemies are fellow human beings and we are called to love them. If we don't, when do the killing fields stop?

I first came to you from Northern Ireland to speak to you about what was happening in my country. I was met with great kindness in America. Now I write to you to about Syria.

We must not allow a war to go on for decades, as many did in regards to Ireland. We must have the foresight to stand up for peace, nonviolence and reconciliation now, before the suffering is entrenched and before prejudices and lies seep deeply into the consciousness of a new generation, acting as seeds for more yet more war.

I write to you to ask your help for the people of Syria. All the people of Syria deserve your attention. Like you, they want the opportunity to live, love and labor in support of their children's dreams. With your efforts we can make it a bright future in a peaceful and prosperous country where love will conquer all.

The people of Syria are a diverse people, a courageous and generous people with a proud history of tolerance. Over many centuries, their country has welcomed millions of disparate people seeking refuge just as the United States has done.

I visited Syria in May 2013. Despite the on-going violence, I found it to be a land of hope. I met tribal and religious leaders, political dissidents and grieving parents and widows. In Syria, there are millions of ordinary folk risking their lives for a peaceful, reconciled and united Syria they can all love.

Mother Agnes Mariam, one of the leaders of the Mussalaha (reconciliation) Movement in Syria, is on a speaking tour of America this November. Mother Agnes Mariam has sat at a table with the prime minister of Syria. And recently she risked her life to negotiate the safe passage of thousands of civilians and of many fighters from a conflict zone.

Your heroes, the heroes we all uphold, show us bridges of nonviolence and peace must be built between people. War stems from hatred and lies. Peace requires courage, wisdom, and love. And foresight.

Mother Agnes is bringing to America a universal message your country knows well. She presents it through the story of Syria. I encourage you to hear the story of Syria.


Mairead Maguire

Source: Common


Foreign Ministry: Kerry's statements blatant intervention in Syria's affairs

DAMASCUS, (ST)- "US Secretary of State John Kerry's continued statements could abort the  Geneva conference even before it started,and constitute a blatant interference in the Syrian Affairs,"saida source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry on Sunday

The source added  that Kerry's statements are but  infringement on the Syrian people's right to self-determination.

"had the US been sincere in cooperating  with Russian as regards  sponsoring the Geneva conference, Kerry should have understood that only  the Syrian people have the right to choose their leadership and political future without any foreign interference," underscored  the source.

The source made it clear that  Kerry must realize that the success of Geneva conference depends on the Syrian people's will and their work together  to halt violence and terrorism and achieve the political settlement that would lead to the broadest participation in drawing Syria's future."