Syrian state 'strong', says Haidar

LATTAKIA,(ST)_National Reconciliation Minister continues his tour to the Syrian provinces to form an active popular basis for implementing the endorsed political plan, stressing that national coherence is part and parcel of Syrian society.

Dr.Ali Haidar, who arrived on Saturday in Lattakia Province, met the Governor,Sulaiman al-Nasir, and talked with him about reconciliation project.

According to SANA, Haidar said: "Syrian citizen doesn't need an invitation to take part in national reconciliation process as he who has defended the homeland against all plots that threatened it."

The ministry is working tirelessly to instruct Syrian youths read the ongoing crisis carefully as foreign support for fueling crisis in Syria and delusion have misled part of them.

"Now, the Syrian citizen knows well what is going on in Syria," the minister said, asserting that the Syrian state is still providing citizen with everything despite shortage of sources in comparison with the nearby regional states.

"This proves the 'strength' of the Syrian state", Haidar added.

The reconciliation project seeks to establish a new relations network among the Syrian people and presents a new vision to build modern Syria.

Today, Lattakia is hosting displaced citizens, who fled their homes in different provinces because of armed terrorist groups' acts".

Basma Qaddour




Damascus to declare details on guarantees of opposition's returning home

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Interior Ministry is preparing executive procedures to guarantee opposition forces' participation in the national dialogue to be held in homeland according to President Bashar al-Assad's political plan to resolve crisis in Syria.    

SANA quoted Interior Minister, Lt. Gen. Mohammad al-Shaar, as saying: "It will be announced soon about detailed information on executive instructions to facilitate and guarantee the opposition political forces' entrance to Syria, residence and departure to take part in the national dialogue to be held in Syria.

Addressing directors of the ministry's central offices, al-Shaar also cited facilities to be offered to the Syrian citizens, who want to return homeland.

In addition, he talked about policemen's role in protecting security, stressing necessity of communication with families of internal security forces' martyrs and providing them with all forms of support.

"There is a big difference between those who are protecting homeland and those who are implementing foreign agendas," the minister said, asserting adherence to national belonging to surpass the crisis.

He added that Syria's enemies, who are serving Israel's interest, are behind the ongoing crisis.




Kremlin: supporting Syrian opposition complicates crisis in Syria

MOSCOW,(ST)_ Kremlin declares that President Bashar Al-Assad's political plan constitutes a 'very good basis' for solving Syria crisis.

In an interview with the US National Interest Newspaper, Russian President's Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, said: "We sincerely believe the plan proposed  by President Al-Assad is a kind of continuation of the Geneva talks and constitutes a very good basis for further attempts of a settlement of the problem."

He added that the main question is what we are all prepared to solve crisis in Syria, noting that a lot of countries are giving different kinds of support to 'rebels' and opposition, that definitely do not support a viable or sustainable solution to the crisis in Syria.

The Russian official sees that this support leads to further deterioration in Syria.

"We support the idea that Syria's future must be decided by all Syrian parties including what so-called  opposition," Peskov said, adding: "The decision about Syria's futurecould not be taken somewhere abroad, could not be taken in the other capitals, because this kind of decision cannot be viable.

Margelov warns against dividing Syria

Meanwhile, Mikhail Margelov, Head of Russia Federation Council's International Relations Committee, said: "offering more support to the Syrian opposition by some countries complicate crisis in Syria more."

He underscored that his country works to achieve regional stability according to international law.

"Russia's attitude towards crisis in Syria is firm and backs internal reforms and dialogue among all Syrian parties," Margelov said.

He clarified that not having a unified stance towards crisis in Syria is a main topic in Russia-EU-US disagreements, noting that events in Syria could be turned into tragedy in the region because Syria enjoys a geo-political position.

Margelov warned against dividing Syria, saying that this would cause a large-scale war.


Diplomacy Only Solution to crisis in Syria,says Larijani

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said that only diplomatic means can put a rapid end to the crisis in Syria,according to FNA.

An extremist trend is being formed in Syria which would cause problems for the whole region, adding that due to the nature of the crisis in Syria crisis, the existing problems could be solved only through diplomacy, Larijani said addressing a group of Sudanese elites in Khartoum on Wednesday.

The Iranian speaker further said it was an undeniable fact that certain elements in the international and regional arenas were seeking collapse of Damascus.

He condemned dispatch of money and arms to Syria by the western governments, and described it as an unwise act.


Putin vows to defend UN’s key role in Middle East

As the Syrian conflict continues into the second year, there is evidence that turmoil in Libya, which has lost track of its military arsenals, has aggravated the situation in Mali and subsequently provoked the recent terrorist attack in Algeria, Vladimir Putin stressed.

 “These unfortunate circumstances force Russia to keep defending the rule of law and the central role of the United Nations,” Mr. Putin said.

The Russian leader vowed that his country, as a permanent member state of the UN Security Council, “feels responsible for maintaining global security and is set to cooperate with its partners in order to address global concerns."

President Putin also pointed out that Russia was a staunch supporter of a peaceful settlement though political dialogue who respected the right of other nations to sovereignty, territorial integrity and equality ,according to Voice of Russia, RIA.

 “I believe it is the only viable attitude in the world where threats and challenges are on the rise,” he added.

Putin's remarks came during receiving  credentials of 19 new ambassadors of 19 countries.

The credentials were presented by ambassadors of Spain, Cuba, Mexico, Serbia, Australia, Estonia, the Philippines, Sudan, Egypt, New Zealand and other countries.